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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 836: Girls’ Night (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia

*Futa warning


I’m already used to my disciples’ attention, but Tatiana was especially enthusiastic about the situation considering how shy and reserved she was just last night.

Both Valeria and Phoebe were not here by the way, despite how obvious it looked that both of them wanted to join as well. They most likely held themselves back because of Tatiana.

I’m pretty sure if I were to approach Valeria in this form again, she would have said yes without any hesitation.

Guiying and Luna had also chosen not to join as well, the former stating that she had already received my affections last night and didn’t want to get in my disciples’ way tonight. On the other hand, Luna wanted a more personal session instead of a group one for her next tryst with me, she did make me kiss her for a good minute before leaving the room though.

My thoughts were interrupted when my lips were suddenly devoured by another pair of lips, bringing my focus back to my current situation.

Right… No time to think about other things now, especially when I need to take care of so many girls.

Actually… Scratch that, I don’t even have to do anything.

I was laying down on a really large bed that I had specifically conjured for this with all the girls surrounding me, each of them busy with using a different part of me.

My head rested on Lian Li’s lap who had taken the opportunity to kiss me as well, her tongue busy finding out what the inside of my mouth tastes like.

Manami and Kiyomi had chosen to occupy themselves with my fingers, both of them hugging my arm in between their chests while they sucked and licked my fingers as if they were popsicles.

Right beside them were Elaria and Tsuki, my two little sisters showing their fascination for my breasts by occupying a boob each. Tsuki gently sucked and licked at my nipple, playing with my little nub with soft caresses of her tongue and fingers. Elaria, on the other hand, squeezed and sucked on my nipple enthusiastically like she was trying to get milk out of me.

All the way below was Eris and Tatiana, the both of them finding interest in worshipping my feet with their mouths. While Tatiana was savouring my toes like they were ambrosia, Eris kept switching between different variations of sucking and licking as her four personalities fought for the right of tasting my feet.

Last but not least, right above them was Diao Chan who was doing exceptional feats with her tongue and fingers in between my legs. Her mouth clamped over my clit so that her tongue could attack my love button relentlessly while her fingers rubbed circles around my labia.

There was nothing I could do but lay back and let the girls have their way with me, not that I would want them to stop anyway.

Lian Li broke our kiss to stare at me in the eyes, “Master… You’re so beautiful…”

I didn’t get to say a compliment back before she went back to kissing me again, her fingers caressing my face tenderly.

A sudden burst of pleasure erupted from between my legs and I knew Diao Chan had pushed her fingers inside my pussy.

I instinctively clenched down on her invading digits which only made the pleasure more intense.

Because of that, I let out an involuntary moan which only encouraged her to try and push her fingers deeper.

The moan also made the rest of my girls even more excited, evident by how I felt my nipples, fingers and toes being sucked harder which in turn made me moan even louder.

“Ufufufu~ This isn’t good… Hearing Master’s moans is really turning me on~” I heard Manami confess as she moved my hand in between her own legs to rest against her dripping entrance. “Can you feel it, Master? Feel how wet I am for you?”

“Ha… Ha… Slurp… Founding God’s feet… To think I am actually worshipping them right now… Slurp, slurp~ This is a dream come true!” Tatiana moaned in between sucking my toes.

I felt the brush of cold air hit my clit as Diao Chan released it from her sucking.

“Ehehehe~ You should feel how wet Master is too. Ahhhnnn~ Master’s honey is truly delicious!”

“Ara? Then don’t mind if I do~”

Manami released her hold on my hand and crawled her way towards my honeypot, her mouth clamping over my entrance to lap away at my juices.

I gasped into Lian Li’s mouth as I felt Manami’s warm tongue push inside me, coaxing more juices out of me.

Lian Li didn’t mind it at all and simply took that opportunity to kiss me even deeper, wrapping her tongue around mine in a sensual dance.

I felt a finger rest itself against my navel before it moved in a slow circle, as though trying to find something.

“Master… I’m feeling a little lonely now… Maybe Master can… Fill me with something? Something that sprouts out from here?” Diao Chan purred.

I groaned, trying to concentrate as my entire body was a puddle of bliss with after all the girls’ ministrations.

I felt a slight stir in my insides before a small bump formed against my skin at where Diao Chan was touching. The bump soon grew bigger which made my hips raise up involuntarily as I reformed my manhood right above where my clit was.

It already stood fully erect, only managing to twitch once before Diao Chan straddled me and pushed my cock deep inside her quivering pussy.

“Ahaaaahnnn~ Master’s cooooock!” My witch moaned, giving my meat pole a few squeezes with her pussy. She then started to rock her hips back and forth, moaning out her pleasures as she did so.

Because it was only just formed, my manhood was especially sensitive right now and it was taking all of me to not ejaculate straight away.

Manami withdrew her tongue from my depths and pushed two of her fingers in, curling up to press against my sensitive spot.

That was enough to cause my resistance to crumble and push me over the edge as I came from both my cock and pussy, my seed spurting straight into Diao Chan’s waiting womb.

Diao Chan let out a wail of pleasure as she came from being creampied. I couldn’t see her face but judging from her screams, I’m pretty sure right now her tongue was sticking out of her mouth while her eyes were rolled towards the back of her head.

My orgasm was made even more intense by the fact that my pussy was still cumming even after my cock had finished shooting out its seed, Manami’s fingers continuing to stir up my insides were not helping either.

It took me a while before I finished cumming completely, my hips finally lowering back down after I finished riding my high.

Lian Li also broke our kiss to allow me to breathe, though her face told me she wanted more than nothing to go back to tasting my mouth again.

I was just dimly aware of my nipples still being sucked by Tsuki and Elaria, neither of them willing to let go of my little nubs.

Manami tapped my witch on her shoulder, “Ara, ara? Looks like Master came, Diao Chan~ That means your turn is over and now it’s mine.”

Diao Chan needed a moment to return back to her senses, “Mnnhh… Eh? That’s not fair! I didn’t even get to ride Master that much! That didn’t count!”

“Ufufufu~ We agreed, didn’t we? We switch out every orgasm no matter what~ So come on, it’s my turn~”

Why are you girls making it sound like I’m some attraction to be ridden on?

Then again, considering my current position, I can’t exactly refute them either.

Diao Chan begrudgingly pulled herself off me, revealing my still rock hard cock for all to see.

“Mag… Magnificent… And beautiful…” Tatiana whispered, her eyes staring unblinkingly at my private parts.

I was still too high up in bliss to form a response to her.

Manami soon took over Diao Chan’s place, my red fox positioning herself over my cock in preparation to be penetrated.

A strand of liquid dripped on top of my glans from in between her legs, a clear indication of how wet she was.

“Ufufufu~ Are you ready, Master? We’re going to be doing this the whole night~”

I believed her.

She sat down on top of me and my cock was once again engulfed in the heat of my disciple’s pussy, both of us moaning as we felt pleasure fill up our minds.

Manami looked down at me with a sultry gaze, a gaze that told me she was definitely going to wring me dry tonight.

In fact, I could see the very same gaze in all of my disciples, all of them waiting their turn to have my cock fill up their insides.

Yep… I’m definitely going to be stuck here for a long while…


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