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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 855: Ruined Group Session (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


As expected, the moment I tucked Cai Hong into bed for the night, my girls were all waiting for me outside with obvious lewd intentions on their faces.

Lian Li had approached me first, cuddling my chest while looking up at me with a bashful expression on her face.

“Master… Forgive us… We are starved for your love right now…” She whispered.

“Master~ Look at me… My pussy has been wet for you ever since just now…” Diao Chan moaned, flipping up her skirt to show that she wore nothing underneath, giving me a clear view of her soaked thighs and honeypot.

Manami came up to me as well, her tails wrapping around me possessively, “Ufufufu~ It seems like all of us got really horny after seeing how Master dealt with those… Undesirables. We might need some extra love tonight~”

Oh, extra love huh? Ask and you shall receive.

I snapped my fingers and fourteen more copies of me appeared around the camp, all of them not wearing a shred of clothing.

Like the time I used them on Diao Chan, these bodies were true copies of me and I was in full control of all the duplicates. I shared senses with all of them and could see, taste, hear, smell and feel whatever they did.

Right now, creating fourteen extra bodies was my limit but once I get used to this, I could make more. No, it’s not a matter of being too weak to create more, I can definitely create more if I wanted to. But because the senses are shared, so would the pleasure when I make love to my disciples and that sense is multiplied the more bodies I have.

If I make anymore than this, I may just orgasm the moment they lay their hands on me.

Of course I could always just make copies of myself where I don’t share the senses but that would be like having my disciples make love to some lifeless doll, something that no one here wanted.

All fifteen of me grinned at my disciples while the original me gestured towards them, “Well, take your pick girls, they’re all me.”

All of my girls immediately went to my copies, each of them taking two by the arm to drag off to a different corner of our camp.

Diao Chan, as expected, took four of me away, her mouth literally salivating at the thought of being gangbanged.

That left Lian Li who stayed with the original me, being the only one who wanted a solo session.

Lian Li wrapped her hands around me, pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

At the same time, Eris, Elaria and Tsuki also pulled one of me in for a kiss of their own, each of them with different levels of passion.

While I was absorbed into the four kisses, I felt several hands going straight into caressing my cock, with one manhood in particular engulfed in the warm confines of Diao Chan’s eager mouth.

All fifteen of me moaned in unison as my cock was pleasured with a multitude of different hands while being sucked at the same time.

I directed my attention to the bodies that Diao Chan took with her, only to see her straddling on top of me while her two hands stroked a cock each and her mouth sucked on the final one.

Right at that moment, she lifted her hips and slid my manhood inside her all the way to the base in one smooth motion. Obviously the Witch wanted to get things started right away.

I had to redirect most of my attention away to avoid orgasming too soon, considering I still had one body that was still clothed.

Not that Xun Guan would have complained even if I did since the slime girl would have happily lapped up any cum I came inside her.

I slowly pushed Lian Li down, giving my robes a tap to let Xun Guan know to disrobe me.

She slid off of me obediently, leaving me as naked as the rest of my bodies with my throbbing manhood out in the open.

I broke the kiss with Lian Li, looking down at her expectantly and only moved to take off her pants after she gave me a quick nod.

Right as my hands were reaching for her waistband, I stopped and let out a soft grunt as Manami and Kiyomi started sucking on my cock at the same time. They began bobbing their heads back and forth as they sucked on it intensely, evidently wanting to taste my first orgasm of the night with their tongues.

I continued to undress Lian Li, pulling down her pants and panties to reveal her dripping honey pot that was eager for my attention.

I dove my face in between her legs and began slurping away at her juices, tasting her sweet nectar that gushed out from in between her legs.

My tongue was filled with the taste of another pussy as two copies of me similarly went down on Tsuki and Elaria, both of my little sisters letting out moans of pleasure as I ate them out while the other me sucked on their nipples.

I got a little curious when Eris made my two bodies stand side by side, only to have her alternating her blowjob between the two bodies, switching personalities each time she sucked on a different cock.

The entire camp was filled with the moans of my girls and the lewd sounds of sex, kept hidden only by the silencing inscription I had set up.

“Ah! Ah! Master! You’re sucking on my clit! My cliiit!”

“Onii-sama! Your little sister’s pussy! It’s yours!!”

“Aniue… Aniue… Ahnnn! You can suck on my nipples harder! Squeeze them!”

“Ara, ara? Is Master enjoying my mouth and my tails? You can cum anytime you know?”

“Kukuku~ I can feel Master twitching when I caress your balls like this~ Feel free to cum any time~”

“Slurp~ Slurp~ Master’s cock… My turn to suck it! Slurp~”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Master! My pussy! You’re hitting me so deep! Slurp~ Your cock tastes so good!”

I brought my attention back to Lian Li’s pussy that was quivering in front of me, my golden haired disciple tethering on the edge of orgasm as I continued to lap at her entrance while sucking on her little button.

At the same time, I also redoubled my efforts on licking Elaria and Tsuki’s pussy when they started to grind their hips against my face, a sign that they were also going to cum.

I was also nearing the edge myself and I wanted to at least get these girls off before I did.

But as though it was planned, all of the girls that were currently sucking on my cock suddenly decided to deepthroat me at the exact same time.

My mind came to the conclusion that Manami most likely coordinated all my girls with her telepathy before my climax overwhelmed my senses.

The feeling of fifteen orgasms hit me like a truck as I came from all the stimulations. Even the bodies that didn’t have my manhood stimulated also came with them, spraying my seed either on the ground or my girls.

The girls giving me blowjobs greedily sucked out my seed while the rest enjoyed having my cum sprayed on their naked bodies.

Diao Chan was the only one who enjoyed both while also being creampied at the same time, my horny witch moaning out her own orgasms even while her mouth was clamped tightly around the base of my cock.

My mouth was also flooded with the juices of Lian Li, Elaria and Tsuki as the three girls came with me, their bodies convulsing in the throes of pleasure as they melted into puddles of bliss.

All of us took a moment to wind down, especially me considering I just experienced fifteen simultaneous orgasms. If I wasn’t Origin, I probably would have passed out by now.

Right as everyone was getting ready to start the main course of our love making, a few Practitioners wearing dark cloaks crossed the threshold of our camp, all of them holding weapons.

… What a way to kill the mood…


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