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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 835: They Want Girl Time Bahasa Indonesia


I sighed when I came out from the chapel after returning myself back to my female form.

Revealing who I was presented its own set of problems since I’m pretty sure these people became zealots after seeing me. They even thought that the current religion was not showing me enough respect and wanted to change it to deify me even more.

I had to turn that idea down quite a few times before they got the hint that that wasn’t what I wanted.

Another sigh came to me just as I thought about it.

I felt a tug on my sleeve and I looked down to see Cai Hong sucking her finger while looking at me, “Papa sad?”

I chuckled, “No, no, just a little tired. No need to worry about it.”

Before I could react, she went to hug my waist with her tiny hands, “Cai Hong huggies! Huggies make Papa no tired!”

Why are you so cuuuuute!

Ahem… Anyway, seeing as how it’s sunset and omniscience is showing me that my disciples were preparing to come back soon, I think it’s high time we went back.

“Did you girls have fun?” I asked while we were on the way back.

“Cai Hong with Papa always fun!” Cai Hong cheered while skipping along beside me.

“Ye… Yes… It was fun with Master…” Iris muttered in a cute voice.

I guess watching me squirm with those guys was also a form of entertainment huh? Oh well, as long as they’re happy.

We reached the temple just as my disciples teleported back from the Dark Sect base, they even brought all the Dark Sect members with them too.

To think Manami was struggling to even teleport a group of people not too long ago and yet now she can do it as long as she knows the destination well enough.

“Welcome back everyone,” I greeted them.


All of my girls cried out and immediately leapt at me, pulling me into a giant group hug.

Diao Chan somehow managed to get in front of me and started squeezing my chest, “Ehehehe~ Master’s boobies! They’re so soft~ Squish~”

Naturally I flicked her on the forehead for that.

There was a gasp and I turned to see Tatiana looking at us with a confused expression on her face.

“F… Founding God? What… What happened to you?!”

I looked down at myself before realising what she meant.

“Oh, this? Changing my gender is no big deal you know? See?”

To prove my point, I snapped my fingers and reverted myself back to my male form, then snapped again to change back to my female form.

“Ehehe~ Boobies~”

I smacked Diao Chan on the head again.

“That’s… That’s not fair… Founding God…” Tatiana muttered.

“Hmmm? What isn’t?”

“Why… Why didn’t you tell me earlier you look like that as a female? This is bad! Phoebe! Phoebe!!! Valeria! Go and get Phoebe here right now!”

The knight behind me saluted and ran off into the temple in search of said nun, I didn’t even know she could run that fast.

All of us were quite confused by what was going on and Tatiana was just staring intensely at me.

Before I could ask what she planned to get Phoebe for, Valeria had returned with said nun literally slung under her arm like a sack of potatoes.

“What are you doing, Valeria?! No matter what it is, this is not how you get me to come here quickly!” The nun protested.

“Shut up and look, Phoebe!” Valeria dropped her and gestured towards my direction.

The nun froze when she saw me, her eyes threatening to bulge out of her sockets.

“F… Founding God?” She asked.

I nodded slowly, not wanting to startle her.

“Ahhhh?! Why didn’t you carry me here faster Valeria?! You shouldn’t have asked and just carried me off! What if I had missed this?! Ahhhhh!!”

Hello? What the hell is going on? Why are they all acting like this


Ah… I didn’t actually think about it… But their society really is kind of matriarchal in a sense… Over here, lesbian relationships are actually considered relatively normal. Thus, most of the girls here actually have a thing for other girls instead of the opposite gender…

So when they saw my female form, they would obviously be much more charmed than my male form… That would also explain why Vincent’s group reacted so strongly when they found out who I was.

I was dealing with Luna so much that I forgot about that, since she preferred my male form more than my female one.

Err… Putting that revelation aside…

“What are you doing, Phoebe?” I asked the nun who had whipped out some kind of sketchbook and was frantically scribbling away while keeping her eyes focused on me.

“The new art of Founding God! We must feature your female form too! We simply must!! It would be heretical of us not to!!”

When they heard that, my disciples immediately went to crowd around her.

Oh good, they’re going to stop her for me.

“Yes, yes! Look here! Make sure you get the curves of Onii-sama’s figure right!”

“And here too, Master’s boobies are nice but Her butt is Divine too!”

“The eyebrows! Don’t forget Aniue’s eyebrows! They have to be the right curvature!”

“Ara, ara? Make sure to put a good pose too. Master is always elegant after all~”

“The legs as well, Master’s legs are just so beautiful! I wish I could just caress them all day!”

I smacked all of them on the head and reverted myself back to my male form.

“””EHHH?! Why, Master/Founding God?!””” All of them screamed together.

“Erm… Master isn’t some model for us to gawk at, you know?” Brendan muttered, though it didn’t really sound that convincing since he also had a disappointed look on his face too.

“Kukuku~ But I think it’s good, isn’t it, Master? You don’t show off your female side enough,” Kiyomi giggled.

I narrowed my eyes at her, “That’s not what you would normally say to a guy, is it?”

“But Master really is beautiful though… It is a shame that others don’t know about it…” Lian Li sighed.

“My original form is male do you not remember that?”

Ok, I know my real form doesn’t exactly have a gender, but let’s just ignore that for now, ok?

“Papa, pwetty!” Cai Hong cheered, hugging me.

Not you too, Cai Hong…

“Oh, we love Master no matter what you look like! Just that in your female form… We have many more things we can play with~” Diao Chan admitted, licking her lips lasciviously.

That’s the real reason isn’t it? Your real intentions are leaking out, you know?

“Alright fine, you girls really just want to do it don’t you? Bedroom. Now.”

I swear the way they instantly pounced on me to drag me off made me think I was going to get butchered or something.

The way their eyes glowed and the fact that a few of them were even salivating further reinforced the idea.

Oh well… I suppose they were indeed quite pent up so I’ll allow it.. It’s been awhile since I did it in my female form anyway.


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