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As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills – Chapter 382: No Longer a Myth (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The last layer of clouds dispersed, and there was nothing in front of the sword maniac. The dazzling sword aura flashed and disappeared, entering his glabella.

The speed of the sword aura was too fast. No one could have thought that the sword maniac, who was suspected to be stronger than Mo Feng, would be defeated so quickly. When they cried out in surprise, the sword maniac had already been pierced by the sword aura.

However, everyone immediately realized that something was wrong. The sword maniac was not dead!

His aura still existed! Although it was a little chaotic, it did not disappear.

“What happened?”

“He blocked this attack?”

“Is there something terrifying in the soul sea of the sword maniac?”

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock and speculation.

In the air, the sword maniac had a calm smile on his face when Jiang Ming slashed out.

However, when the sword aura cut into his head, his face revealed a look of astonishment.

He raised his head, and his eyes flashed with a trace of pain that he could not suppress. He could not help but ask, “Why didn’t you kill me?”

Jiang Ming stood with his hands behind his back. He smiled and said, “Out of everyone here, you are the only one who caught my eye. Wouldn’t it be a pity to kill you? You can avoid death. However, you can’t escape punishment. I will pierce a sword aura into your soul sea and let you suffer the pain of the sword intent refining your soul for 49 days before it can be relieved. This is your punishment!”

“I want that too!” Fang Yue’s eyes reddened when he heard this. He was filled with jealousy.

The others also looked at the sword maniac after recovering from their shock. They were filled with hatred and jealousy. What kind of punishment was this? This was clearly a great opportunity!

The sword maniac was stunned for a moment before realizing what he had obtained. Excitement finally appeared on his face. He immediately bowed and cupped his hands, saying slowly in a deep voice, “Your kindness is immense. However, I have nothing to give you in return. From now on, I owe you my life. If you need it, come and take it at any time!”

Jiang Ming laughed and did not say much. To him, life was long. This was just a gift to someone interesting. If this sword maniac could live for a few hundred more years because of this, it would be worth it if he could have a few drinks with him.

Then, the sword maniac seemed to have thought of something. He glanced at the silent figure behind him, turned around, and said, “After today, be careful.”

“Are you going back to the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven?” Jiang Ming smiled faintly. “You might get into trouble.”

“The Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven lost a prodigy and needs someone to replace him! From now on, I am the number one disciple of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven. Who can do anything to me?” the sword maniac said unhurriedly.

Jiang Ming was rendered speechless. The sword maniac seemed to be a person with a clear mind. However, thinking about it, it made sense. How could a stupid person be this strong?

After the sword maniac finished speaking, he slowly descended. Mo Feng behind him was once again pushed in front of Jiang Ming.

As for the crowd below, they were all shocked. These two people did not hide anything. With just a few words, they had sentenced the former top prodigy to death?

The few geniuses of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven were even more shocked and furious. They glared at the sword maniac and said angrily, “Mo Feng is going to die! You’re an accomplice to his death!”

The sword maniac landed on the ground and walked out of the Saint Cultivation Platform. His voice was a little distant. “I tried to stop him. However, I failed. What about you guys? What did you do?”

As he spoke, the sword maniac’s figure disappeared into the fog without a sound.

The few disciples of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven were stunned, their bodies turning cold. That’s right, at least he had fought fearlessly before. However, in the end, he was defeated.

They did not dare make a move from the beginning to the end. If the sword maniac returned to the sect and gave a brief explanation, they would probably end up much worse than the sword maniac.

After all, from now on, the sword maniac was the top prodigy of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven. Who would offend the future master of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven for a few people who were far inferior to him?

Their expressions changed. Finally, they looked at each other. No one knew what they were discussing in secret. They actually did not look at Mo Feng anymore. They quickly retreated and ran in the direction where the sword maniac had left.

“Who said that the sword maniac only cultivates the sword and doesn’t understand the ways of the world?” Fang Yue shook his head. “With just one sentence, he managed to subdue all these people. How is he a simple-minded person? Ah, the pressure will be even greater in the future.”

The others also changed their expressions. They were originally happy to see the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven in trouble. However, things were now worse than before.

A sword aura suddenly appeared in the air, interrupting everyone’s thoughts.

The sword aura pierced through Mo Feng’s head and crushed his soul. A lonely corpse fell from the sky with tattered clothes and blood all over its body.

Before he died, there seemed to be some confusion in his eyes. How could he die like this? He still wanted to become a mighty figure and cultivate the Saint Cultivation Scripture. How could it end here?


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