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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 856: They’re Siblings Too Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

These trash…

These absolute worthless pieces of TRASH!!!!

I’ve only been creampied once! ONCE!! I only have a SINGLE load of Master’s most glorious seed inside my womb!!

We would have gone on for at least six rounds at the minimum, even as far as ten if I was really lucky. Never have we ever stopped at one before!!

Ungh… At least I got a really nice spank on the butt for suggesting that we ignore them and simply continued our love making…

Master immediately dispersed His clones and dressed Himself, watching those pieces of trash unworthy of existence stalk through our camp.

Master had already used an illusion and silencing inscription beforehand so to these insects sneaking into our camp, it looked like our camp was empty and quiet despite all of us standing around them right now.

There were six of them all dressed in that ridiculous black robe and it would have been hilarious to see them creeping through our camp like that if I wasn’t furious about them ruining our sexy time.

Right now I just want to bind them all up in chains and rip them all to shreds, then summon some tentacle monsters to rape their holes and traumatise them for life before dumping them in some dingy back street somewhere!

“All of you, get dressed,” Master instructed us, His silencing inscription ensuring that we were the only ones who could hear Him.

That really brought the mood down since it was an indication that Master did not plan to continue our love making session after this was dealt with.

I didn’t need to look to know the rest of my sisters were also completely ticked off by these intruders ruining our time with Master.

If Master wasn’t here right now, we would definitely have ripped them to shreds by now.

Hmm… Maybe I should prepare something like that next time, just make up some kind of Spell that eviscerates any troublemakers that try to interrupt my time with Master. Yes, I should totally prepare something like that!

A smack on my butt brought me back out of my daydreams, causing me to turn around and see Master looking at me with a frown.

“I said get dressed, Diao Chan.”

“Nnnghh… Yes, Master!” I complied, that spank was definitely worth it!

I joined the rest of my sisters who were already dressed and glaring daggers at the six intruders, all of us wishing they didn’t exist.

Master stood by the side and watched them sneak through our camp, following them as they made their way towards the tent that Master would have been sleeping in if He hadn’t been out here giving us the best night of our life.

They most likely thought Master would be sleeping there since it was the largest in terms of size.

Three of them went inside the tent while the other three stayed outside, keeping a lookout.

Master followed the three of them into the tent with us right behind Him, careful not to touch the other three lookouts. The illusion and silencing inscription does not prevent them from touching us after all.

Inside the tent, Master was watching their actions with mild amusement as they crept their way towards the bed. The surprising thing was that the bed was currently occupied by Master too.

“A copy of me I created when they came in,” Master explained when we looked at Him quizzically. “Or rather, just a flesh doll with my features, it’s not exactly me so don’t worry.”

We shifted our gaze back to the three hooded figures and one of them lifted their hand into the air, materialising a wicked looking dagger from their storage ring.

In a single practised motion, the figure covered the flesh doll’s mouth before slicing its neck soundlessly. It was obvious from the way the figure moved that this was not the first time they had done this.

“This is what happens when you disrespect us,” The figure sighed in a clearly feminine voice.

She turned around and we finally saw her face, it was the Elder who was trying to recruit us from the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect.

I knew it, this bitch was bad news from the start. She’s totally and utterly jealous we have such a good life with Master that she wants to take Him away from us, doesn’t she?! Then tomorrow she’ll come and act like some kind of saviour pretending to be all nice to take us under her wing to protect us!

How despicable.

That brings the question of whether the feud between those two Sects were actually real in the first place?

The three pieces of trash went back outside with us following behind them silently.

“Is it done, sister?” One of the figures outside asked in a distinctly masculine voice.

All of us peeked under the hood and what do you know, it was the bastard from that Eternal Brotherhood Sect.

I knew it, these two Sects are in cahoots with each other the entire time.

The female Elder nodded, “Yes, the girls are free now. We’ll come back and talk to them in the morning.”

“That’s good. We’ll take care of the other guy after you’re done. With this we rid another tyrant from this world. Take care of the girls, sister.”

“I will, brother.”

The two groups then left our camp together under the darkness of the night, not even bothering to check the other tents.

“Well surprise, surprise,” Master chuckled. “Those two were actually brother and sister.”

“What does this mean, Onii-sama?” sister Elaria asked, looking perplexed.

Master smiled, “Initially I thought they had some kind of secret deal with each other for some dual cultivation stuff, but it seems it’s deeper than that. Their intentions are at least noble, I’ll give them that, but they’re beyond stupid.”

We weren’t exactly sure what Master meant so we waited for His explanation.

Master then gestured in the direction that they left, “I suppose it’s common in this Plane where a Practitioner might mentally or physically dominate others under their will. These two Sects were actually created by a pair of siblings who sought to rescue such Practitioners from their prisons. They pretend to hate the other gender as an excuse to deal with such Practitioners and then welcome the mistreated Practitioners to their Sect. I suppose it’s natural for those mistreated Practitioners to start hating the gender of their tormentor which also helps them integrate into the Sect better until they are senior enough to know the true face of both the Sects.”

Lian Li furrowed her brows, “And they thought Master was abusing us?”

“Pretty much. The idea that all of you were willing never crossed their minds. That’s why I said they’re beyond stupid.”

As expected of Master! To have seen so deeply into them in such a short time!

Now can we get back to the part where you lay me across your lap and spank my bottom while I get to suck and pump that glorious cock of yours, Master?

“Anyway, I think that’s it for tonight, we still have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Noooo!!” All of us screamed out all at once.

Master then flicked each of us on the forehead, “Control yourselves. I’ll do this again tomorrow but that’s it for tonight.”

Ahnnn~ That flick hurts so good!!

Master then turned back to go back to His tent, prompting all of us to try and follow Him in.

“No, not tonight,” Master stopped us. “I know if I let you girls sleep with me you’re all going to get handsy and we’ll end up doing it anyway.”

We were a little disappointed but since it’s Master’s order of course we obliged.

Curse those two bothersome Sects!

We’ll have to record these two Sects in the book Lian Li made so that we can remember to torture them all later!


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