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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 860: Cut The Crap, Just Die Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

After walking through the portal again, we appeared in a clearing surrounded by trees that grew higher than most trees that I’ve seen before.

The atmosphere of this place definitely felt different than any place we’ve been to as well, but it was something that I was quite familiar with. The stench of blood and death was so thick you could feel it on your skin and the feeling of despair was quite prevalent here. It definitely reminded me of my time in the slums.

“Where are we, Master?” I asked, ignoring the two groups of Practitioners currently trying to kill each other a distance away from us.

Master concentrated for a second, “Oh this is interesting. This is a separate dimension inside the Cloud Plane that a Practitioner in the fifth stage of the Divine Realm created. He had used this space as his personal cultivation space before he ascended to another Plane. Incidentally, he was the Lord of the town outside and… Well… Let’s just say his ascension was a little violent.”

Manami tilted her head, “Ara, ara? Where is he now, Master?”

“If you could believe it, he’s currently an Elite Practitioner in Heaven Sect right now. He worked really hard huh.”

Hmmm? Someone from this Plane is inside Master’s Sect? That’s not good, how did we have such trash infiltrate into Master’s Sect? We’ll need to screen through everyone and find out who this trash is and dispose of them…

Master seemed to have heard our thoughts and looked at us sternly, “I know what all of you are thinking, but don’t go and try looking for him. He joined through legitimate means and is quite a hard worker. It looks like Muon was right, going to the Earthen Plane really did bring him to his knees so he’s not as bad as the people here anymore.”

“Ufufufu~ We’ll keep that in mind, Master. But for now, where shall we go now?”

“Well… I would very much like to point all of you in the direction of where the treasures and best cultivation spots are… But I think we’ll need to deal with our guests first.”

Right when Master said those words, several figures leapt out from the trees and surrounded us.

Ah, it’s those trash from the Twilight Shithead Sect.

Apparently Master did something to their trashy young master and they want revenge for it or something? Such a thing is really stupid if you ask me, not because of the act of trying to take revenge but if Master did something to their young master then that means the little shit deserves it! How hard is it for them to understand such a simple thing?

Unn… Then again, Master did call the people of this Plane stupid.

One of them stepped forward with his sword drawn, “So you finally came huh? We thought you chickened out and–“

“Let’s cut the crap,” Master interrupted with a raised hand. “Are you all here to kill me?”

“Huh?! Of course we are!”

“Very good. Do you guys want to deal with them?” Master asked while looking at us with a serene smile.

“Of course, Master!” All of us answered at once.

“Unn… In that case, I’ll leave them to you. Let’s go for a stroll, Cai Hong.”

“Yayyy~ Walkie walk with Papa!”

With that, Master disappeared with Cai Hong, Iris and his two foxes, leaving us alone with this group of trash.

Oh! I was worried I would need to hold back if Master was here! But since Master left us alone with them… We can go all out on these worthless pieces of trash!

Master had already confirmed with them if they were here to harm Him and since they said they were… Then there’s really no reason for us to be kind either…

I leapt forward and grabbed one of them by his face, making him look me in the eye.

“Your very first mistake was to possess thoughts about hurting our Master,” I whispered, right before I channelled lightning through my fingertips and straight into his cranium.

He thrashed around and screamed out in pain as his brain was fried with my lightning for a good few minutes. His eyeballs also popped from the pressure and he let out a gargle before finally dying in my hands after.

“You bitch!” The trash on my left roared, pointing his sword at me and gathering his energy to the tip of his blade.

Before he could release it, Manami’s tail pierced through his abdomen and lifted him up into the air. He was so surprised that he let go of his sword right before the tail slammed him back down on the ground, crushing his spine.

I tossed the corpse in my hands aside and turned to look for another victim.

The rest of my sisters and Brendan had also taken my attack as the signal to start our massacre, all of them seeking out their own victims to make them regret ever being born.

I gathered my Lightning Quarks and launched several bolts of lightning at a group of them, electrocuting and stunning them but not enough to kill them.

Eris flashed past and those insects had their arms cut off, right before Kiyomi froze their legs to stop them from running.

Of course we wouldn’t kill them off so easily, that would have been a blessing for them that they don’t deserve. All of them need to suffer first!

I grabbed another trash that was trying to crawl away and lifted him up by his collar. Both his legs had been melted off into stumps by Brendan’s acid and the trash had pissed himself out of fear.

I stabbed my fingers into his eyes and gouged them out before stuffing them into his mouth. Only after he swallowed them did I drop him back down again, leaving him for someone else to torment.

Another one tried to fly up into the sky to escape so I struck him down with a bolt of lightning, sending him crashing back down to the earth.

He tried to get up but Diao Chan was on him in an instant, summoning several chains that appeared to tie him up, slowly constricting him and crushing him.

A few of them tried to regroup to launch a counter attack but there was a loud whirring sound before they were suddenly blasted away.

I looked behind to see Elaria holding some sort of machine with multiple tubes sticking out of it rotating at high speeds. Some kind of projectile was being shot from these tubes and it blasted away anyone in her path.

Beside her was Tsuki who had engulfed an area with darkness, putting the trash caught in it in some kind of nightmarish hell that would drive them insane with fear.

At this point, the ones that were left alive were either being tortured or left to die slowly. As much as we want to take our time to torture them, Master was still waiting for us so we can start finishing up here.

The other groups that had been fighting nearby had also started to disperse, no doubt terrified by the brutality displayed here.

Good. Run and stay away from our Master you useless trash, this is the fate that will await all of you if you even dare try and disturb our beloved Master!


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