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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 868: Fix Your Own Problems Bahasa Indonesia


Yeah, that guy is definitely thinking about finding some way to get back at me. I wonder if I should just wipe their entire Sect from existence?

Nah… That’s too much.

It’s not like I plan on living here anyway. Once we are done here, we’ll just go back home and return to our daily lives so we don’t really need to bother about them.

Putting that aside, I got to say though, having a picnic up here really is a great idea. Whoever that suggested it, I offer my utmost appreciation to you.

Now that we were done, my disciples were cleaning up the place while I sat at the side waiting for them. By now, the people who had fainted from my Elemental pressure were finally waking up.

Most of them were understandably giving us a wide berth, especially the people from the Twilight Sword Sect. No doubt they were trying to plot some kind of convoluted revenge against me but too bad, they won’t be seeing me after this event.

Now, our next stop would be the treasure vault at the other side of this place. Apparently there are quite a few useful artefacts that my disciples could use in there.

The only reason no one else had managed to get them was because of all the traps there and the giant maze one had to navigate through. None of those would be a problem for us though, so naturally I would head there and get the treasures for my disciples.

“Ara? That’s as close as you can get to our Master. Another step and I might need to remove you by force, ufufufu~”

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Manami’s voice.

Looking up, I saw the Sect Mistress of the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect and that Elder Ying beside her, both of them being blocked by Manami from coming closer to me.

So after the Elder is done, the Sect Mistress shows her face huh? Is she going to challenge me too? If she still had the guts to challenge me after being rendered unconscious as a spectator, then I don’t know if she’s stupid or stubborn.

Oh well, if she challenges me, I’ll just knock her out and move on so come on then, let’s get this over with.

Unexpectedly, the Sect Mistress and the Elder both bowed their heads.

It wasn’t even the ‘for the sake of politeness’ kind of bow either but a perfect ninety degree respectful bow.

“Master Lin of Heaven Sect, please accept our sincerest apologies”


A sincere apology was most definitely not what I was expecting. I didn’t even know the people of this Plane could even be sincere in the first place, even under the threat of death.

Hmm… But of course. They’re only doing this because they just want me for something.

I cuddled Cai Hong who was having her afternoon nap closer to my chest and lifted my chin at the Sect Mistress, “Cut the useless pleasantries. What do you want?”

The Sect Mistress raised her head, “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mu Jie Jie, the Sect Mistress of the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect.”

I wanted to comment on her name but decided to just nod to show that I acknowledged her and nothing more.

Normally that would be quite disrespectful considering I was only a Master of some unknown Sect while the other party was a Sect Mistress, but what are they gonna do? Fight me?

She obviously knows who has the upper hand in this conversation so she continued without raising a fuss, “Once again, I would like to apologise for the rudeness my Sect has shown you. I will take great care in educating them so that this does not happen again.”

“You might not have heard me the first time so I’ll say it again. Cut the useless pleasantries, what do you want?”

“Forgive me… But is it possible for us to know just where Heaven Sect is located?”

“Somewhere that is currently beyond your reach,” I told her with a straight face.

It was technically not a lie.

I thought she would try to press me for more information but she simply nodded her head, “I see… In that case, is Master Lin aware of the existence known as the Demon God?”

The heck is that? Is this another god that is in charge of this World? Omniscience?

Ah, it’s just some random idiot from the Earthen Plane who stumbled here thinking they could easily conquer this Plane before he got his ass kicked. How did this guy even come here?

Eh? Oh. He was a member of the Dark Sect who accidentally activated the Sanctuary’s portal to go to the Spiritual Plane before coming to the Cloud Plane. I’m surprised you could even ‘accidentally’ activate that portal. I’m even more surprised he also found his way to the Cloud Plane without dying, could he be a genius too?

I returned my attention back to her, “I am, what about it?”

“Ah, then this would be much easier to explain… To speak frankly… The Demon God has followers called the Sinister Demon Sect who are seeking his revival. We were wondering if you could lend us your strength in the cleansing of this Plane? I’m sure it would also be in your interest for the Demon God to not return to life.”

Yep, there’s the Cloud Plane people I know, always using someone else for their own benefits like it was nothing.

Anyway, what’s with that stupid name ‘Sinister Demon Sect’? You can’t be advertising your villainy anymore than this.

I peeked behind her to see the other Sect Masters, including that Sect Master Suo, were gathered together trying their best to act like they weren’t paying attention to us.

They definitely discussed this and felt that Sect Mistress Mu was the best choice to approach me for this.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “If I recall… Didn’t you guys get rid of the Demon God back then? So why can’t you do it again?”

“We did it at the cost of losing a lot of innocents. I’m sure if Master Lin were to step in, we wouldn’t need to–“

“Not interested,” I interrupted her.

She stopped and looked at me, her expression one of disbelief.

“Master Lin would rather not do anything and let thou… No, millions of people die?”

I shrugged, “The only people I care about are right here. Besides, I don’t get anything by involving myself with your little fight.”

“But… But surely dealing with the threat of the Demon God is beneficial enough for you? Would his presence not threaten your daily life in this Plane?”

I wagged my finger at her, “That’s where you’re wrong. I am not a resident of this Plane. Are you guys ready? Let’s go then.”

With those words, I stood up from my seat and my disciples immediately joined my side, following me back down the mountain.

Heh, the shocked look on her face was worth it.

What? Did you really think I was going to do something as bothersome as helping these people? I legitimately do not care if this so-called ‘demon god’ came back and destroyed this entire Plane. I’m going to go home with my disciples and continue my easy life there!

If I ever need to come back here again, I’ll just get rid of him then, no big deal.

And if he somehow did some damage to this Plane that I would rather he didn’t, then I’ll just fix it with a snap too.

So really, there’s absolutely no reason for me to even help these people who are just trying to take advantage of me.

Also because I’m lazy and I want to go back and get pampered by my disciples already.

Now, which direction to the vault again?


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