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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 880: I’m Not Into Old Men Bahasa Indonesia


I could sense that everyone was still trying to process what had happened so I generously gave them all the time they needed to do so.

“What… What did you… But… No violent acts…” The lead old man sputtered.

“I don’t like repeating myself. I asked for you to give me a good reason not to kill all of you right here and now,” I reminded them.

He turned to look at me, blinking a few times before finally registering my words.

“Umm… That… We merely wanted to ask what… Ummm… What mister expert saw inside the vault as we have never been in there before…”

An obvious lie of course, they definitely came to me with the intention of trying to coerce me into giving up the treasures I found again. He only changed his attitude after I killed that guy in front of them.

At least they learn fast which is a better alternative of having their heads stuck up their ass. Not that it gives me a better opinion of them anyway.

I tilted my head at them, “I’m pretty sure the way to the vault is already open, why don’t you go and see it for yourselves?”

The old man hesitated, “That… Umm… We aren’t confident if the traps are completely inert…”

“And this is supposed to be your ancestor isn’t it? Don’t you think it would shame him if you’re depending on an outsider to feed you everything he has left behind?”

“Hasn’t umm… Forgive me… It seems that we have not even introduced ourselves… I am Elder Ong of the Yi Sect, may I know your good name?”

“Master Lin of Heaven Sect,” I introduced myself curtly.

“Well met, Master Lin of–“

“Are we seriously letting him get away with killing Elder Han?!” Another old man interrupted from behind.

Elder Ong hissed at the one who had interrupted him, “Quiet, Elder Ji.”

“Don’t ‘quiet’ me! I’m not going to stand for this!” The now named Elder Ji growled as he pushed his way to stand in front of me. “You may have the others fooled with your illusion, but I see it for what it is! You think your little trick can scare us then you’re sorely mistaken!”

Well, since he so willingly served himself up…

I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up, making sure to squeeze my fingers hard enough to cause him pain.

He gasped and clawed at my hands, trying and failing to break free as his mind was too busy trying to comprehend how I broke through his defensive inscriptions like they weren’t there.

Probably due to instinct, he tried to conjure up some kind of Technique to fling against me but his body was wrapped up in light and teleported outside before he could do so.

Naturally, I wasn’t going to let him run away that easily so I made my way towards the entrance where I know the Elder should have been teleported to.

Elder Ong quickly stepped beside me, not so much as blocking my way but merely just keeping pace with me.

“Please, Master Lin. Elder Han, the one you… Killed… He was a good friend of his so he was distraught and lost himself in his rage, he did not mean what he said.”

I shifted my gaze to him but I did not slow down my steps, “Oh? Is Elder Ong so magnanimous that you would forgive and forget any slight dealt to you?”

He hesitated for only a second, “If the situation calls for it… Yes.”

I stopped and turned to him, “Very well then.”

His lips curled up into the beginnings of a smile right before I slapped him across the face, the slap loud enough for it to echo around the tower.

There were a few soft gasps from the others who were watching the scene but more because they were surprised that I had done it than the action itself. Such things are common here after all.

I wouldn’t be the first ‘young’ Practitioner to show disrespect to their elders.

To his credit, he simply bowed his head in response to my slap, “I thank you for your mercy, Master Lin.”

If he had said anything else I would have just continued with my original plan of killing that guy.

I nodded at his response, “Umu, so what do you want from me? I’m quite busy as you can see.”

“I know this is entirely shameless of us to ask this… But could Master Lin be convinced to part with some of the treasures of the vault to us?”

I scoffed at him, “You are right, that is indeed quite shameless of a request. What can you do to convince me?”

“We can pay Master Lin the appropriate sum in gold.”

“You think I’m still interested in gold after gaining all the gold inside the vault?”

“It… Does not hurt to have more.”

I shook my head, “No, I do not think you have anything that would interest me enough to trade you anything from the vault.”

He held up his hands in a placating gesture, “What about women? We still have some female disciples that are especially beautiful. I can have some… No, any of them come and serve Master Lin.”

I gestured to Iris who was standing meekly behind me, “I do not believe that any of them are a match to her beauty, are they? If I’m not even having a physical relationship with her, do you think I’ll be interested in any of your female disciples?”

Of course the reason why I’m not having sex with Iris is not related to her physical appearance but they don’t need to know that.

The veil that Iris wore on her face still prevented people from falling desperately in love with her but she still looked like a perfect beauty if someone were to look at her closely.

That’s why the Elder quickly realised that none of his female disciples could match Iris after glancing at her direction. In fact, he looked quite shocked that he didn’t notice her presence before this.

Not his fault though, it’s part of the veil’s properties.

He wrung his hands, “Ah! We do have some young boys in our Sect as well! Surely they would be of interest to Master Lin?!”

They think Brendan and I are a couple huh…

I sighed, “No, I am not in that kind of relationship with my male disciple either.”

“Ah… Ah! I… I may not be that experienced, but if Master Lin is fine with me… I will gladly oblige!” The old man in front of me declared as he started pulling off his robes.

Like he was really stripping himself right in front of me.

I of course did the most sensible thing and punched him in the face.

The punch sent him crashing into the wall and knocked him out instantly, prompting the rest of the old men to rush to their companion.

Right, I’m done with this group of people, I’m most definitely not going to let them come within five metres of me or my disciples.

Now where is Cai Hong? I need to cuddle her to get rid of that memory of this old fart trying to strip in front of me…


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