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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 857: What Have You Been Up To? Bahasa Indonesia


The moment I was sure that my disciples had returned to their own tents, I teleported myself out of the camp.

“Iris,” I called out to the figure who was standing alone in the forest.

“Master,” She greeted back, a small smile on her face.

“What are you doing out here?”

“I… Just thought it would be better that I wasn’t there to disturb you Master…”

It’s been a few times but I realised Iris has been disappearing while I was otherwise occupied with something else. Knowing her, that is very unusual since she would always opt to be near me at all times.

In fact, she’s been leaving my side more times after the timeline changed so I was a little worried that the change in timelines might have affected her somehow that I wasn’t aware of. Even omniscience wasn’t much help since it simply told me there was nothing wrong with her and she was ‘just like always’.

“Was seeing us doing that bothering you? I can stop that, you know?” I offered, worried that perhaps the sight of me having sex with my girls was too much for her.

She gasped, “No! Master would never be a bother to me! It’s me that shouldn’t be a bother to Master!”

I smiled and patted her on the head, “You’re not a bother to me either, Iris. You can just let me know if there’s anything troubling you, ok? You don’t need to be so reserved with me.”

Her face flushed red, “I… I will… Master…”

So cute.

“Unn… Then shall we go back?


How can someone be so beautiful and so cute at the same time? Whoever made her this way is cheating!

Oh wait, I was the one that made her. Good job me!

I teleported the both of us back into my tent. Since she had her divinity sealed, she actually needed to sleep.

Speaking of which…

“Do you feel any discomfort, Iris? Maybe something hurts or feels weird somewhere for some reason or other?”

Iris blinked at me, “No, Master… I feel completely fine?”

“Hmm… Then do you know about the other timeline?”

She blinked a few times at me again and I noticed a slight change in her eyes, “Does Master mean the timeline where the country of Sun was ruled by a king instead of a high maiden?”

“Ah, so you were aware of it.”

“I am, Master. After all, I had to End the other timeline before this one can start its Origin.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “You speak like this isn’t the first time it has happened?”

Iris smiled at me, the smile being similar to the ones she would give me when she was the End, “This isn’t the first time Master has made changes to the timeline.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “Iris… Your divinity isn’t sealed now, is it not?”

Her smile widened slightly, “Ara? It seems I was found out~ Master never did tell me to seal away my divinity in this timeline after all and I did need to restore it in the previous one in order to End it.”

“So all this while you were just acting?”

“Ufufufu~ Of course not, Master. When I’m with Master and the other girls, I keep it sealed like you asked in the previous timeline, but I saw no reason to keep myself shackled when I’m away.”

“Hmm… Then why do that? Like you said, I never did tell you to seal yourself in this timeline.”

She tilted her head at me, “Hmm? That is true… I wonder why?”

Her tone was actually one of genuine curiosity instead of mockery, like she really didn’t understand the reason she did it either.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Eh? Wait, you’re telling me you don’t know why you did it yourself?”

“Mmm… That is correct Master… Perhaps the change in timeline did affect me after all?”

I was going to agree with her when I quickly realised the real reason why: she wanted to receive head pats and other such displays of affection from me without losing her sense of reasoning.

Iris’s eyes widened slightly and I realised I had completely forgotten that she could read my thoughts, allowing her to come to the same conclusion as well.

“Ufufufu… I see. So that’s why. How interesting, Master. Before this I would never have considered something so… Mundane. And yet, it seems like after just a while of being a mortal, such thoughts are already overriding my actions despite me not being conscious of them. How interesting indeed.”

“So did that change your thoughts about mortals?”

Iris took a moment to think, “Fufu~ I cannot say, Master. I do not like the feeling of being unable to feel your presence and bask myself in it at all times… But I can at least understand why Master would harbour thoughts of retaining these mortal thoughts at least. Such a mentality does make things more… Interesting.”

Well that’s a start at least, I don’t expect her to embrace a mortal’s perspective so easily.

“Ufufufu~ Indeed I won’t Master. I have spent every waking moment since the creation of the Universe as The End after all. Being able to bask in Master’s presence is something I would never want to give up~”

Ah right, she can read my thoughts right now. In that case, you were very cute just now, Iris.

“Ara, ara? Master had created me like this after all, I am nothing but perfect for you.”

Well, that’s something I can’t refute. So do you want to continue sealing your divinity or would you rather return back to normal now?

Iris tilted her head at me while showing me a coy smile, “Would Master prefer me like this? Or would you rather the other me?”

It’s not like you become a different person when you seal your divinity. Iris is still Iris after all so that doesn’t matter to me. The real question is what would you prefer?

“Ara, ara? How sly of Master to leave the decision to me. Mmm… I suppose I would very much like to continue experiencing the phenomenon of Master’s head pats, thus I would like to continue our current arrangement if Master does not mind?”

Of course I don’t, as long as you aren’t doing something bad while I’m not looking.

Her smile widened, “Ufufufu~ I would never do anything that would harm you, Master.”

In that case, I don’t mind at all. Anyway, as much as I don’t really need to sleep, the act of doing it still feels nice, so want to cuddle?

The light in her eyes changed and Iris suddenly turned meek, “Erm… If… If Master allows me to?”

“Of course,” I chuckled, gesturing to the bed.

I don’t really quite remember what happened next but I knew we cuddled the whole night and the feeling was heavenly.

I seem to have forgotten that despite her meek state, she was still created to be perfect and even a cuddle like this was enough to make me lose track of time.

If my disciples didn’t come in that morning to wake me, I think I might have just stayed there for the rest of eternity.

Perhaps cuddling is still too soon…


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