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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 888: I Just Want A Simple Vacation Bahasa Indonesia


“Wooow! Daddy! Is that the beach?!” Lilith squealed, not even acting the little bit like the demon she was when I first met her.

“Fufu, yes it is,” I chuckled before going back to patting Cai Hong’s head.

Even though we could have simply teleported here, Guiying insisted that we took the same ‘scenic route’ that we had taken the previous time as well.

That meant using the cars that Elaria had made to drive us there.

The only difference was that we weren’t using jeeps this time but luxury limousines that she had made for some reason. I mean… Why did she even have these made? I’ve never seen them being used before today so did she really make them and leave them in her garage all this time?

What’s more, these aren’t normal limousines but armoured limousines with energy shield protection, mounted weapons, hover and flight capabilities and even stealth camouflage functions. Do you even need something like this here?

Oh whatever, she already created a literal star ship capable of warp jumps so anything else shouldn’t be a big deal anymore.

No, the thing I am most surprised about should be…

“Ara, ara? Has Lilith not been to a beach before?” Manami giggled as she watched the cosmic demon press her face against the glass of the vehicle.

“Nope! Most of the time was spent with Daddy in space and after Daddy was gone, I was just trying to find Daddy and purging all those stupid gods and morons who rebelled against Daddy.”

“Ufufufu~ How cute~”

Yep, the most surprising thing was how well she was getting along with the rest of my disciples.

Although I have a feeling it’s mainly because of how she kept hissing in Iris’s direction to show her dislike of the woman that ingratiated her to the rest of my girls. The funny thing was that she still calls her ‘mother’ out of respect but she definitely doesn’t like Iris.

That reminds me…

“What about your relation with the Dark Sect? And you were going around destroying worlds if I remember correctly, weren’t you?”

Lilith tilted her head at me, “Dark Sect? Oh! Does Daddy mean those people who summoned me here? Meh, they were just a means for me to come to this Plane. And I wasn’t destroying worlds, I was simply purging them.”

Err… Isn’t that basically the same thing? Wait no… When I asked if she really was going to destroy the place, she only said she was going to ‘purge the troublesome ones’. Maybe I misunderstood her back then? But there was also the fact that those prisoners were sacrificed and she wanted me as her slave…

You know what? I don’t even care anymore… She’s technically my daughter so I’ll just overlook a few things.

Anyway, the purpose of this trip is so that my disciples can let out all the accumulated stress they had so that what happened with Lian Li won’t happen again.

The stress of trying to achieve godhood must be getting to them, so I really need to make sure they unwind more often than before. Perhaps we should go on a trip every month? Or maybe every two weeks? That might be a good idea.

Worse comes to worse, I can just create vacation spots and bring my disciples there if I have to.

“Papa~ Huggies~” Cai Hong purred while cuddling me.

Right, my loli dragon has been stuck to me for the entirety of the car ride too. She’s there to make sure Lilith doesn’t get the chance to get more skinship than she does.

At first the two of them also kept hissing at each other but Lilith eventually settled down after she got permission to hold my hand. Then Cai Hong immediately grabbed my other hand and held it too. Then Lilith tried to cuddle up to me and Cai Hong just jumped onto my lap and hugged my chest.

Then it dissolved into a glaring contest between the two but at least they stopped hissing at each other.

Also, just in case anyone is disillusioned by her calling me daddy… Lilith is not a little girl. She’s an adult woman with blood red hair and wears a very revealing leather corset accompanied with elbow length gloves as well as knee high boots. The only things that might tag her as a non-human are her pale skin, the leathery wings and the two horns on her head.

So really, hearing her call me ‘Daddy’ sounds more kinky than it is endearing.

Perhaps I should get her to wear something else instead of all that leather? Then again we’re going to the beach anyway so she’ll probably change into something by herself later.

Also, I realised my thoughts have been wandering everywhere for quite a while already, probably because there’s so many people around me right now.

At least we’ll be reaching the Royal Family’s beach resort soon enough.

Speaking of which…

“Are you really sure it’s ok for you to drop your work and come with us?” I asked the Empress that was currently pressing her face on the window beside Lilith.

She detached herself from the window and smirked, “Of course it’s fine, Master! What kind of Empress would I be if I couldn’t even make it such that I could leave whenever I want?”

Err… A responsible one?

Whatever, like I said before, it’s not my country to run anyway. If the Empress herself says it’s fine, who am I to argue?

The limousine soon stopped at the entrance of the resort and what do you know? The exact same ensemble of youkai maids were there to welcome us.

I stepped out of the limousine and the four of them immediately lowered their heads.

“Welcome, Master. Please allow us to take care of you once again for the duration of your stay,” Alpha greeted me.

Unlike the last time where I was not as familiar with her, there was no need for me to put on airs in front of her so I patted her head with a grin.

“Umu, we’ll be in your capable hands, Alpha.”

“Hyaa?! Ummm… Ah! T-t-t-thank you, Master!!” She squeaked cutely, her facade of a serious maid collapsing almost instantaneously.

To regain face, she quickly turned and bowed to the rest of my entourage, “Yo-your Majesty… Welcome! And to the Ladies and Sir, we bid you all welcome as well!”

So cute.

I was just about to lead the way up the stairs when Gamma sat down in front of me.

Ah… I forgot there was this as well.

Without a hint of hesitation, the centauress gestured to the equine part of her body, “Master, please ride me!”

Since this isn’t the first time I’m doing this, I simply let out a sigh and mounted her back with Cai Hong.

I did make sure to check that she was fine carrying the two of us but she simply said that it would be her honour to do so.

Oh well, it’ll just be up the stairs so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Now onwards to our second beach arc!

Is it too much to ask for this to just be a simple vacation and nothing else please?

I can already hear my disciples whispering about this being a sex vacation already…


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