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As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills – Chapter 381: No Longer a Myth (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Sword aura slowly gathered around Jiang Ming’s fingertip. It was as translucent as jade. However, as soon as the sword aura appeared, the fog on the Saint Cultivation Platform seemed to be in a frenzy. It turned into a flood of spiritual light and gathered toward the sword aura.

The sword aura spat out spiritual light and turned into a three-foot-long sword made out of spiritual energy in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, a pure and extremely sharp sword intent filled the area.

The sword intent rushed into the sky, and the clouds dispersed. The sunlight shone on Jiang Ming, as if he were the only one standing in the light, overlooking the many geniuses in the shadows.

“This sword intent… It’s him!”

“It’s actually him!”

Everyone’s expression changed, and some people could not help but exclaim in shock, their faces filled with disbelief.

To these talented geniuses of the various sects, this sword intent was all too familiar. When they entered the Saint Cultivation Platform, the peerless sword aura that shot up from the Saint Cultivation Peak was exactly the same as the sword aura in front of Zhang Shan.

“How could this be?” someone could not help but mutter, not daring to accept this fact.

According to what he had said earlier, the sword aura was ancient and vast, and the sword intent contained in it was of an extremely high level. It was definitely not something that the top prodigies present could comprehend. It must have come from an opportunity ten thousand years ago. Only those with outstanding talent could take this opportunity.

Moreover, his words were filled with admiration for that sword intent, as if he wanted to cross time and space and kneel down to become his disciple.

Everyone thought that he was the person who had grasped the opportunity.

However, who would have thought that the source of this treasured opportunity would actually come from his enemy, Zhang Shan?

“I remember now. No wonder Zhang Shan said that he could not be bothered to teach him because he was not disciplined enough. I thought he was just pretending to be ruthless. However, now that I think about it, he’s just telling the truth!”

“As an outsider, I feel shocked. It’s unreal.”

Everyone felt that it was ridiculous. At this moment, they could not help but look at the bloody figure behind the sword maniac. He was once the top prodigy in the Feather Kingdom.

He was now staring at the sword aura with a dull expression. It was as if he had lost his morale.

Under everyone’s gaze, he opened his mouth for no reason and let out an incoherent string of words. It seemed like he wanted to say something. However, he could not form any words and just closed his mouth. He continued to stare blankly at the sword aura.

Everyone sighed in unison.

Back then, the number one prodigy of the Feather Kingdom had grasped a peerless opportunity from ten thousand years ago. He had made deafening heroic statements, saying that this was an opportunity that others would never be able to pry into.

Then, when his attack was easily obliterated by Zhang Shan, he immediately fell apart.

Things would not end well for the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven today.

“Could it be that Zhang Shan’s sword intent was also comprehended from that sword aura? It’s just that he’s more talented and his comprehension is more advanced?” someone suddenly voiced.

“No.” Fang Yue was not far away from that person, and his face was still filled with shock. He shook his head and said, “It’s the same sword intent! If it’s an inheritance, no one can replicate it perfectly!”

Although his words were simple, they made those doubts disappear instantly. Although Fang Yue did not attack much, no one would underestimate him. He was definitely one of the most terrifying people here.

While everyone was talking, the sword maniac was finally ready. His eyes were clear, and the fog around his body rippled, making his figure look a little unreal.

“Come on!” the sword maniac said in a deep voice.

Jiang Ming stopped talking nonsense and flicked his finger!

It was as if a peerless divine sword had been unsheathed!

The dazzling sword aura occupied everyone’s vision. Even the slightly weaker geniuses could not help but close their eyes because of the dazzling light surrounding them. Their divine souls seemed to be illuminated by the sword aura. They felt a sharp intent and could not help but tremble.

The sword aura pierced through the air and landed in front of the sword maniac.

Layers of clouds dispersed violently. There were shadows like the bodies of long swords, reflecting thousands of sword auras and various sword techniques. At this moment, they were all shattered. It was as if they were nothing.

“As expected of the sword maniac.”

Everyone sighed.

The name sword maniac not only represented talent and drive but, it also spoke of his extraordinary perseverance and loneliness.

However, all of these were nothing in the face of absolute power.


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