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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 903: Watching Your ‘Mother’ Bahasa Indonesia


I watched Cain get sent flying by Lian Li’s flying kick before my disciple turned back to me.

“Master! Are you ok?! Did he do anything to you?! Ah… Umm… You look beautiful Master… Ehehehe~ Can I kiss you?”

Not sure if she’s more aggressive because I’m in my female form or because of her Ascension. One thing’s for sure though, Lian Li definitely got cuter.


I turned just in time to catch the rest of my girls who were leaping towards me.

Since Cain was out of commission, his hold over my girls was also reverted.

That also meant the other females he had affected throughout the universe were also released from his influence, I wonder how much chaos there is right now?

Putting that aside, my girls looked quite distraught over the fact that they were manipulated and were hugging me as tight as they could to reaffirm their affections for me.

“Master! Forgive us!! To be controlled by someone like that… I will accept any punishment!” Diao Chan cried.

Oh? My little masochist did not ask that in her usual teasing tone of voice, which meant that she was talking about the serious type of punishment this time.

I patted each of their heads, “No, the one who should be apologising is me. I could have stopped him but didn’t and subjected you all to his whims.”

Kiyomi shook her head, “No… If we were just stronger… Master wouldn’t have needed to worry about us.”

“Ughhh… I can’t believe I was affected too… To use my love of Aniue like that… Unacceptable!”

“Uuuu… Onii-samaaaa… I’m a failure of an imoutoooo…”

“Master… My destined mate… I swear I will never let this happen again!”

I did my best to console them while giving them headpats. This was within my expectations of how they would react so I wasn’t too surprised.

Lian Li had also joined in the group hug while I was distracted, purring happily when I patted her head as well.

It took a while but they eventually calmed down enough to stop sobbing, which led them finally realising I was in my female form.

“Ara, ara? You look really sexy, Master~” Manami giggled, admiring my swimsuit.

I have Xun Guan to thank for this since she was the one who designed it.

Lian Li pouted, “And that idiot was the first one to see Master in it! That’s not fair!”

Eris furrowed her brows, “I think kicking him into the sea is too lenient, Lian Li. He should be punished even more just for that.”

Diao Chan nodded, “Master… We’re not letting that idiot get away with this with just a simple kick in the face, are we?”

Of course not, there’s no way I’m going to let someone who made my disciples upset get away so easily with just a simple kick.

I snapped my fingers and Cain was teleported from the sea and dropped in front of me, he didn’t need to breathe so he wasn’t at risk of drowning or anything. I then materialised a rope in my hands and tied him up to a tree nearby, leaving him to dangle there while he was still unconscious.

I beckoned to the girls and all of them moved closer to me, all of them wondering what I was planning while I woke Cain up from his unconsciousness.

Using Origin, I had already made sure he wouldn’t be able to use his powers on my disciples again so there’s no risk with him now.

“Hello again, Cain,” I greeted

“Mo… Mother?” He slurred.

“Yes, Cain?”

He blinked a few times, taking a moment to reorientate himself and realise who he was looking at.

Immediately, his face scrunched up and his brows furrowed, “You! You made a fool out of me!”

I grinned, “Oh? How did I make a fool out of you?”

“You made me think you were Mother and… And… You humiliated me!” He screamed.

I switched my grin to a coy smile, “Oh? But I am your mother, am I not?”

“You are not! Mother is… Mother is… I… I…”

His words started trailing off as soon as I started pushing my bust up again, something that his eyes immediately locked on to.

He leered at my bosoms for several moments before shaking himself out of it, “Stop… Stop doing that using Mother’s likeness!!”

“Why? Is this perhaps… Turning you on?” I asked, rolling a hand over my chest.

He gulped audibly.

Before I could move to the next stage of taunting him, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind in a hug.

“Master!! You’re spoiling him too much!!” Lian Li protested.

Oh, I can roll with this.

I turned to my girls, “Oh, perhaps you girls want to show this little boy who exactly you hold affection for? Maybe… Make him jealous?”

Understanding the implications of my words, all of them surged forward and swarmed around me to indulge themselves.

Manami and Kiyomi took one of my hands each and started kissing my fingers in reverence while Tsuki and Elaria took interest in caressing my arms. Elaria settled herself on the sand behind me so that she could start massaging my bottom cheeks while Diao Chan busied herself with worshipping my feet.

I simply stood there and smiled at Cain as he watched my disciples caress every part of my body they could touch.

Lian Li moved her hands up towards the bottom of my chest, groping and massaging them in slow circles that made me let out a sigh of pleasure.

Slowly, she shifted her hands higher and slipped underneath the fabric of my top, running her fingers across my nipples.

Lian Li pulled her hand upwards even higher and, very slowly, the top of my swimsuit slipped free, revealing my bare breasts for all to see.

What happened next was completely unexpected as Cain let out a loud groan and his entire body shuddered quite violently.

It took me a second to realise what was happening and I looked down at the wet stain on his pants.

“Did you just… Cream yourself?” I asked.

He tried and failed to hide his shame on orgasming at the sight of my breasts.

My smile turned into a devious one, he is going to be much more easier to torture than I thought.


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