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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 858: I Was Never A Practitioner?! Bahasa Indonesia


We were in the middle of packing up our camp when visitors arrived again. Surprise, surprise, it’s the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect people.

These people really are stupid to come here right now… Were the people of this Plane always this stupid? Or was it just Tsuki being way more intelligent than them which gave me the wrong idea of how strong the people of this Plane are?

Oh wait… Yeah, that might be the case actually… Tsuki was transmigrated into the Earthen Plane, not the Cloud Plane… I might need to reevaluate the strength of the Practitioners here.

Before the Elder could step too far into the camp, however, Kiyomi had moved one of her tails to block her path.

“How brazen can you be to barge into other people’s camp unannounced and uninvited?” She asked in her icy tone.

The Elder was unperturbed by Kiyomi’s words and simply smiled at her, “I was merely coming to check if you girls need any help.”

“Ho? Why would we need any help from people like you?”

“I know very well how it is to be abused and used by someone else, if you needed assistance in breaking free from–“

“Shut it, hag,” Kiyomi cut her off. “We already said we are happy where we are, does that not tell you anything at all?”

The Elder looked a little surprised by her words, “That… Hmm… Is your… Ahem. Is your master up yet?”

“I am, what do you want from me so early in the morning? Shouldn’t all of you be preparing for the portal to open?” I called out, sitting in the middle of our camp.

Kiyomi lowered her tail slightly so that she could see me. Seriously though, that look of surprise on your face is literally giving you away. Even Diao Chan has a better poker face than you when she’s trying to get me to spank her.

“You… Hmm… I see you’re making the girls do all the work for you. How useless of a man can–“


Oh wow.

Kiyomi actually slapped her across the face with the back of her hand.

It wasn’t the light kind of slap either, seeing that the slap left quite a mark on the Elder’s face and she even stumbled a few steps back.

Kiyomi looked at her with eyes of disdain, “You sure have some guts talking like that to our Master within slapping distance. Have you never gotten slapped before?”

The Elder’s followers immediately stepped forward, all of them intent on striking down Kiyomi for hurting their Elder in front of them.

“Stop!” The Elder raised her arm, blocking her followers.

“But… But Elder Ying…”

She turned and gave them a look that silenced their protests before turning back to glare at me.

“Are you not ashamed? Hiding behind your thralls like this?”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “Have you not considered the possibility that they are following me of their own free will?”

Her gaze turned sour, “Aren’t you making them call you ‘master’ because of your sick fetishes?”

Siiiiiigh… These people are so blinded by their own prejudices that they don’t even consider any other possibilities. They just force their own ideals onto other people and don’t even care about the truth.

If everyone is like this, no wonder Luna and Rina have such poor impressions of the people of this Plane.

“What do your disciples call their teachers in your Sect? Especially the ones who are direct disciples?” I asked.

She frowned at me, “What kind of question is this?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Of course they would call their teachers Master… Ah.”

I glared at her, “Do you get it now you meddling idiots? You’ve been trying to poach my disciples from me and have been quite rude to me in front of them, I’m sure your disciples will react the same way if someone insults you in front of them, no? Exactly like how those people behind you reacted?”

“But… But you’re so young… And you don’t even feel that strong?”

I actually can’t believe the words she’s spouting out of her mouth right now. Are you really sure you’re an Elder and not some idiot who just got that position somehow? How does someone with your experience come to this conclusion?

I guess this is like her denial stage or something after realising she’s been an idiot.

“What about you? You definitely don’t look old enough to be an Elder, are you sure you’re not some woman who just stepped on the path of being a Practitioner?”

She furrowed her brows at me, “I was not talking about your apparent age. Your entire aura, especially your Quark concentration, it just screams of you being young and inexperienced.”


Err… Wait a moment, what does she mean by that? Omniscience?

Eh? Quarks usually clad around Practitioners like an aura and the stronger ones will have more thicker and oppressive auras around them. The aura also gives an idea of how old the Practitioner is by how refined the aura is.

But because I’m Origin, my aura is almost non-existent?

What? How did I not know this?

Eh? This aura is formed if one cultivates the Practitioner arts normally but I was never a Practitioner to begin with?! What do you even mean by that?! Have I not been using Techniques?!

Ah… Even with my memories sealed… I am still Origin after all… Anything that I want to do, I can do. There was never anything that was impossible to me to begin with. I can manipulate Quarks to form Techniques not because I was a strong Practitioner, but because I am Origin.

That’s why even if there’s any kind of artefact or curse that was trying to seal my abilities, it wouldn’t have worked anyway since there was no way to seal Origin.

In that case, I would very much like to know why I became useless after being crippled though?

Ugh… That’s true… Because I had believed myself to be a cripple at that time… If I had even rejected the notion of being a cripple back then, I would have still been able to do anything I wanted…

Fuck it, that’s in the past and I’m not dwelling on it, the main issue is this person in front of me now.

I stood up and maintained eye contact with her. Bending reality around me, I manipulated the aura around me and shifted it to reform it around my body.

I made sure to limit this by making it about twice of Lian Li’s aura’s thickness and twice of Manami’s in terms of refinement, something I only just realised my disciples also had once I knew what to look for.

Naturally, Diao Chan, Elaria, Cai Hong and Iris were devoid of an aura since they weren’t Practitioners either.

The moment my aura was formed, the Elder’s face had gone as white as a sheet, even her followers behind her had taken a few steps back.

To her, the entire camp was now bathed in my aura and she was standing in the eye of the storm.

“If you understand, then get lost,” I told them simply.

They quickly collected themselves and sped away, looking like beaten animals.

“Master… So cool…” My disciples muttered.

Good thing they didn’t know I only found out about this aura thing a few seconds ago…

I am actually quite embarrassed right now…

“Ahhhn~ This aura! I knew Master was strong but… Ahhaaahhnn~~” Diao Chan moaned.

Err… Now that I look at them, they’re all looking at me with bedroom eyes…

Ermmm why?

They get turned on by it?! Ok fine! I’ll just remove it! There!


No, no, don’t you girls start looking disappointed like that! Your eyes were really scary just now you know?!

Ugh… This is going to be troublesome…


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