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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 904: A Different Torture (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


My girls looked quite amused that Cain had ejaculated at the mere sight of my naked chest, all of them sharing a look with each other that I could tell was a rather malicious one in nature.

Since it was all within my plan of making up to the girls for Cain’s manipulation, I’m just going to accept whatever they had planned.

Lian Li leaned closer to me, her hands moving to caress my breasts, “Oh, what’s this? Is the little boy lusting after his own daddy?”

“Oh, I don’t blame him~ I wouldn’t mind Master being my daddy~” Diao Chan giggled while kissing the inner parts of my thighs.

Cain said nothing but continued to glare at me, ignoring the fact that there was a very prominent stain on his swim trunks.

Manami looked at him with eyes of scorn, “To think you would cream your pants at the sight of Master’s bare chest, truly pathetic.”

“Hmph! Big words when you were practically fawning on me not too long ago!” Cain bit back.

Eris smirked, “Oh? Can you still talk like that if we were to show you this?”

Both Diao Chan and Eris undid the straps on my swimsuit bottoms and tossed it aside, revealing my naked bottom for all to see.

My witch even went as far as to spread my pussy lips apart with her fingers, revealing the pink flesh underneath the folds.

Cain’s hips thrusted forward at the sight, his body shuddering as he ejaculated for the second time without any physical stimulation.

“Ahahaha~ He’s really cumming at the sight of Aniue’s pussy~” Tsuki laughed mockingly.

“How is it? Isn’t this the sight you always dreamt of seeing but never got the chance to?” Kiyomi taunted, pushing my hand in between her chest.

Cain said nothing as his face flushed, struggling weakly against his restraints. Failing to free himself, he resorted to averting his eyes away from the scene but a quick snap of my fingers made him unable to look away or close his eyes.

I’m not going to let him escape that easily.

“Master~ Please take a seat~” Someone spoke from behind me.

I turned to see Guiying and the youkai maids placing a plush couch on the ground, going so far as to even include a carpet as well. Why did they even bring something like this here?

Manami took me by the hand and led me to it, sitting herself down first before letting me sit on top of her lap.

Guiying and the maids took their own seats nearby, it seems they had decided to remain as spectators for this instead of participants. Or maybe they’re just waiting for their turn?

As I made myself comfortable on Manami’s lap, my vixen lifted my legs to her sides so that they formed an ‘M’ shape.

Diao Chan and Kiyomi settled themselves by my feet, the two of them keeping their eyes on Cain as they made a show of thirsting over my pussy.

Once again, Diao Chan spreaded my nether lips with her fingers, allowing Kiyomi to start caressing my folds with her fingers that were slick with her own saliva.

I gasped as I felt pleasure shoot up my spine from the stimulation, Kiyomi wiggling her finger around my curtains and skirting around the entrance while Manami proceeded to grope my breasts.

Tsuki took that chance to straddle my lap, my little sister claiming my lips with hers in a deep kiss.

“No… No, please… I can’t watch this…” Cain begged, his image of Iris slowly getting distorted as he watched my girls pleasure me.

No one paid him any attention as my girls continued to indulge themselves, my hands now being used to finger Lian Li and Eris’s pussy while Diao Chan and Kiyomi started licking my honeypot with relish.

Elaria started stroking my navel with a finger, “Onii-sama~ Could I have your cock here?”

I grunted and made a little adjustment that caused my penis to appear right above my clit.

The distant groan nearby let me know that Cain just orgasmed at the sight of me growing a dick, apparently his mind was really quite the dirty one too.

Elaria gave a yelp of glee and sat down with her back facing me on top of my cock, pushing my entire length inside her as she began riding me with wild abandon.

“Nnngghhh! Onii-sama~ You’re filling me up so gooooood~” She moaned, right before she started bouncing her ass up and down on my cock.

The chorus of feminine moans filled the area as even Guiying, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta started pleasuring themselves, all of them unable to hold back their lust at our show.

While Lian Li and Eris were busy cumming from my fingers, I was being brought closer to the edge when Diao Chan started attacking my clit with her tongue and Kiyomi resumed fingering me.

The fact that Manami was also massaging my tits while Tsuki kissed me was also not helping.

I moaned into Tsuki’s mouth as spurts of my cum shot itself into Elaria’s waiting womb, my seed painting my little sister’s insides white.

At the same time, love juices also squirted from in between my legs which Diao Chan happily gobbled up by planting her mouth at my entrance.

Cain came for the fourth time as the sight of me orgasming was enough to drive him over the edge, groaning pathetically as he did so.

No one was in any position to call him out since everyone else was also cumming as well, Elaria especially as her body convulsed and shook at the feeling of being filled by my cum.

While I was still in the midst of winding down from my high, Elaria had released my cock from her pussy and Tsuki immediately slid herself down to engulf my cock in her own womanhood, sheathing me inside her smoothly.

“Ahaaaannn~ Aniue’s coooock!” Tsuki moaned.

My other little sister began shaking her hips on top of me, plunging my manhood in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

With how wild Tsuki was riding me, it didn’t take long for me to cum inside her as well which also caused Cain to orgasm at the same time.

I chanced a peek at Cain and the boy was literally tearing at the sight of his supposed crush having sex with several girls at once, despite the fact that he had already creamed his pants five times without any physical stimulation.

Tsuki immediately got off from me and Diao Chan took her spot, riding my cock with wild abandon as she screamed out her pleasures.

The rest of my girls were already queuing up to await their turn in getting impaled on my cock, all of them forgetting about Cain’s existence and focused only on me.

I have to admit the glint in their eyes looked a little manic and I was a little worried about their state of mind there.

Knowing how many times my girls would usually go with me, I think Cain’s torture is just beginning.

Welp, at least he’s getting front row seats right?

Speaking of which… Where is Iris?


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