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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 905: When She Finally Notices You (*RR) Bahasa Indonesia


I pulled myself out of the mewling Lian Li, my disciple twitching from the multitude of orgasms I had given her.

The rest of my disciples were also collapsed in various positions around me, all of them breathing hard and still recovering from their own orgasms.

I stood up and inspected my handiwork with my hands on my hips, my cock still standing erect and slick with the love juices of my girls.

On the other side, Guiying and the youkai maids had also had their fun with each other while watching us and were also in the midst of recuperating, leaving me the only one that’s currently standing at the moment.

Turning to face our captive, I smirked when I saw the mess that was Cain, still tied up and unable to tear his eyes off me.

His swimming trunks were a complete mess as his own cum was spilling out of its confines. If it weren’t for the fact that he was a cosmic being, I doubt a normal human would be able to stay conscious after how much he came.

At first he was still begging for us to stop or at least for me to change back to my male form, but when he realised his protests only egged us on, he eventually shut his mouth aside from the occasional frustrated groans and sobs as he orgasmed.

I strolled towards him, not even caring that I was naked and he had a full view of my bosoms and my still erect and throbbing cock.

“So did you enjoy the show?” I asked.

He looked at me with eyes that were a mix of lust and rage, “How dare you sully Mother’s image like that!”

“Oh? How did I sully my own image, Cain?”

“You… You are not Mother!”

“Mmm… I believe I’ve already covered this base, but didn’t you enjoy it?”

“I… I did not!”

I moved closer to him, hiding my amusement as his gaze inevitably shifted towards my chest as they bounced from my movement.

With a snap of my fingers, his swim trunks disappeared from existence, revealing his own manhood that was painfully erect and caked with his own ejaculate.

“You most definitely look like you were enjoying it,” I chuckled, gesturing to his loins.

He shifted his hips uncomfortably, trying to hide his erection between his thighs and failing.

“I… This… I am most definitely not enjoying it!” He protested pathetically.

I snapped my fingers again, teleporting him to a spreadeagle position on the ground facing towards the sky in front of me.

I smiled down at him, “In that case, you look like you’re in pain, shall I help you with that?”

“What are you–“

Before he could finish his words, I lifted my right foot and brought it down softly on his shaft.

His reaction was immediate as he lifted his hips off the ground and ejaculated on himself, making a pathetic moaning noise as he did so.

“Oh? What’s this? Are you really cumming from being stepped on? I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing, Cain,” I sneered.

To his credit, he still had a defiant streak in him since he was still glaring at me.

In response to his glare, I started moving my foot up and down his shaft, stroking his still twitching cock with the bottom of my foot.

“Hora, hora~ How does this feel? Does your mama’s foot feel good?” I whispered, trying to make as sultry of a voice as I could. Which, admittedly, wasn’t really that hard, surprisingly.

Cain didn’t answer.

He couldn’t, since he was groaning and spasming in the throes of ecstasy as he came again.

I feel bad for saying this but… This is fun.

“I… I will never give in!” He growled, though tears were currently streaming down his face rather pathetically.

I smirked, “Really? In that case…”

Snapping my fingers, I altered his body and gripped his shaft between my toes, causing him to gasp before I started stroking him even faster.

Cain quickly realised that he had not orgasmed yet and relaxed a little, thinking he had finally built up some form of resistance against me.

It took him a moment more to realise that his pleasure just kept on building and building, his cock hovering at the very edge of ejaculation but yet no release was forthcoming.

Yep, I removed his ability to orgasm.

“No… Da… Dad… Please… I can’t…” He moaned, his hips starting to shake in tune with my foot, desperate to cum.

“Hmmm? Can’t what, Cain? Also, I’m not your dad now, am I?” I whispered, stroking him even faster.

“Dad… Da… M… Mommy… Mommy… Please… Please let me cum…” He moaned, his hips now thrusting violently as he tried to get himself off.

“Good boy,” I giggled, snapping my fingers once more.

He finally came and a torrent of his own cum splattered against his chest, some of it even hitting him in the face as he was finally allowed release.

Once that was done, I released him of his bonds and knelt down beside him, “Now, since you gave me such a good show, I’m going to forgive you just this once, ok? How about you head home and repent before I change my mind?”

Truthfully, I wanted to erase him from existence right here but I figured having him go back and deal with the fallout of his powers being nullified would be a better punishment for him.

He took another few seconds to catch his breath before crawling away. Like, literally crawled away on his hands and knees, as though he could not wait to get away from this place.

Oh well, I didn’t have time to care about him anymore since I heard several moans coming from behind me.

“Master~ That’s not fair… Step on us too~”

Right… Umm… For the record, I’m not a sadist, ok?


(Cain POV)

I finally managed to get away even as feminine moans started to echo from behind me.

I couldn’t believe it…

No, I could believe that I was completely no match for Mommy… I mean dad! That I was completely no match for dad!

What I could not believe was that dad would actually care enough to subject me to something like this! The real dad that we know wouldn’t have even looked in my direction, which was what he had been doing initially so why the sudden change?!

Is it just because that girl ascended? This doesn’t make any sense! Dad has never cared about anyone else before!!

Ugh! And to have me humiliated to such a degree… I don’t know how to get my face back anymore. Revenge is absolutely out of the question since there’s no one in existence to go against dad…

Wait! There’s Mother! I just need to train even harder than before! If I can obtain enough power to even affect Mother, then I can get revenge on dad!

Yes! I will do just–

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a presence appear nearby.

Looking in that direction, I felt my world stop as I saw the only being in existence that I wish to obtain as my woman.

“Hmm… This turned out a little different than what I saw,” Mother mused, looking into the distance, her white hair fluttering in the wind.

“Mother…” I cried out, standing up to go towards her.

Right after I took a single step, however, I found myself unable to move.

Mother turned to face me, but her eyes did not seem to register my presence, as though she did not realise I was there.

“Right hand? Who does she think she is? I have always been Master’s right hand. How presumptuous…” She muttered, though loud enough for me to hear.

“Mother!” I called out, finally getting her to look at me.

“Ara? Why are you talking? I do not remember allowing you to talk, whoever you are.”

My mouth immediately shut itself, not because I wanted to but because Mother seemed to have forced my mouth shut.

She looked away again for a second before nodding her head, “Seems like I can’t rely on my future sight anymore… Unfortunately, this was a failure… But maybe I can… Hmm? Who are you and why are you existing in front of me? Let me End you.”

Wait! Mo–


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