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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 889: No Getting A Head (*R) Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

Sex! Sex! Seeeeeex!!!

We’re going to have tons of lovey dovey, erotic, toe curling, mind blowing sex!!!

Unlike the last time where we have to take note of the location and time, Master already knows that everyone here is in on it so we can have Master bend us over and fuck our brains out whenever and wherever we want!!

This is perfect!!!

That’s why…

“Ehehehe~ Masssterrr~” I moaned, my hand reaching down to caress the hard thing in Master’s pants.

“We literally just got here, Diao Chan,” Master scolded me, though it was obvious He didn’t mind my actions a single bit.

I leaned in closer to Master, “Ehehe~ Everyone else is busy unpacking… It’s just us up here aaaaall alone in your room~ And it’s not like it’s a problem if someone walks in on us, right Master?”

Of course, those two foxes that are watching us in the corner of the room don’t count. In fact, I don’t mind an audience anyway~ Knowing someone was there to watch me get claimed by Master is a definite turn on for me!

Without waiting for Master’s answer, I had already dropped to my knees and pulled down Master’s pants, revealing Master’s glorious cock waiting for me to suck.

“Ahaaannn~ Master’s cock~ Thank you for the meal!”

I immediately brought Master’s hard throbbing cock into my mouth, sucking it deeply as I inhaled His scent.

I relished in the soft grunt that came out from Master’s lips as I swallowed Master’s most delectable member all the way to the base, even giving it a little massage as I constricted and relaxed my throat a few times.

I slowly released Master’s cock from my mouth with a loud pop, enjoying the taste of Him lingering on my tongue.

Giving Master the best innocent face I could make, I asked lasciviously, “Master… Could I rape you?”

I gave Master’s cock a few tugs with my hand while He blinked a few times at me.

Just as I had expected, Master pulled me up and tossed me onto the bed.

“Rape me? You have some nerve to even ask that, my little bitch. Did you already forget your place? If you want me to rape you so much then better spread those legs of yours right now.”

Ahhaaannn~ Master really knows how to spoil me!! Yes, yes! Demean me! Ravage me! Fill me up with your hot, sticky cum! Ram your cock into me and make me scream, Master!!

Ahhhhh~ I think I came a little bit just by Master calling me His little bitch! Maybe I should have brought along some rope after all? No, no, there’s no time, I want Master inside me right now!!

Master got into position in between me, teasing me with His big, delicious cock by rubbing it up and down my dripping wet slit.

I was just about to cream myself from the foreplay alone when the door to the room was suddenly flung open.

“Diao Chan…” Lian Li growled, glaring straight at me.

“Eh… Eh? S… Sister Lian Li? Aren’t you supposed to be unpacking?” I stuttered.

She stormed up to me but stopped herself in front of Master, her face of anger suddenly turned into one of embarrassment as she leaned forward and kissed Master.

Uwaaaahhh~ This girl really knows how to take advantage of the situation.

Then while her face was still blushing red, she turned to me and grabbed me by the ear, pulling me away from the bed.

“We agreed, didn’t we?! No getting ahead like that!!”

“Ugghh… We did… But I was horny!! Just look at Master!! Look at Master’s throbbing hard cock!! Tell me you don’t want to jump on Master right now?!”

Master chuckled awkwardly at my words but made no move to hide His erection.

Lian Li turned to look at Master, then back to me, then to Master again.

She timidly took a few steps to Master, kissed Him on the lips once more before quickly turning back to pinch my cheek.

Ahhh this girl really is too much! If you want to do it just do it! I don’t even mind a threesome you know? Stop holding yourself back girl!

“Grrr!! We’re not done yet!! We’re leaving!” She growled, pulling me along behind her.

Ahhhh… My sexy time with Master! Noooooooo!!

Master chuckled and waved at us as we made our way out of the room, not at all bothered by what just happened.

“Sister Lian Li is so cruel… You blue balled Master!” I cried mockingly as the door closed behind us.

“Ughh… I’ll… I’ll deal with it later…” She muttered, her blush reaching all the way to her ears.

“No way! You just said we shouldn’t be getting ahead of everyone else and you’re thinking of going back to spend time alone with Master!”

“Shut up… This is all your fault isn’t it?!”

Ehehe, sister Lian Li is so fun to tease~ This trip is already proving to be a fun one!

I was pulled back to the room where all the other girls were waiting, each of them already dressed in their swimsuits.

Needless to say, they were not at all impressed with what I tried to do.

Before this, we had agreed that we would decide the order by drawing lots first before we broke off and individually tried to seduce Master. Of course, tag teams were allowed too, but as long as Master consented to it, everything was fair game.

Naturally, they would be upset that I tried to take Master’s first ejaculation of the trip.

Hey! Can you blame me? Master’s right there! It would be criminal for me not to try!

Manami smiled at me, though the smile did not reach her eyes.

“Ara, so our little horny witch has decided to return? So how was Master?”

“Hehe~ Absolutely delightfully tasty! Ahaaaannn~ Master’s cock was so deep in my throat, I could still taste Him on my tongue– Mhhhmm?!!”

Without warning, Lian Li had pulled me down and kissed me, her tongue licking every corner of my mouth that she could reach.

She pulled away after a while, a trail of her saliva still bridging in between our lips.

“Hehe, you’re right, I could certainly taste Master on you,” She giggled, her face now one that is filled with lust.

That riled up everyone else and I was soon swarmed by all the girls trying to ravish my mouth in order to get their own taste of Master.

What happened to the atmosphere just now?! Also, if you wanted to taste Master so badly, just go upstairs and kiss Him right now! Then I can sneak in below and kiss His rod!

Ahhhh!! Master!! Help me!!! You cute little masochistic witch is getting raped!!

Hmm? Eh? Wait, wait!! All of you stop trying to taste my mouth for a moment!! That new girl!! The demoness!! She’s slipping out of the room right now!!

Master’s definitely in danger!! Stop kissing me!!! Stoooop!!


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