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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 891: The Annoying Sibling Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

It’s the beach~

Mmhmm, we’re back at this sandy paradise again, this time with more people than before!

“Hmmm… It doesn’t feel like it’s been long since the last time I came here but… There’s the feeling of nostalgia isn’t there?” Master mused.

“Ufufu~ I still remember how much fun we had here, Master~ I wouldn’t mind reenacting what we did back then again~” Manami giggled while licking her lips lasciviously.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what kind of ‘fun’ she was referring to.

After Diao Chan’s stunt with Master, we decided to do away with the drawing of lots and just jump straight to the free for all. As long as Master consents to it, anything goes.

That’s why… All of my sisters are currently an ‘enemy’ to me.

Hehe… It’s a secret but I had formed an alliance with Eris last night so that we would work together to bring Master behind some bushes later and then we can have a really nice romp there! I can’t wait!

Now all we need to be careful of is the other girls stealing Master away before we can get to Him.

I was also a little bit worried about that Lilith girl too. We don’t need to worry too much about her hurting Master since she had already so brazenly declared her love for Master on our first meeting, but we’re worried she would hurt Master in another way instead.

She is, after all, still a demon. For all we know she may have infinite stamina and lure Master somewhere we can’t find and monopolise His love!! We can’t have that!!

I believe all my sisters are feeling the same thing too, thus we all have that same predatory look in our eyes.

Master turned back to look at us and I immediately changed my face back to normal, giving Master my usual smile.

“Hmm… Must be my imagination… Ahem, shall we go play then?” Master suggested.

Ehehehe… I definitely want to play a lot with Master~

Right as we were about to agree, something fell from the sky and landed on the beach in front of us, blowing up the sand.

Master reacted quickly and redirected the sand away from us, revealing a young man in the impact zone.

He was most definitely not human considering the wings and horns he had sprouting from his body as well as the unnaturally pale skin.

All of us immediately moved in front of Master, ready to fight off this intruder that appeared out of nowhere.

Of course we noticed that this newcomer shared the same physical traits as Lilith but we didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

The man stood up from the crash site and inspected his surroundings before finally looking in our direction.

“Oh? Looks like you were actually telling the truth, sister Lilith. Dad’s actually back.”

I thought Lilith would be happy to see one of her siblings but instead, the demoness actually looked annoyed at his presence.

“What are you doing here, brother Cain? Didn’t you and your other brothers laugh at me when I was spreading the news around?” She asked with her arms crossed.

Eh? What’s this? Is the relationship between Lilith and her siblings actually terrible?

“Oh, but can you blame us? Dad has been missing for so long and there has been absolutely no trace of him. Did you think we would just take your word for it, especially when you’re the most deluded among us?”

Lilith stamped her foot in obvious anger, “Deluded?!! How dare you?! I never once believed Daddy was gone and I said so! Yet none of you believed me! How dare you call me deluded?!”

All of us turned to look at Master and He simply shrugged at us.

The male demon waved his hand, “Yes, yes. Your infatuation with dad was so huge that you would take literally anything as a sign that dad was back. Could you blame us?”

“None of you even tried to find Daddy…”

“Please, sister Lilith. It’s dad. If he wanted to be found, we would’ve found him easily. Although… I can see why he doesn’t want to be found, he’s obviously been having fun without us.”

His eyes stopped at me and I could feel him stripping me with that gaze.

I gritted my teeth and prepared myself for the usual sense of revulsion I would feel when ogled at by another man that wasn’t Master…



Why… Why does my body feel hot?

Why am I squirming under his gaze and feeling flushed? Why am I imagining him pushing me down with those… Those strong arms… Pinning me below him as he strips me with that intense gaze?

Why… Am I feeling turned on?

I could feel the heat blossoming between my legs too, like my body was preparing to submit itself to this devilishly handsome man right in front of–


“That’s enough out of you, brother Cain,” Lilith growled, snapping me out of my trance.

The numerous exhaling of breaths from behind told me I was not the only one caught up in that sudden fantasy.

What made it worse was… It felt… Good?

That… Man… That man shifted his gaze towards Lilith again and I almost felt regret that he was no longer looking at me.

“Could you blame me, sister Lilith? I’ve always appreciated the female form and I’ve yet to meet another female, aside from my own sisters of course, that did not like me appreciating them.”

His words… They should have pissed me off greatly… But why do they all sound like sweet honey to me?

I turned to look at Master, a small part of me feeling a little guilty at what happened while another part of me was curious why Master had not intervened.

Unexpectedly, Master was staring off into space like He didn’t care about what had just happened right in front of Him. He wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation between Lilith and that man right now…

Wh… Why, Master?

“Shut up and go back home, brother Cain. Daddy brought us out here for a vacation and I won’t have you ruin it.”

“Oh? Is that what this is? Then I’m sure dad doesn’t mind if I join in as well right? Especially since… Mom is here too.”

Lilith sighed exasperatedly and turned to Master, “Daddy, tell him to get lost, please.”

To everyone’s surprise, Master actually smiled and nodded, “I don’t mind, you are also my child are you not, Cain? We’re all here to have fun so the more the merrier.”

Lilith gasped, “E… Eh?! Da… Daddy? Are you sure?”

“Come now sister Lilith, are you going to go against what dad said? Dad already said it’s ok and Mom isn’t protesting either,” The man pointed out confidently with a broad smile.

That smile… It made my heart beat even faster…

“Ugh… Since… Since Daddy already said so… Fine!”

Master led the way towards the beach and that man fell in step beside him, grinning all the while.

Why… Why am I feeling like this for this person?! And… And why isn’t Master doing anything?


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