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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 890: She Wants Daddy Too Bahasa Indonesia


“How interesting…” Shiori commented after Lian Li dragged Diao Chan out of the room.

Xun Guan immediately started dressing me so that I was no longer naked from the waist down. I hadn’t expected Lian Li to barge in like that either but I guess the girls already had some kind of plan in mind for our vacation.

Well, whatever happens, I’ll try my best to accommodate them.

Unlike my disciples who had to take time to change out of their clothes to their swimsuits, I could simply ask Xun Guan to change into a pair of swim trunks so I wasn’t in a rush to do anything right now.

Hmm… Despite this only being my second time here, it somehow feels a little nostalgic. It hasn’t even been that long since we last came here either.

Just as I was thinking about such things, I heard the sound of the door opening again.

Right as I turned around…


I looked down at the demon girl who had run up to hug me.

She tilted her head up to peek at me, “Ehehe~ Daddy~”

“Hmm hmm, what is it, Lilith?”

“Nothing~ Just that I’m finally alone with you~~ Mother isn’t here and that dragon isn’t here either. Just the two of us~”

Well… We aren’t exactly alone even now…

As though reading my mind, she looked down and to the side before turning back to me, “I take it that those two foxes and the slime acting as Daddy’s clothes are supposed to be your guards?”

I’m not surprised she noticed Xun Guan but…

Shiori and Akari immediately rushed to my side with their hackles raised, though Lilith didn’t seem bothered by it and continued hugging me.

“Master?! What slime?!”

“Divine One! Get away!”

I raised my hand in a placating gesture, “Calm down the two of you. It is as Lilith said, the slime is also my bodyguard.”

Like literally my bodyguard since I’m actually wearing her, so she’s guarding my body heh heh… Ok, I’ll stop.

A miniature version of Xun Guan popped out from my shoulder, “Erm… Hello… Master has given me the name of Xun Guan. It is my honour to meet all of you officially.”

Akari sniffed in my direction, “How long has she been on you, Master?”

I thought for a moment, “Hmm… Quite a while actually, I’ve known her even before the two of you became my guards, so you can trust her.”

I’ll just conveniently leave out the fact that she tried to kill me before… After all, she didn’t do it of her own volition and letting the others know will just complicate matters unnecessarily.

Shiori relaxed at my words, “Hmmm… It still vexes me that we didn’t detect her presence until now…”

“It is natural. I am most adept at assassinations so I can deal with Master’s enemies from the shadows while their guards are lowered.”

I have to applaud her for wording her skills so diplomatically.

The two foxes seemed convinced by her words and nodded their heads.

“If Master trusts you… That’s good enough for me, right sister?”

“I believe you already know us, but I am Shiori and this is my sister Akari. We look forward to working with you, Xun Guan.”

The mini version of the slime girl bowed, “The honour is mine. I look forward to working with you two as well.”

Just like that, my slime and foxes went back to their previous states as though nothing happened, leaving me to talk with Lilith again.

“How cute, as expected of Daddy~” She giggled, tightening her hug on me. “Daddy has always been popular, haven’t you?”

I’m not even sure if this counts as popularity but ok.

“Ahem… Anyway, was there something you wanted, Lilith? I don’t think you simply came up here just to hug me?”

She placed a finger on her lips, “Ehehehe~ I can’t? It’s been so lonely without you, Daddy, I missed you so much~”

Could I just point out this was the very same woman who wiped out most of the Dark Sect, turned them into mindless thralls, destroyed an entire mountain and ripped those busybodies to shreds with her bare hands?

Yes, yes, this woman is also apparently my cute daughter, that’s why I had to give her a head pat just for that.

“Ahhh… I’m so jealous that the little dragon gets this… Would it work if I changed myself into a younger form now? No wait, that’s not what I came here for!”

She suddenly took a step away from me and composed herself, though it was quite obvious she was regretting the absence of the head pat almost immediately.

“Ahem… Umm… I believe Daddy has a… Physical relationship with all those girls, yes? That is to say, you’re all fucking each other, yes?”

I raised my eyebrow at her crude words but nodded my head slowly.

“Oh! That’s wonderful! In that case, allow me to join in as well, Daddy!”

“Umm… Is the concept of incest foreign to you?” I asked.

“Incest? Daddy, there’s no such thing as genetics to you, you know? My love for Daddy goes beyond just simple feelings between a creation and creator. If Daddy will grant me the pleasures of the flesh as well… I would be deeply honoured!”

Yeah… I suppose expecting her to be repulsed by the idea of incest is an impossibility. Then again, I did not exactly give birth to her either so could it even be counted as incest? It’s more like she sees me as a father figure I suppose?

Not waiting for me to answer, she blew a kiss in my direction, “In that case, I’m looking forward to Daddy’s love! It’ll be my first time, Daddy! So be gentle! On second thought… Daddy can be rough with me as well, I don’t mind~”

The demoness then sashayed her way out of my room, going as far as to give me a wink before finally closing the door behind her.

Shut up, no comments.

If I had to guess, she’ll either be best friends or mortal enemies with Diao Chan. I’m more leaning towards the best friends and it’s not just because that’s what I’m hoping would happen.

“As expected of Divine One’s daughter, she is indeed quite interesting.”

Akari tilted her head at me, “Ummm… But is this really alright though? She did fight against us before?”

I shrugged, “She didn’t know who I was back then… And the only reason why she was so intent on fighting me was because she thought I was someone that was hostile to… Well… Me.”

Since they already knew of her existence, Xun Guan also found no reason to stay quiet this time and chimed in.

“I believe it’ll be alright. She does seem to possess genuine affection for Master after all. Then again, who doesn’t?”

Why did you have to make it sound like I’m some kind of manwhore?

I can’t even say anything since I already know this entire vacation is going to be quite a sexually charged one… I just hope my disciples will at least give me some time to enjoy the beach…


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