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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 887: Vacation Time Again? Bahasa Indonesia


If you were wondering if I confronted Lian Li about what she had done last night, of course I didn’t.

You don’t just pry into a girl’s secrets like that and what’s more, she did it for me, even if it was behind my back.


“Mnn? What’s wrong, Master?” Lian Li asked with a tilt of her head and an ice cream cone in her hands.

I got all of them some ice cream after our breakfast as our treat before we returned back home.

The only thing they had to ask about Lilith joining us in the morning was when did I meet up with her, which I simply explained that she found me on my walk last night. All of them had then accepted her into the group without another word.

I smiled and wiped the side of Lian Li’s cheek with a paper towel, “You have some of it here, hold still.”

“Nnn… Master’s hands are warm~”

Look at how cute she is! I wanna cuddle those cheeks of hers! And not just hers, just look at the rest of my disciples looking so cute as they’re eating their ice creams.

Well I couldn’t help myself so I kissed Lian Li on the lips.

She was surprised by my actions but quickly started kissing me back, the taste of ice cream also flooding my mouth with our kiss.

I heard a few moans from the side and I knew I’ll have to kiss the rest of my girls as well, something I did without complaint as I tasted all the different flavours of ice cream my disciples were having.

Even Iris was watching us with a cute blush on her cheeks.

So cute~

After everyone was done with their ice cream kisses, we finally teleported back home.

“Welcome back, Master,” Sophia welcomed me back again for the third time.

“Umu, I’m back. Did anything happen while we were gone?”

“Not at all, Master. Everything has been peaceful here.”

Yep, yep, that’s the Earthen Plane alright. Everything is all peaceful with no threat of some demon god invading or Sects fighting each other. Absolutely perfect.

“Waaaahh~ It’s all thanks to Daddy that I can even come here!” Lilith squealed while hugging my arm.

Oh right, normally Lilith can’t come to the Earthen Plane by herself, I totally forgot about that.

“Buuuu!! Papa! Papa!!” Cai Hong also called out, grabbing onto my other hand.

So cute, Cai Hong’s actually feeling jealous because of Lilith. Just look at her cute face that she’s making at me, you just want to cuddle her all day!

“Ahem… Why don’t the rest of you girls go unpack? I think I’ll head over to Guiying’s place to ask if we can make use of her beach again,” I suggested.

Diao Chan quickly leapt in front of me, “Ohhh~ Could I come with you, Master?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Eh? I just thought it would be nice to see little Guiying again~”

‘Little Guiying’… You do realise that person you mentioned is our Empress right?

Oh wait, she’s also a member of the fanclub… Nevermind then.

I shrugged, “Alright then. In that case, could you bring Lilith to look around the Sect, Sophia?”

She bowed her head, “It would be my honour, Master.”

I’m making the former Sect Mistress of Heaven Sect be a tour guide for Lilith, ironic, I know.

While the rest of my disciples went ahead to unpack their things, I took Diao Chan by her hand and teleported us to Guiying’s palace.

Again, we appeared in her room which was filled to the brim with pictures of me, something that Diao Chan took notice of immediately while I did my best to ignore.

I thought she might be surprised at the sight since she let out a gasp, but what came out of her mouth destroyed that idea.

“Ahaaaannn~ So many pictures of Masterrrrr~ Little Guiying has splendid tastes~”

I’m not even going to comment on that… Also, can you stop trying to reach in between my legs? I know we’re both alone right now but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want especially when you’re in someone else’s room.

Anyway, if I’m not wrong, the owner of the room should be arriving right about now…

As though on cue, the door was thrown open and the aforementioned Empress is now standing at the doorway.

“Massssterrrrr!” She squealed, diving head first into my chest and rubbing her face on me. “Ahhhhh! I missed you so much!”

I patted her head, “Did you leave in the middle of court again?”

“Nnnn… Nope, court was already over~ Everything is so peaceful now there’s no need for it to drag so long~”

Mmhmm, what did I say? Peace is definitely the best and the Earthen Plane still remains top tier.

“So what brings Master and big sis Diao Chan here?”

Despite saying that she came here to see Guiying, my Witch was busy hugging my back and sniffing my robes so I had to be the one to explain to the Empress.

“Well… I was thinking of taking another vacation with my disciples… So I wanted to ask if we could borrow the beach again?”

Guiying’s face brightened up, “Ohhh! Another trip to the beach?! Of course, Master! I wanna go too!”

“Eh… Is that alright though?”

“Of course it is, Master! I already said I have things prepared where I can take extended periods of absence without issues right?”

You did… But what kind of Empress makes plans to be absent for long periods of time?

I didn’t say that out loud of course, but if she says it’s fine I suppose there’s no reason to reject her joining us. After all, the beach belongs to the Royal Family anyway.

“So what are we going to do, Master?” She asked, her eyes sparkling.

“Eh? Just normal beach stuff I suppose? Hopefully this time we wouldn’t need to deal with another stupid leprechaun or another exiled uncle coming to ruin things…”

My words trailed off when I realised the Empress was looking at something behind me so I turned around.

Diao Chan quickly hid her hands behind her back but I managed to see her making the universal gesture of sex with her hands before she could hide it completely.

Ugh… That definitely proves that my disciples were all quite stressed out doesn’t it? If this is what it takes to de-stress them… I guess I wouldn’t mind.

Guiying must have realised I saw it too because she started licking her lips, “That sounds like a fun idea, Master… How about… Big sis Diao Chan and I have a little prelude to the event first?”

Diao Chan’s face lit up, “Ehehehe~ Little Guiying read my mind, Master! There’s already a bed here so why not?”

Ugh, fine, fine. I’ll satisfy you two horny girls first… I guess I can expect this beach trip to be a really libidinous one…


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