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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 881: Not My Problem, I’m Not Even From Around Here Bahasa Indonesia


The portal that leads to this dimension only remains open for twenty four hours and it should close in less than an hour.

Because of that, everyone is making their way back to the entrance to leave this place before they get stuck in here.

It’s not like you can just stay here until the portal reopens again because this space will purge itself of anyone still remaining inside by disintegrating them.

Unless you’re stronger than the person who created this space, you’ll be killed without question.

Obviously it’s not exactly a threat to us so while others were rushing towards the exit, my group was taking a leisurely stroll towards it.

“Even now they’re still fixated on themselves…” Brendan pointed out, eyeing the other Practitioners that were rushing past us.

Even at this point, they were still taking the opportunity to sabotage one another as they tried to cripple or impede their rivals to prevent them from leaving.

We had walked past several Practitioners who were knocked out or tied up to be left by the side of the road, fated to be disintegrated as soon as the portal closed.

“Like Master said, the people here are all trash,” Lian Li muttered, obviously unhappy.

Hmmm… Looks like whatever happened at the tower just now really pissed her off. I wanted to ask her what happened but I figured it was better if I didn’t know.

As we neared the portal though, the five Sect Masters of the top five Sects had just arrived as well.

“Ah… Master Lin,” Sect Mistress Mu greeted. “Is there any chance we could convince you to reconsider your stance on the Demon God issue?”

“No,” I told her off easily before walking past her.

“In… In that case, how about coming over to our Sect for a visit? Let us make up for how my disciples have mistreated Master Lin.”


Seriously, could you be any more transparent with your intentions?

She turned to the other Sect Masters for help but they were just as lost as she was.

Ignoring them, I strolled through the portal with my disciples, the Sect Masters and their entourage following closely behind us.

We reappeared back in the ruins that we had been camping before, the place was already crowded with Practitioners who had returned earlier than we did.

The five Sect Masters also stepped through the portal after us, all of them looking like they were trying to come up with a way to get me involved with their Demon God problem.

We were just about to step off the platform when, out of nowhere, several Techniques were thrown directly at us.

I was going to erect a shield around us but stopped when I realised my disciples were already moving to intercept them.

Lian Li, Manami, Kiyomi and Eris quickly deflected and blocked all the attacks coming from above while Diao Chan and Brendan took care of the ones from below, effectively negating the ambush.

Tsuki and Elaria hung back just in case there were anymore surprises in store.

My disciples immediately sent the five Sect Masters behind us an ugly look.

Sect Mistress Mu was quick to explain, “We did not order this!”

Tsuki rolled her eyes at them, “To think the top 5 Sect Masters weren’t able to react to something like this. Is that the standard of this place?”

“I don’t even know how they have stayed at the top without someone sticking a knife in their ribs,” Elaria scoffed.

Kiyomi shook her head in mock astonishment, “I’m surprised they could deal with that ‘Demon god’ when they’re so weak. Yet they still have the face to ask Master for help?”

“Ufufufu~ They truly are shameless aren’t they?” Manami giggled.

Ok, ok girls, all of you really aren’t holding back huh?

Also, is burning other people with insults the only time that Elaria and Tsuki get along? I’m not sure if I should be impressed or worried about them…

Before those Sect Masters could come up with an excuse, the sounds of laughter rang out from the sky above us.

Everyone around looked up to see several cloaked figures floating in the sky. All of them wore black cloaks except for one that wore a blood red one.

The one with the red cloak floated closer towards us, “Impressive, all of you aren’t the Sect Masters of the top five Sects for nothing! If all of you had died from that then our God would be very upset!”

“Sinister Demon Sect…” Sect Master Jing of the Golden Ascension Sect muttered.

The guy in the red cloak tossed a bamboo tube that landed on the ground in front of us, “The resurrection of our God is at hand and he will return stronger than ever! All of you are cordially invited to witness the return of our God! We do hope you’ll attend and entertain us!”

Shadows burst out from under his cloak and enveloped all of the cloaked figures, causing them to disappear from our sight in an instant.

Sect Master Buo of the Eternal Brotherhood Sect went forward and picked up the tube, spilling the rolled up parchment inside it within his palm.

He scanned through it and turned towards us with wide eyes, “They’re reviving the Demon God tonight at the ruins of their Sect!”

“Impossible!” Sect Master Jing cried out, snatching the parchment from his hands. “How can they revive him so easily?! We did not seal the Demon God, we killed him! They should not have been able to prepare all this without us knowing!”

The other three Sect Masters converged behind Sect Master Jing and read the contents of the note over his shoulders. By the look on their faces, it seems what Sect Master Buo said was true.

“It might be a trap,” Sect Master Suo pointed out, the man trying his best to ignore me after his embarrassing loss against me.

“We still cannot leave this to chance, we must go there and prevent this. Luckily everyone had grown stronger after our visit to the Secret Dimension,” Sect Master Xing of the Sect Sect grumbled before turning to me.

That prompted everyone to turn towards me as well.

I held up my hand before they could ask the question, “I already said no. This is a you problem so stop trying to get me involved in it. We’re going home.”

Sect Master Sup finally turned to face me, “If you’re too scared to face a being stronger than you then just say it, no need to give so many excuses.”

I know that he was just trying to goad me so I simply shrugged my shoulders. They can think whatever they want.

Since we’re done here, I snapped my fingers and teleported all of us back home, making us appear in my courtyard again. There was no reason for us to stay there anymore after all.

“Oh, welcome home, Master,” Sophia greeted me with her usual tone again, not even remotely surprised by my second sudden appearance.

I was about to return her greeting when Lian Li grabbed my arm, “Master! Can we go back, please?”

“Eh? Go back to the Cloud Plane? Why?”

“We… We wanted to look around that place a bit more… It’s a new place after all…”

The rest of my disciples also nodded their heads in agreement quickly.

“Could we, please, Master?” Eris begged.

Manami grabbed my other arm and squashed it in between her cleavage, “We didn’t have much fun there, Master~”

“Just for a while, please?” Diao Chan pleaded.

Ah, right… I’ve been in that place long enough in my past life that I didn’t think it was a big deal anymore to be there. But for my disciples, going to another Plane should have been a novel experience.

Well, since most of the Practitioners should be occupied with dealing with that Demon God that’s going to appear, I suppose we can just go and look around in the meantime.

“Alright, alright. I’ll be back again, Sophia.”

“Take care Master,” she answered with a bow, not even commenting on my decision.

I teleported all of us back to the Cloud Plane again, returning us to the cave that we had first appeared in.

Now I need to remember what interesting sights there are around here to bring my disciples to for sightseeing…

Hmm? Is it just me or do the smiles on my disciples’ faces look a little weird?


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