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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 882: You Just Revived? Then Die Again Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Perfect, we managed to convince Master to come back to this wretched Plane without too much trouble.

It is true that we wanted to explore more of the Plane as well, but the primary reason was so that we can get rid of that self proclaimed ‘demon god’ and also teach those arrogant Sects a lesson.

They were still trying to take advantage of Master even after He had saved their lives… They truly are unworthy of existence.

In the end, Master brought us to various interesting places around the Cloud Plane for sightseeing and we had a lot of fun with Master!

Master even brought us to the top of this gorgeous waterfall and shared a kiss with me!

Ahhhh~ Just remembering it makes me feel so tingly!!

For the night, Master brought us to a really nice mountain resort that was frequented by the richest and most influential people of this Plane.

At first the staff there looked down on Master for being a nobody as well, but after Master flattened the entire mountain and rebuilt it again, they were quick to change their attitudes.

I’m still recording them into our little book of tortures though~ We’ll have so much fun torturing all these people when we attain our godhood!

Master had commented offhandedly that we should go on another vacation with the rest back on the Earthen Plane and we readily agreed. Maybe we can go back to that beach resort of Guiying’s and have another beach vacation there!

This time… Ehehe… This time I’ll definitely be more bold in my advances on Master! I’m already looking forward to it!

Before we can enjoy ourselves though, there’s still the issue of those useless pieces of trash that have to be taken care of.

Initially we wanted to go together as a group but the other girls got caught up in Master’s Godly massage skills in the bath and were too blissed out to follow me.

Well… I may or may not be the reason why they ended up like that since I was hoping to deal with this alone as well.

That means more people for me to torment!

Using the information I got from those worthless insects I had ‘convinced’ to help me back at the tower, I quickly found where the location of that Sinister Demon Sect was.

The ruins of the Sect was located in the valley between two mountains, the place initially chosen to hide the Sect better and the defensive position it occupied.

Although a pitch black dome was now surrounding it, I knew I was at the right place since there was a large crowd of those pathetic pieces of trash gathered outside of it. There were a few scattered groups here and there launching Techniques at the dome but all of their attempts failed to even scratch the dome.

I’m honestly surprised that they even managed to put aside their differences to fight against a common enemy. I’d thought they would still be at each other’s throats even when a threat big enough to wipe them out was at their doorsteps.

Ah, perhaps it’s precisely because they were like that in their first encounter with this so-called ‘demon god’ that caused them to suffer more casualties than they should?

Hmph, so they are still trash after all.

Right as I was considering if I should announce my presence the dome pulsated a few times before disappearing altogether, revealing several hundreds of cloak wearing Practitioners inside led by someone wearing the robes of the Dark Sect.

“I have returned!!” The Dark Sect trash roared with his fists in the air. “Now I shall claim this world as my own!! Kneel if you don’t wish to die!!”

Typical Dark Sect trash.

I was really tempted to just strike him down with Lightning from here but I decided to see how the trash of this Plane would react to him first. Maybe they actually could actually win against him?

The group of useless trash let out a roar and charged forward, materialising various different Techniques to throw against the cloaked figures.

The Dark Sect idiot waved his hand and all of their attacks were consumed by a wall of darkness before being reflected back to them.

Explosions rang out amidst the trash group and everyone quickly scattered.

Hmph. This was proof that they hadn’t really set aside their differences to work together. Otherwise, they would have been able to block the reflected Techniques by making a shield together instead of simply running away from it.

The Dark Sect trash took advantage of the confusion and summoned several Dark spears, tossing them towards the still confused group of morons and skewering several of them.

I tried to find the five shameless idiots among the crowd, I assumed that they would have led the charge but apparently the five of them were hiding behind the horde and simply ordering everyone else to charge.

Ugh… They’re even more useless than I thought they were.

I watched the one sided slaughter go on for a few more minutes until I finally got bored. I still want to be pampered by Master tonight so I can’t spend too much time here.

Cladding myself in Divine Lightning, I leapt up into the air and dropped down in between the two groups.

My landing caused the area around me to explode into a dust cloud but I quickly swept it away, capturing everyone’s attention to my form.

“Oh? What’s this? A hidden expert? Hahaha! It doesn’t matter though, you people from the Cloud Plane are all weak to me! Spear of Annihilation!!” The Dark Sect trash cackled.

He tossed a Dark spear at me but I casually deflected it with the back of my hand, sending it flying back at twice the speed to impale one of his followers behind him.

That action seemed to have shocked everyone as everyone stopped to gape at me.

The female Sect Mistress that I did not bother to remember the name of landed a short distance away from me, “You… You’re that man’s disciple! Did he decide to help us after all?”

I glared at her, “First of all, my Master is more than just a simple ‘man’. Second of all, this piece of trash is not even worth my Master’s time to deal with and precisely because my Master is too benevolent, He won’t move Himself to do so either. That’s why… I will be the one to clean up this group of trash before they can inconvenience my Master.”

I didn’t wait to see if she had a response to that before I redirected my attention back to the Dark Sect trash.

“Listen well you piece of shit. I am Lian Li, first disciple of Master Lin of Heaven Sect. You have inconvenienced my Master greatly and so… You shall die.”

The trash’s eyes widened, “Ma… Master Lin?! No, no, no… He can’t be here! He can’t be! Ev… Everyone! Attack her!!”

Oh? He recognises Master’s name? How surprising. Not that this changes his fate in any way since I already decided he will die.

Now please, can all of you stay still so I can kill you?


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