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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 867: The Extremely Delusional One Bahasa Indonesia

(Suo Tian Jian POV) [Sect Master of Twilight Sword Sect]

As the Sect Master of one of the top five Sect in the Plane, I was one of the pinnacles of existence here.

Money, power, authority and the respect of my peers, I had it all.

Only four other people in this entire Plane could stand at the same place as me and talk to me as equals, everyone else had to bow their heads to me.

As one of the strongest existences on this Plane, this was how my life was like for the centuries that I have been alive and no one else could challenge it!

But it was also because of this fact that I am still single after all this time!!

No woman dared to approach me and any woman I approached was too intimidated by me to even consider romantic interaction!

And yet… This unknown man… Why does he have a harem?!!! All the girls are heavenly beauties too!! He even has another guy and a cute loli in his harem?!!! Just how much of a deviant are you?!!

What does he have and I don’t that allowed him to have such a harem?! I won’t accept this!!

That’s why I challenged him to a fight! If I beat him here and proved I was superior, those women would definitely be more attracted to me!

He must have some kind of special ability that allows him to trick girls! That’s why even Elder Ying was duped! But I’ll show you that it was all just a bluff by crushing him beneath my heel!

Just look at his weak and boring face! How can he be compared to me?! I’m definitely much more charming, cool, handsome and infinitely better than him! I’ll let you know your place soon enough!

First I’ll break your arms, then your legs, then your spirit! And then your harem will be mine!

Right then, the coin that Sect Mistress Mu flipped finally landed on the ground.

I got ready to unleash my Judgement Heavens Eternal Sword Binding Technique…


What… What is this?

Why does it feel so hard to breathe? Why can’t I move? What is this feeling?

This… This feeling of death?

I can’t… What… What is going on?

That man… This pressure… Even that Demon God didn’t make me feel like this… It’s like I was being crushed by a giant hand from above…

My vision is getting weird… Those eyes of his… What?

The scenery in front of me changed?

I’m now standing at the edge of a giant hole and I couldn’t see the bottom. I could do nothing but stare straight into the pit of darkness in front of me… And the darkness was staring back.

Eh? What is this feeling? I’m falling?

I’m falling… Deeper and deeper into the darkness… Is this what helplessness feels like? I couldn’t even do anything to stop my fall. I can only keep falling… And falling… And falling…


“Papa! Yummy!”

I awoke with a start at the sound of that voice.

Blinking my eyes, I realised I was lying down on the ground from where I had fainted.

Slowly, I pushed myself up from the ground and looked around, trying to grasp what had happened.

Eh? Everyone else… They’ve fainted too? Even the other Sect Masters… Those four who were also the pinnacles of existences in this Plane… They couldn’t handle the pressure even when it was not directed at them?

“Papa, cakey!”

I turned towards the direction of the voice and an unbelievable sight appeared in front of me.

That man who I had been fighting just now… He’s currently having a picnic with the girls like it was the most natural thing in the world…

He’s having a picnic on top of the fabled Heavenly Mountain like it was the most natural thing in the world?!!!

Does this guy even know the significance of this place?! One of the only few cultivators that managed to ascend to the Earthen Plane had cultivated in this place you know?!! You dare to treat this place like some kind of holiday spot?!!!

“Oh? This cake is really sweet.”

“Oh, Eris made that I believe.”

“… I did…”

“Ara, ara? So it’s Laverna who did it? It does taste really sweet~”

“Papa! Cookies!”

“Haha, here you go Cai Hong.”

“Cai Hong wuv Papa!”

“Ma… Master…”

“Oh, here you go, Iris.”

“Master, try these pastries too!”

“Ah! Not fair Lian Li! Me too Master! I spilled whipped cream on me! Feel free to lick me up!”

“Kukuku, would Master like some mouth to mouth feeding from me?”

“Ah! Onii-sama! Let’s play the pocky game!”

“Haa?! Aniue should play with me instead!”

You… You… You…

Why are you so popular?!!!

Why am I not popular?! I’m just as good looking… No! I’m better looking than you! Why don’t I have a harem?!

“Master… Is that guy alright?”

“He’s fine, he’s just a really sad person, don’t need to pay him any mind.”

I looked back at them to realise they were all staring at me with looks of pity.

Ah… I… Did I say the last parts out loud?

The girl wearing the cheongsam lifted her chin at me, “For the record, our Master is much better looking than you.”

I did!!! I want to dig a hole and bury myself!! I want to die!!!

No wait. I shouldn’t be the one that’s embarrassed… It looks like everyone else is still unconscious anyway so it’s just this group of nobodies that heard me. I’m fine.

I dusted myself and stood back up, “Hmph… How brazen of you to be having a pic–“

“Master, why is this person acting so arrogant after fainting from a duel?” The girl with the golden hair interrupted.

“Acting so full of himself in front of Aniue… Who do you think you are, trash?” The girl wearing the weird red and black dress sneered at me.

“Losing without even being able to do anything… The one who is brazen is you,” The white fox youkai sighed.

“Papa? Big head man?”

Even the little girl is mocking me?!

That infuriating man waved his hand, “Now, now girls. He’s probably still confused after waking up. Ahem. Sect Master Suo was it? Perhaps you should check how your Sect is doing? As you can see, we are quite busy now.”

This man… He really is brazen… But his strength is real. Is he some kind of hidden expert?

I furrowed my brows at him, “You… Who are you?”

He smiled at me, “Did you already forget? I am Master Lin of Heaven Sect.”

This bastard… He’s definitely making fun of me…

Just you wait! I’ll definitely find a way to get back at you!

I turned to look at the other unconscious Sect Masters who still showed no signs of waking up.

I can’t deal with this brazen people alone… Let’s just wake everyone up for now…

Hmm… Wait a minute, the fact that I woke up first… Does that mean I’m stronger than everyone else here?

Hahahaha! It does, doesn’t it?! I am definitely the greatest!! Maybe having this guy come here isn’t so bad after all!


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