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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 854: Now It’s The Males Bahasa Indonesia


The next group came along not even five minutes after those Moonlight Sisterhood Sect members left.

What do you know? It’s the Eternal Brotherhood Sect, probably here for the guys this time.

I briefly entertained the idea of turning both Brendan and myself into girls just to mess with them, but that would have just made them hostile to us immediately so I decided not to.

Completely the opposite of what had happened just now, the Practitioners from the Eternal Brotherhood Sect completely ignored my girls like they weren’t there and went straight towards me.

As though to drive in the point that they were the opposite of the Moonlight Sisterhood Sect, their robes were red in colour and the lesser members wore face masks that hid the entirety of their faces, leaving only their eyes and mouth visible through small slits.

And of course, the one leading the group is the only one without the face mask.

Once again, Eris stepped out in front of them with her sword drawn to block their path.

Instead of stopping, the lead Practitioner tried to smack her sword away only to be shoved back by my swordswoman, prompting all of them to draw their weapons.

Before they could start a fight though, I called out to them, “You come into my camp uninvited and even drew your weapons, could I take this as an indication of hostility?”

The men took a moment to glare at Eris before sheathing their blades.

The leader tried to walk past Eris again but she remained where she was, her sword blocking the way.

“That’s as close as we’re letting you to our Master,” She warned.

The leader raised an eyebrow at me, “Master eh? I do not recognise your robes, which Sect are you from?”

“Heaven Sect,” I told him as a matter of factly.

His lips curled into a frown, “There is no such Sect.”

“I assure you that just because you’ve never heard of it before does not mean it doesn’t exist.”

He stayed silent for a while, as though considering if he should continue denying my words.

“So you’re already in a Sect?” He finally asked.

“That is correct. So save whatever speech you had prepared to convince me to join since it’s useless.”

He stood there quietly for a few more moments before turning back, “Just a piece of advice. You might want to tell your… Servants… To watch their backs.”

“I would tell you to watch your own back instead,” I scoffed, before going back to patting Cai Hong.

They left our camp after that without looking back.

What? You expected them to be rude and condescending then start a fight? Oh, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them.

They definitely had us marked and would most likely be looking to make trouble for us either tonight or inside the portal.

My guess is that they would try to threaten me to abandon my disciples or something, but I’ll be ready to deal with them when the time comes.

Right, hopefully that is the last Sect to come and find us today and we can have a quiet–

“It really is him!! That’s the one I was telling you about, grandfather! He was the one who broke my arms that day!”

I looked up and a pair of Practitioners were standing at the entrance of our camp site. Of course leading them was the boy that I had smacked around back at the monster Sanctuary.

Looks like he really bore a grudge against me and went to find his grandfather for revenge. I guess expecting him to think that he would never meet me again and keep his mouth shut was too much to ask.

The old man who was his grandfather had the standard stern face of those grumpy old grandfathers you usually see in charge of discipline, his snow white beard was even long enough to reach his waist.

He directed his stern gaze towards me, “Is it true that you broke my grandson’s arms despite knowing who he was?”

I shifted my attention back to patting Cai Hong, “So what if I did?”

“Are you looking to make an enemy out of our Twilight Sword Sect?”

“Your grandson there trespassed into my Sanctuary. By all rights he should be dead if it wasn’t me who caught him there. Did he tell you about the monsters that were also there too? Specifically the ones who would have killed him?”

The old man turned to look at his grandson, showing that the boy did not, in fact, tell his grandfather about them.

The boy sputtered, “They… They were just kobolds and some orcs! I would have been able to handle them!”

I rolled my eyes at him, “No, you would have died. And even if you could kill them, that was still my Sanctuary, you had no rights to trespass there nor kill any of my monsters, even if one of the portals led you there.”

The grandfather swivelled his head back to me, “Did you say… Your monsters? No wait… One of the portals led to your home?”

“I do not need to tell you anything else,” I scoffed, waving my hand at him. “Just know that your grandson should have died if not for me and having broken limbs was the least of his worries.”

“You still didn’t need to break his limbs. You could have just told him to go back.”

I finally lifted my head to glare at him, “My house. My rules.”

He held my gaze for a minute before lifting up his chin, “Fine. Then at least pay compensation for the treatment of his limbs.”

“If I do that, can you pay compensation for the emotional damages of having my Sanctuary broken into? My monsters were quite distressed by his presence.”

“This is the first I’ve heard that monsters could be distressed.”

“And it won’t be the last time you’ll hear from me. So why don’t you take your brat and get lost from my camp? Otherwise, I may be tempted to finish what I started right here and now.”

“Impudence! You dare, youngster?”

“Seeing as you were led here by your grandson who lied to you, I’ll freely tell you that this attitude of mine does not come from arrogance but confidence instead. So choose your next words carefully.”

He narrowed his eyes at me, “If you know what’s good for you… You wouldn’t make an enemy out of us.”

I chuckled mirthlessly, “Oh no, if you know what’s good for you, you wouldn’t be approaching me at all.”

The old man made a low growl in his throat before turning away, pulling his grandson away with him.

Yep, they’re definitely going to make trouble for me past the portal, gonna have to keep an eye on them as well.

Right as I finished patting Cai Hong, I noticed a few of my girls coming up to me with a complicated look on their faces.

Oh no, did I look too scary for them? That’s not good…

“Master…” Diao Chan actually whimpered, her hands clutching at the hem of her skirt. “Watching you… Made us a bit wet… Could we do it later?”

I gave each of them a forehead flick for showing such indecency in front of Cai Hong.

I’ll have to remember to erect a silencing and illusion inscription around our camp later. The looks in their eyes told me just a few rounds wouldn’t be enough tonight.


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