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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 859: The Best Place To Cultivate Bahasa Indonesia


Every single Practitioner who was present was gathered in front of the giant portal, all of us waiting for the moment it would activate.

I noted that the Elder from the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect and several of her followers were doing their best to not look at my direction. The rest of her Sect started whispering amongst themselves while glancing at my direction, I’m not sure what the content of their whispers were and I wasn’t interested in knowing.

On the other hand, the Eternal Brotherhood Sect didn’t seem concerned with me. The guy who had followed the Elder Ying to assassinate me only glanced in my direction before turning back.

At least he had better acting skills than she does.

I guess he doesn’t know the circumstances yet but if he tries anything on my disciples, I’ll obliterate him without mercy and his entire Sect if I have to.

That brat from the Twilight Sword Sect was also glaring at me, but his grandfather quickly turned him away to face the portal instead.

Quite ironic that it’s only been one day and somehow we’re already on bad terms with three out of five of the top Sects in this Plane. That’s got to be a record somewhere.

There were also quite a number of other Practitioners looking my way too. Some of them were curious about my identity while others were probably trying to determine if I would be a threat to them later on.

I’m more interested in the ones who had directed their gaze to my disciples though, especially the ones who were obviously lusting after them. There was even a handful that were looking at Cai Hong with those eyes.

Those trash… I’ll definitely get rid of them once we are inside the portal.

Right as I was considering how I’ll make those trash pay for having such thoughts about my little Cai Hong, the air cackled with energy and the portal started coming to life.

The portal expanded outwards in a spiral until it was the size of a building, enough for more than twenty men to enter side by side at once.

That was the moment when all hell broke loose.

There was no speech or fanfare of any sort, but everyone immediately made a wild dash towards the portal at the same time. Decorum can be thrown out the window right now since it’s every man and woman for themselves.

“Ara, ara? How vulgar… They’re even tossing aside their friends and families to get to the portal first,” Manami pointed out, looking at someone who had just used an elderly man from his own Sect as a springboard to jump forward.

Well, Rina was right in the fact that they would stab their own loved ones in the back just to get advantages for themselves. Like I said to my disciples, power and connections are everything here. And with power, connections will come to you naturally.

Oh, the reason we’re still fine despite the chaos is the barrier I had erected around us, allowing us to stroll casually towards the portal without worry. Anyone that tried to get in our way was splendidly sent flying away by the barrier.

Of course I already told my disciples about it beforehand so they weren’t surprised at all.

Thus, amidst the chaos, we simply strolled into the portal like we were out for a normal walk in the park, ignoring the fighting around us.

Once we crossed the portal however… I was most definitely not prepared for what I saw on the other side.

“Oh? Welcome back Master. How was your trip to the country of Sun?”

I blinked a few times.

“Ah… Er… I’m back…” I replied, more out of reflex than anything else.

I was now standing in the middle of my courtyard with my disciples. In front of me was Sophia who had greeted me with a broom in her hands. The rest of the servants also stopped their work to greet me before returning to their duties like it was a normal day.

“Oh, does the portal simply send people back home, Master?” Lian Li asked.

“Err… No… It’s supposed to have sent the people who walk through it to a place where it was the best location for them to cultivate…”

“Kukuku, then sending us back to Master’s home is the right place isn’t it?” Kiyomi chuckled.

I can’t even refute that… But that makes the whole trip pointless doesn’t it?

No, no, no, there’s definitely another place that we can go, I was looking forward to exploring a new place too! Don’t take this opportunity away from me!

What? Is it weird for me to want to explore new places with my disciples?

Manami looked around, “Ara, ara? But I do not see any of those tra– I mean, other Practitioners from just now?”

I actually was curious myself since I don’t see them around so I asked omniscience about it.

Eh? We’re the only ones sent here because this place was truly the best for us while the rest went to the normal place since they would have just been slaughtered here?

The portal took my presence into account and that’s why we were sent here?! I didn’t even know it could do something like that!

Scratch all that, I want to go where the others went too!

Alright, let’s just go back and correct the destination of the teleportation this time!

I told my disciples of the plan and they nodded their heads in understanding, of course they wanted to explore new places with me too!

“Sorry Sophia, but we’re going off again, take care of the place for me.”

She didn’t even comment and simply bowed her head, “Of course, Master. Have a safe trip.”

I snapped my fingers and a portal appeared, sending us back to the ruins in the Cloud Plane.

By now, almost everyone had already passed through so we were basically the last group of people there now.

Oh well, it’s not like we were in a rush anyway so we made our way back to the portal again. I made sure to do a few changes to it so that we would be sent to the same place that these people were going.

This time when we walked through the portal, we didn’t end up in a place we were familiar with so that meant we were in the right place this time.

Oh look at that, the other Practitioners are here too! And a few of them are already trying to kill each other!

Yep, this is the right place!

Alright, now which direction to the treasures for my disciples?!


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