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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 816: His Punishment Is Eternal Bahasa Indonesia


Since Tatiana is currently out of commission, I decided to take the opportunity to take a closer look at the piece of shit who wasn’t worthy of existence.

Hmm… He doesn’t seem to have noticed me.

Then again, considering he must have been in this state of constant agony and pain for at least a few thousand years, I wouldn’t be surprised if his mind was already broken. Not that he even has a mind to begin with since he doesn’t exist in the first place, heh heh.

I moved until I was right in front of him and he still showed no signs of registering my presence. The only indication of him still being alive was that he’s still groaning in pain as his very being was being used to fuel Tatiana’s immortality.

I even poked him a few times and all he did was groan a little louder.

Yep, looks like his mind really is broken so I doubt he’s even suffering much now.

Well, we can’t have that so let’s fix that shall we?

I snapped my fingers and restored the Origin of his sanity. The moment I did so, light returned to his translucent eyes and it took him but a heartbeat before he let out a wail of pain.



Since it wasn’t exactly possible for me to have a conversation while this moron is screaming out in pain, I made a little change and blocked his pain receptors temporarily.

“ARRHHH!! AHHH!!! Ahh… Ah? It doesn’t… Hurt?”

I cleared my throat to get his attention before waving my hand, “Ahem. Hello mister… Oh wait, erm… Who are you? I don’t think you actually exist in this universe?”

He blinked at me for a few moments, “Do… Do I know you?”

“Huh… I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that you forgot about me, it’s been what? A few thousand years since we last met?”

“Few… Thousand? Who… Eh? You… You!! YOU!! Wait… Who?”

Looks like he really forgot about me already, perhaps a jolt in his memory will help.

I waved my hand over his face, making him remember the scene of me putting him in his current position that caused the shift in the timeline.

Recognition finally dawned on his face but instead of the anger I thought he would show, the man actually broke down in tears.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Please… Please… Let me die… Please…”

Oh wow he’s really broken huh, this is kind of making me feel bad. He’s already suffered for a few thousand years, he’s served his time right?

After all… It’s not like he did anything to deserve this right? He literally did nothing in his life after all.

I guess it would make sense for him to be released from his suffering now…

Just kidding.

Like hell I’m letting him off, ever. When I said he’ll be tormented for eternity, I really did mean eternity. Even when this world ceases to exist…

Ok, maybe when this world ceases to exist I’ll let you be released. But until then, you’re going to have to suffer every waking moment of your life.

You think just a few thousand years of suffering was enough to atone for doing the thing that you most definitely did not do? Especially when you most certainly didn’t do it in front of me? Yeah, you’re not going free anytime soon, buddy.

I made him able to feel pain again and he went right back to screaming.


It got a little annoying so I silenced his screams with a barrier before walking away from him to return to the unconscious Tatiana.

I gave the girl a soft shake on her shoulders and her eyes fluttered open before she looked around her in confusion.

“What… What happened? I dreamt that my God was giving me headpats and… Eh? God Lin?!”

I chuckled, “It wasn’t a dream. Do you want more head pats?”

“Eh? Umm… That would be improper of me! I am eternally grateful for Founding God’s benevolence! Such a reward is wasted on me! That said… Is God not going to absorb your fragment?”

I shook my head, “There’s no need for me to, it’s not like I’m missing a part of myself or anything. You can continue using it if you want to, actually.”

“Ehhhh?! I get to spend my immortal life with my God?! This is truly bliss! Thank you God! Ahhh… Every day with my God…”

Well… At least she’s not calling me ‘god Lin’ which I feel is a little bit more cringe… And I worry what will happen when Iris regains her divinity, she got quite pissed when my disciples called me a god too.

I cleared my throat which brought her out of her delusions of spending the rest of her immortal life worshipping me.

“Anyway… I already know why you’re still around so I think we can get to the main topic of why I’m here.”

“Ah! Don’t worry, my God! You can move in anytime! We even have the festivities and events planned out for your grand return! You can leave it to us! We can also prepare any accommodations for you but… If God does not mind it… It would greatly honour me if you can stay here with me… Ehehe~”

I sighed, “No, I’m not moving here… I never even planned to do that in the first place.”

Tatiana’s eyes widened, “E… Eh?! Wh… Why not? This is Founding God’s home isn’t it? Of course you’ve come back here to return home, right?”

“Just because I gave you the revelation of starting your own country doesn’t mean this is my home you know?”

“It… It doesn’t?”

“Yeah… I mean… If you’re considering who I really am, my real home isn’t even in this World.”

“Eh… Eh? Umm… Ah! God’s home is in the sky right?! I understand! Then how about just making this your vacation home? It would be a great honour for us!”

Well… She’s not exactly wrong in saying my home’s in the sky since the universe kind of is but…

“I don’t really intend to move out of my other home in Beiyang, you know? Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here about the Dark Sect.”

“God’s not moving here… Eh? Ah! Of course! The Dark Sect! Umm… Er… Does God really not want to reconsider? We have great temples! I do great back and foot massages! We also have many festivals and events held in your name! I think God will really like it here! Won’t you please just give it a thought?”

“Umm… Like I said… I don’t really intend on moving…”

“I can personally guarantee that my God will have a great time here! You will have everything you ever want or need!”

“I mean… I can already do that on my own…”

“The people all wish to see their God! They have prayed every single day to you to show their devotion to you! Please?”

“I don’t think…”

“Is the temple not big enough? We can tear it down and rebuild it for you, my God!”

“It’s not about the size…”

“Are the people not devoted enough? We’ll do our best to educate them and weed out any heretics!”

This woman and her fanatics… She’s not going to drop this topic until I say yes isn’t she?

How am I supposed to deal with this person…

I hope my disciples are having a better time at least…


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