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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 866: Just A Small Show Of Strength Bahasa Indonesia


What? Just because you ask me to spar with you I’ll have to do it? Just how deluded can you be?

Can’t you see I’m busy relaxing right now? Why don’t you go back to your own meditation instead of disturbing someone else? Are you really that bored? If you are, go suck on your thumb in the corner or something.

Look, even Iris looked startled by your appearance. Right now she’s just an innocent, hapless girl you know? Even Akari and Shiori were huddling closer to my legs because they were scared by your loud voice.

Haha, just kidding I already know that Iris doesn’t even care about him and the two foxes were preparing to defend me in case this guy tries to attack me.

I already expected someone to challenge me in order to gauge exactly how strong I was so they know how they should treat me.

Just watch, this guy will try to puff himself up and then goad me into fighting him even after I refuse him.

What? I didn’t spend those years surviving here for nothing you know? Even if I was being dragged around by the other Tsuki most of the time.

The Sect Master of the Twilight Sword Sect furrowed his brows at me, “How could you ignore an official challenge so easily?!”

“I’m not ignoring it, I’m properly responding to it and my response is fuck off,” I corrected him.

“How dare you talk that way to our Sect Master?! Do you not know who you’re speaking to?!” An old man roared from behind him.

Looks like the rest of the Twilight Sword Sect had arrived here as well. By the looks they were giving me, they really don’t like me and it probably has something to do with that grandfather and grandson duo standing by the side.

Good thing I already set up the silencing inscription around my disciples, it would be very bad if this commotion disturbed them. Just look at them! They all look so cute meditating so seriously! Of course I would protect them!

That still doesn’t mean I want these people to be making a lot of noise though, so I’ll tell them off.

I glanced at them, “I already said my disciples are meditating, so could you please keep it down?”

The Sect Master took another step forward, “Then just spar with me! Surely this is not too much to ask, right?!”

I tilted my head at him, “What do I even get from this? You may be a battle junkie but I most certainly am not.”

Another old man from that grudge bearing Sect stepped out, “How dare you?! It is a great honour for anyone to be noticed by our Sect Master himself! To simply receive an invitation to spar is something no one can get so easily!”

I raised an eyebrow at the Sect Master, “You really want to fight me that badly?”

He smirked, “Of course, unless you’re afraid?”

Heh heh, good, good. It’s going exactly how I thought it would.

I gave him an exaggerated sigh, “Fine… I was even trying to save you face…”

I patted Iris on her head before standing up and bending down to pat Shiori and Akari too, giving them instructions to watch over my cute disciples for me.

The battle junkie understood that as my acceptance of his challenge and moved to create distance between us.

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?” I asked a little mockingly.

He looked at me like I was stupid, “You really don’t know who I am?!”

I rolled my eyes, “It is common courtesy is it not? Or did such things fall out of fashion around here?”

“Tsk! Stop pretending! I am the Sect Master of Twilight Sword Sect! Suo Tian Jian!” He boasted loudly.

“Mmm… I’m Master Lin from Heaven Sect, could I have your word that no sort of vengeance will be dealt to the winner of this… Spar?”

“What? Ahahaha! You are really arrogant aren’t you?! Fine! You have my word!”

Yeah, I don’t trust him one bit. They’re definitely going to come after me even if I win. Not that it’s something I didn’t expect anyway.

But once I beat him, those other smaller Sects and nobodies should leave us alone when they know about this, that means fewer problems for us!

I nodded my head, “Can someone give us a signal to start?”

“I will flip this coin… The moment it lands will be the signal to start, would that suffice?” The Sect Mistress of the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect suggested.

“Hmph, that’s good enough for me, Sect Mistress Mu,” That Suo boy assented.

I also nodded my head to show that I was ok with the arrangement.

Receiving our affirmations, she flipped the coin into the air.

We watched as the coin slowly spun through the air before hitting the ground with a soft clink.

The Suo boy immediately tried to materialise some sort of Technique but I was faster.

I used the one thing I knew would prove he was definitely out of his league and also not damage anything around us.

First I condensed my Pure Elemental Quarks as much as possible before releasing it in a wave with just a little bit of my killing intent mixed in.

Yep, it’s the thing that the dragons around here would do!

The moment the wave hit him, his entire body froze up and he was staring at me with wide, unblinking eyes.

Of course, I didn’t restrict it to him and let the wave hit the onlookers around us as well, only my disciples were left out from it.

A few seconds of silence passed and that was when the people started to faint, starting from the ones with the weaker cultivations.

I turned my back on him and went back to Iris, already knowing what was going to happen.

Hey, I’ve done this a few times already and I learn ok? I don’t expect anyone to be able to withstand this Elemental Pressure from me anymore. In fact, I would be absolutely surprised if they did. The only people I could expect to be able to withstand it are my cute disciples.

Look, right as I said that, the Sect Masters had toppled over as well, joining the crowd of unconscious people on the ground.

It’ll be a while before they wake up so I can at least enjoy a period of quiet while they are passed out.

But just when I was about to sit down…

“What happened here?! Sect Master?!”

I looked up and judging by the golden robes… It’s people from the Golden Ascension Sect who had just reached the peak.

Behind them were the people from The Sect Sect, all of them also shocked at the sight of everyone unconscious on the ground.

“You! What did you do to our Sect Master!” One of them yelled, pointing his finger at me.

“Well… Why don’t you join them?” I chuckled, right before I used the same move on them too.

I sat back down on my seat as those people started collapsing too, allowing me to pat Iris’s head in silence.

It feels a bit eerie to be sitting amongst a sea of unconscious people but Iris cuddling against me put those thoughts out of my head.

Mmhmm… After this let’s have a picnic with my disciples.

Yep, that’s a great idea.


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