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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 837: Being Below Isn’t Always Bad (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Master! Your cock! It feels so good! It’s hitting me so deeeeeeep!! Ahhh!!”

I watched as Manami bounced up and down on top of my meatpole, her entrancing bosoms jiggling quite explosively from her movements.

Lian Li noticed my gaze on Manami’s breasts, “Fufufu~ Does Master want to suckle on them? You can suck on mine instead~”

She leaned over my face to present her own globes to me, her erect nipples hovering just above my waiting lips.

Naturally, there’s no way that I’d turn down such an offer.

I opened my mouth and Lian Li moved to bring her bosoms closer to my face, allowing my mouth to clamp down on a nipple to suckle on her tit.

At the same time, Elaria and Tsuki intensified their own sucking, their mouths sucking greedily on my own nipples as if to remind me not to forget about them.

Right then, I felt something press itself against the entrance of my womanhood too.

I could only moan out in pleasure as Diao Chan slipped her fingers back inside me, her thumb drawing circles around my clit at the same time.

With all of this pleasure building up, my hips involuntarily raised again as I thrusted my cock deep inside Manami’s hungry pussy. Her walls squeezed down hard on me and that was enough to send me right over the edge of my second orgasm of the night.

Even then, Manami continued to shake her hips as she coaxed out every spurt I had.

“Ahaaaahnnnn~ Master’s cum! I can feel you filling up my insides! So much!” Manami moaned.

The orgasm also caused me to suck harder on Lian Li’s nipple, making my golden haired disciple moan out in ecstasy as she had an orgasm of her own.

I lowered my hips back down after I finished cumming, prompting Manami to pull herself off of me with my seed dripping out between her legs.

Before I could even catch my breath, I felt another wet pussy rub itself against the tip of my sensitive cock.

My meat pole was soon engulfed inside the cool and strong grip of that pussy, the feeling clueing me in that it was Kiyomi that was on top of me right now.

“Ahhh… It feels so gooooood… Do you feel it, Master? My vagina has reformed itself into the shape of your penis. It’s a perfect fit~”

As if to prove her point, she used her pussy walls to squeeze down even harder causing both of us to moan. She then wasted no time in bouncing herself up and down on top of me, her moans getting lewder and lewder with every thrust.

Even while Kiyomi continued to ride me, I felt the shifting of bodies as a few of my girls started moving around me. I couldn’t exactly see what was going on since Lian Li’s chest occupied my entire vision.

“Umm… Could I worship Founding God’s holy bosoms as well?”

“Hmm? Slurp! Alright, let’s switch. I want to play with Onii-sama’s feet~”

“… Tits…”

“Eh? You want to suck Aniue’s breasts as well, Eris? I’ll use Aniue’s fingers then~”

“Ehehehe~, then I’ll take Master’s other leg! Master’s pussy is open~”

“Ara, ara? Could I switch with you, Lian Li? You can have Master’s honey pot if you want~”

“Ah! In that case, may I go please your lady parts, Master?”

I released my mouth to allow Lian Li to move away, her bosoms disappearing from my view to be replaced with Manami’s smiling face. My fox disciple made sure my head was rested comfortable on her lap, even using her tails as a cushion.

Her mouth clamped over mine as soon as she appeared, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth for a deep kiss.

Eris latched herself on my left nipple and began suckling it softly, only to suddenly switch to a more aggressive way of sucking before suddenly calming down again.

On the other hand, Tatiana really was worshipping my other tit. The High Maiden was caressing it with her fingers and licking every inch of it with her tongue, handling my boob like it was some kind of holy object.

Tsuki took the chance to guide my fingers in between her legs, slipping my index and middle finger right inside her waiting pussy. A loud moan escaped from her lips and she began to shake her hips, getting herself off on my fingers.

Meanwhile, Elaria busied herself with sucking my toes while Diao Chan straddled my shin and began rubbing herself on me, moaning every time her clit was stimulated from the action.

In between my legs, Lian Li was having the time of her life lapping away at the juices I was leaking out. She even had her mouth clamped over my pussy to taste as much of my juices as possible, ignoring the fact that Kiyomi was still bouncing herself on my cock directly in front of her.

Manami broke our kiss to breathe, my vixen licking her lips lasciviously as she savoured my taste.

“Unngh… Ah… Should I… Mmm… Split myself into more bodies?” I suggested, not comfortable with the fact that I was on the receiving end of everything right now.

“Ara, ara? You don’t need to worry about us Master~ Just relax and let us spoil you~ Ufufufu~ We really do want to spoil you tonight, Master~” She assured me.

I didn’t get the chance to say anything else since she proceeded to shut me up with her lips again, her hands caressing my face softly.

With her assurance, I closed my eyes and let myself melt into pleasure.

I could feel Manami’s tongue writhing inside my mouth, twirling around my own as it enticed me into a sensual dance.

I could feel the little nubs inside Tsuki’s entrance clamping around my fingers, my little sister moaning as I continued to please her by thrusting my fingers in and out of her.

I could feel Eris and Tatiana sucking away on my nipples, their hands continued to massage the globes on my chest while their mouths tried to get milk out of my boobs.

I could feel Diao Chan orgasming over and over again as she got herself off rubbing her clit on my leg, soaking my leg with her own juices.

I could feel Elaria giving the toes of my feet a tongue bath, making sure to coat each one with her saliva before putting them in her mouth to suck on.

I could feel Lian Li’s tongue swirl around my labia, licking up all the juices I was currently spewing out in between my legs like it was the sweetest thing she tasted.

And I could feel the ribbed walls of Kiyomi’s pussy massage my manhood with every slam of her hips, the white vixen desperate for me to fill her with my seed.

With such overwhelming pleasure enveloping me, I could only shudder as I came again.

Kiyomi let out a wail of pleasure as my seed flooded her womb, her own pussy quivering at the pleasure of being filled.

Right after I was done, she took a few seconds to wind down before she got off. Next thing I knew, another of my girls was on top of me, this time being Lian Li.

Kiyomi took her place between my legs and the cycle continued with Lian Li riding on my cock with an ecstatic expression on her face.

Once she was properly filled with my seed as well, Eris took her spot and rode me for all she’s worth, the four personalities within her fighting for the pleasure.

Eris ended up collapsing into a blissful exhaustion after I came inside her, prompting Elaria to take her spot.

My little sister moaned unashamedly as she rode me for all she’s worth, finally getting my seed inside her after she begged her Onii-sama to cum inside her.

Tsuki was next to straddle me, grinding herself on top of my waist while massaging my manhood with her pussy walls. She didn’t stop moving her hips until she, too, was filled with my seed.

Tatiana was next and was a little hesitant about it at first, but the moment my cock went inside her, the High Maiden rode me like her life depended on it.

One orgasm later and she also collapsed beside me in bliss, the woman muttering out her pleasure deliriously, satisfied that her god had filled her with cum.

Just when I thought it was the end, another person got up and I had to look to see who it was.

“Time for round two Master~” Diao Chan purred, inserting my cock right into her snatch. “Ahhhhnnn~ Fuck me good Master!”

Nnggg… Guess I’m not sleeping tonight…


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