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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 838: Just Going To Check On Some Things Bahasa Indonesia


“Mmmm… Master… I love you…”

I looked down and smiled at Lian Li when she whispered those words.

Even when she’s asleep, she’s still dreaming about me.

I tucked her in properly and planted a kiss on her forehead, “I love you too.”

She smiled and cuddled closer to Manami, which in turn made Manami hug her tighter and whisper something about making love to me.

Stepping back, I checked to make sure everyone was safely tucked into bed before I turned and left the room.

“Where are we going, Master?” Xun Guan asked as soon as we stepped out of the room.

“There’s some things I want to check… It’ll just be a while and we should be back in a bit.”

“Understood. Although… Is Master going to remain in your female form?”

“Unn… This is just in case we’re seen over there and I won’t be recognised so easily.”

“Well… I’m not complaining at all~”

I felt my chest jiggle and I knew Xun Guan was having fun with my current form.

“Just don’t go overboard,” I sighed before snapping my fingers.

I teleported us to the hall where my disciples had fought against that monster, which was now nothing more than a decaying corpse in the middle of said hall.

“Master… What is this place? What is… That thing?” She asked, sounding a little concerned.

I patted my chest to soothe the slime girl, “It’s just the hideout of the Dark Sect we were looking for. That’s the monster they created… I think.”

“Eh? Umm… What does that mean?”

“Well, I’m not sure yet, which is why we’re here to find out.”

I made my way towards the monster, my senses alert just in case there was something else hidden in the hall.

All the Dark Sect members had already been taken out from here and were currently in the custody of Tatiana’s paladins. Guiying would return back home with those people later on and that should be the end of our journey here.

The only thing after that was satisfying Tatiana’s request of extending our stay here which was something I didn’t want to think about right now.

Moving closer to the centre of the hall, I inspected the monster’s corpse closely.

A huge hole was blasted through the centre of its body and parts of it were still frozen, singed or being eaten away by acid. Looks like my disciples really showed no mercy to this thing.

Blood was still seeping out from the open wound that stained the floor crimson despite this thing being dead for at least a few hours already.

Wait… Is it really dead?

I looked down, inspecting the multitude of eyes that were growing out of this side of its body.

The first thing I noticed was that they had different colours and sizes, though that was to be expected when this thing was literally the result of combining the entire city’s inhabitants together.

The next thing I realised was that… Oh… Their irises were still expanding and contracting with the light…

Bloody hell… This thing is still alive…

“Yo. You still good?” I asked the thing casually.

A few of the eyes twitched.

One of them, a small, brown coloured one that was closest to me, slowly moved to look at me. The mouth that was right beside it parted equally slowly.

“Mama… Cold…” A voice similar to that of a child whispered in a strained voice.

I sighed.

I’ll at least put all of you out of your misery I suppose.

Taking a few steps back, I inspected the Origin of all the people connected to this thing and swiftly put an End to them.

Right as I did so, the monster in front of me slowly faded away, even the blood had disappeared entirely leaving no trace that it even existed.

Once it was gone, I inspected the rest of the room, trying to see if there was a hidden doorway or something. I even resorted to using omniscience for this but it seems like this was all there is to the Dark Sect hideout.

This doesn’t make any sense… Where was the Great One located at then? Those tentacles couldn’t have just popped out of nowhere right?

Unfortunately, omniscience isn’t helping much for this question either. The only answer it was giving me as to why those tentacles appeared was because ‘of the events that had happened in this room’.

Yes, very helpful…

No wait… Maybe that’s the cause? Perhaps this monster was somehow causing things from the Abyss to appear above ground? Am I right, omniscience?

Yes, huh. Interesting… Although that still does not explain the inconsistency that I saw a Great One was supposed to be here too… Oh, maybe it was still showing me things from the other timeline? No, that can’t be right… The entire universe changed with my actions and alternate universes do not exist… At least I don’t think they do…

Well, at least I know this monster is connected somehow… But is that really an ability this monster has?

That reminds me… Akari and Shiori have been gone for quite a while haven’t they? I have yet to receive any news from them either… Did something happen with the monster group?

Ok, now I’m a bit worried about them… I guess I’ll just take this chance to go check up on them too.

Giving the hall a final look to make sure I missed nothing, I changed myself back to my male form and then teleported myself into the Sanctuary.

The moment I did so, a spear was thrusted right at my face, stopping mere inches away from stabbing me through the eye.

“Di… Divine One!! Forgive my rudeness!!” A kobold screamed, immediately prostrating himself on the ground.

Behind the prostrating kobold were several other monsters, all of them geared for battle and also looking at me in shock and horror.

“Err… I know I came here unannounced and everything but… What’s going on that you’re all looking like you’re going to march off to war?” I asked.

Unfortunately, no answer came my way since everyone looked shocked at what just happened. I guess they were afraid that I would kill them all off for the fact that one of their own pointed their weapon at me?

I looked back down and the kobold was obviously shivering in fear.

I sighed, “It’s fine, I don’t blame you for what happened. I did come here without warning anyway but I do want an explanation though.”

The kobold looked up timidly, “That is… Umm… Perhaps Divine One should ask–“

Before he could finish speaking I felt a shift in the air and someone else was teleported onto the platform beside me.

It was some weird man wearing Practitioner clothing with a very punchable smirk on his face.

“Ahahaha! Time to die, filthy demons! Get turned into my cultivation materials! I will–“

Another kobold thrusted his spear through the man’s head before he could finish his sentence, killing him instantly.

The dead man dropped onto the ground and someone came forward to carry the corpse away as if this was a normal occurrence.

I looked back at them, “Ok… Umm… I see you’re all busy… Just tell me where Akari or Shiori is…”

All of them pointed in the direction of one of the hallways.

I nodded my thanks and started making my way towards where they were.

Seriously though… What the hell was that?


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