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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 906: Her New Domain Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

I laid on my back, watching the sky as I sucked in lungfuls of breath, trying to recover from the mind numbing sex that Master had just put us through.

Despite having ascended, it was only my soul that had gained divinity while my body was still mortal. It would still take me a while more for the divine essence to completely remake me before I truly joined the ranks of the Gods.

But at least I was already a step there and with Master telling me how proud He was… Unnghh!! Just remembering it is making me feel all squishy and hot~

Speaking of which, I never knew Master had a sadistic side to him~ The way He was stepping on that piece of irredeemable trash was just absolutely perfect!

Then after we requested it… Ehehehe~ I admit seeing that rough side of Master was also a huge turn on for us, it made me think that maybe Diao Chan was on to something after all~

I rolled over to my side, looking at the rest of my sisters who were also in the midst of recovering. Master was nowhere to be seen as He had gone to check up on Cai Hong and the rest, our love making session did last for quite a while after all.

In His place, Guiying and the youkai maids took care of us, though all of them were also quite flushed from their own bit fun too.

Finally feeling strength in my limbs once more, I got up on my feet to see how the rest of my sisters were doing.

“Ehehehehe~ Master stepped on meeee~” Diao Chan moaned, cuddling herself while squirming lewdly on the ground.

Mmm… I distinctly remember Master doing that and Diao Chan also having a great time too. It almost made me want Master to do that to me too… Almost.

Maybe next time, but I do admit the spanking was especially great, since it served as punishment for being manipulated by that piece of trash as well.

I stepped around her to stop in front of Manami, the fox youkai looking at me through half-lidded eyes.

“Ara, ara? Should I be addressing you as Goddess Lian Li now?” She mused.

I giggled, “Oh? That has a nice ring to it~ Feel free to worship me as Master’s right hand while you’re at it~”

Manami giggled at my joke, “Ufufufu~ Speaking of which… I did not find a good time to ask this but… What are those bruises I saw on Master’s neck? Looking carefully, you seem to have the same kind of bruise on your neck too?”

I flushed, remembering what exactly happened for both of us to have such a mark.

Poking my fingers together, I giggled, “Ehehehe… While all of you were distracted… Eris and I might have dragged Master behind some bushes and… Ehehehe~ Marked Him.”

“And I see Master marked the both of you in turn? Ara, ara, aren’t you fortunate, Lian Li?”

“Ehehe~ I can’t deny that~”

Manami sat up straighter, “So… What does it feel like to be a Goddess?”

I paused, reeling in my senses before regarding her, “Honestly… I haven’t had much time to come to terms with it… We were quite… Indisposed. But now that I’m concentrating, everything feels so… Muted?”

Manami tilted her head at me, “Muted? What do you mean muted?”

“Mmm… It’s like… It feels less vibrant? I’m not exactly sure… Perhaps it has something to do with my domain?”

“Domain?” Kiyomi repeated, the other fox youkai joining her sister’s side.

I nodded, “I have claimed the domain of Conception. You can say I am the Goddess of Conception now.”

“Ah, like the start of ideas or ideals? Like how you started our little following,” The white fox mused.

I had claimed this domain as it was Master who had given me a new purpose and life, something that I wanted to emulate. Though it was not exactly the same, I felt it also brought me closer to Him as I would also serve as the ‘origin’ of something.

“Ara, ara? Then perhaps the reason you feel empty may have something to do with the other meaning of conception?” Manami giggled.

It took me a second to realise what Manami was insinuating, right as the rest of my sisters converged upon me.

“Is that true, sister Lian Li?!” Eris gasped.

“Oh my!! Lian Li wants to be knocked up by Master!” Diao Chan giggled.

“”Am I going to be an aunt/auntie?!”” Both Tsuki and Elaria cried out together.

A child… With Master… I am most definitely not opposed to the idea…

Ehehehe~ Master’s baby~ They will definitely be cute~

It would be the crystallisation of our love! Our mutual feelings given form!

“Mmm… That brings one question though…” Guiying muttered, getting our attention. “Master has shot his seed inside us quite a lot of times and we have not been taking measures to avoid pregnancy. Yet none of us have been knocked up. Do you think that…”

Manami giggled, “Ufufufu~ It’s obvious Master is preventing us from being pregnant. I suppose He is worried that our pregnancy would hinder us in more ways than one. Though I’m sure if we were to ask, Master would grant us a child too~”

She gave me a sly wink, the underlying meaning not lost on me.

Aside from shedding my mortal body, I had effectively obtained Godhood so there wasn’t anything holding me back right now. I’m sure if I were to ask Master to grant me His child, Master would definitely give me one.


I shook my head, “I think I shall wait for all of you to ascend as well before asking Master about it.”

Kiyomi sniffed, “You might also want to talk to Master about that feeling you were having. Don’t let my sister mislead you as there might just be another reason why you’re feeling like this, Lian Li.”

“Ara, ara? Is my cute little Kiyomi feeling jealous? Ufufufu~”

The white fox did not answer but from how she looked away, I could guess there might be a hint of truth in Manami’s words.

Well… Obtaining Godhood did not signify the end of my journey anyway, there is still so much more for me to learn. So I’ll just continue to study under Master!

Once I’ve reached perfection, I’ll then ask Master to make a child with me so that our child would not be short of perfection too!

“That reminds me… Lian Li and Eris took advantage of us being distracted to get Master’s first ejaculation of the trip huh?” Diao Chan pointed out.

All of us turned to Diao Chan, wondering why she brought that up.

Our Witch grinned, “That means now it’s a complete free for all isn’t it?! I call dibs on Master’s bath time!!”

“Master’s dinner!!” Guiying staked her claim too.

“”Dibs on Aniue’s/Onii-sama’s bedtime!!”” The two little sisters cried out immediately.

“Evening stroll with Master and sister,” Kiyomi added in casually.

Noooo!! All the good spots were taken!!

Curses! I’ll just have to seduce Master during the free time in between those periods!! I’m a Goddess now!! I’ll use everything I have to seduce Master, even if I have to use my divinity to do so!!

Hmm… Maybe I should ask for a child after all?


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