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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 886: The Power Of Denial Bahasa Indonesia


“Err… What did you say?”

“Fufufu~ I said the destruction around here was all due to the one with the name of Lian Li, Master.”

Huh… Was her stomach ache so bad that it caused this place to be turned into a desert? Our strength is increased by quite a bit in this Plane so if she really was in that much pain, it might actually be possible…

But to think it would cause this much damage at such a great distance away and also be coincidentally at where the demon god would return… What were the odds?

“Ufufufufu~ Master, you are so cute~” Iris giggled.

“Where did that come from?”

“Fufu~ Master has never considered the possibility that your little disciples could be hiding things from you or doing things behind your back. Isn’t that really cute?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Naturally. They trust their lives with me, how can I not trust them in return?”

“Master really is cute~ But isn’t Master doing things behind their back too?”

“Unn… They do have an image of me that I do not wish to shatter after all.”

Iris’s smile widened, “Ara? Doesn’t that apply to those existences you call ‘disciples’ as well, Master?”

I frowned, “You’re not suggesting that they are hiding things from me, are you?”

“Ara, ara? Did they not hide the existence of the Church from Master?”

I waved my hand at her, “Who goes to make a fanclub and then tells the person that they made a fanclub of them? Besides, they were hiding that out of consideration for me.”

This is weird, why is Iris telling me all this now? Are you really suggesting that Lian Li had lied to me about going to the toilet and instead, came all the way here to fight the Demon God?

Iris’s eyes glowed, “I am not suggesting that Master. It’s merely just a fact that she did.”

Hmm… Let’s take a look then…

I snapped my fingers and the area around me changed, transforming from a desert to a valley.

This is just a memory projection of this place and not a time reversal, so we could see whatever had happened here but not influence it.

To my left was a large army of Practitioners from the various Sects of this Plane, all of them had the look of fear plastered on their faces.

Every single one of them were battered and bruised and even the five Sect Masters of the top five Sects were not spared.

Turning to see who they were looking at, I spotted a man that was wearing what looked to be the tattered remains of a Dark Sect robe lying on the ground. That must be the demon god.

Floating above him however, was unmistakably my golden haired disciple, Lian Li.

Hmm… Looks like the fight was really intense and my disciple showed up after it was over?

“Let this be a lesson to all of you to never disturb my Master again!! Don’t ever let me see you again!!” She roared, cladding her entire body in golden light.

Divine Lightning soon rained down from the sky, flattening the mountains and turning them into sand. The Practitioners from the other Sects started to run as fast as they could away from the place, those that could teleport had already teleported themselves away, leaving everyone else to their fates.

Even with the amount of Divine Lightning raining down from the sky, no one was hit by it and they all managed to escape with their lives.

Well, except for that Dark Sect guy who was already dead. He got struck and his body turned to sand too.

A minute passed and the entire area had turned into the desert that was identical to the state that I found the place to be. Lian Li took one last look around her before flying away, presumably to return to where we were at the mountainside resort.

‘Do you see now, Master?’ Iris asked telepathically.

I nodded solemnly.

‘Then you know what this means, doesn’t it, Master?’

Yes… I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming…

‘Ufufu~ It’s not your fault Master~’

No, no, this is also partially my fault. But still, Lian Li was so cool, don’t you think?

‘Yes, that’s why Master should aband– Eh? What?’

I mean, I already suspected that she would be the one to cause the calamity that would befall on the Earthen Plane in the previous timeline, but I never really did anything about it. Looks like her venting out all that power was enough to prevent that from happening. I should let her do that more often!

‘Eh? Wait… Master… That’s not…’

Ah, to think my cute Lian Li was worried about me and decided to let these people know to stay away with a little show of force. Then she probably got nervous and had to stay in the toilet to calm herself down. How cute can she be?

‘Master… Like I said, that’s not what happened…’

No wonder she was so aggressive in the bath, she was still nervous about it, wasn’t she?

‘Master? Are you listening? Just rewind the scene back a little more…’

Ahaha, my other disciples should also be quite stressed too, the pressure of attaining godhood must also be getting to them.

I guess the plan to go on another beach vacation came at just the right time, I should remember to go ask Guiying about it when I return.

‘Master? Master? Is Master really not listening? Or is this just deliberate denial?’

Well I did tell them not to hold back against the trash in this Plane so everything’s all good. At least this settles several problems on its own so there’s nothing for me to complain about.

‘Unn… I suppose I miscalculated this time… I should try another method for the next one… Ufufufu~ Master still looks cute though so it wasn’t a complete waste~’

Alright, that settles things, I should make sure to go back and spoil my disciples a lot after we head back home!

I was just about to call Akari and Shiori when I saw a speck in the horizon hurtling its way towards me.


I reached my hands up and caught Lilith right as she dove into my arms, the little demon girl rubbing her face on my chest fervently.

“Daddyyyyyyy~~ I missed youuuuuu!!” She purred, hugging me even tighter.

I patted her head, “Err… Hello Lilith… How was your trip to find your siblings?”

She looked up at me and puffed her cheeks, “Listen to this Daddy! None of them believed me when I said you were back! They all told me I was dreaming! Some of them even laughed at me!”

“Umm… Ok… Then do you want me to go and tell them myself?”

Lilith opened her mouth to say something but she suddenly stopped herself to think.

She then started muttering to herself, “It’s not like I didn’t tell them beforehand… They just didn’t believe me… So no one can blame me if I monopolise Daddy’s attention for myself? And some of them even… In that case… Ah! There’s no need Daddy! Just spoil me~ Give me all the attention! Gehk? Mo… Mother is here too huh…”

She really is a demon isn’t she?

Oh well, I’m not in a rush to find those ‘children’ of mine anyway.

Ah, also, I felt like you were trying to tell me something just now, were you Iris?

‘Hmm? Not at all Master. I just thought you are really cute after all~”

Well… That’s just embarrassing. Anyway, let’s go back home now.

‘Ufufufu~ Yes, we should~’

Not sure why but those words of hers sent a little chill down my spine.


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