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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 817: Arrival Of Monarchs Bahasa Indonesia


Our back and forth continued for quite a while until I finally relented and agreed to extend my stay here for a few days.

Why didn’t I just demand her to stop asking? You try having a beautiful woman kneeling and begging you with puppy eyes who is also on the verge of tears and see if you still have the heart to say no.

Now we can finally move on to the real problem.

“So… The Dark Sect?” I asked, trying my best not to sigh.

“Eh? Oh! Right! Umm… Is God going to smite the entire city?”

I blinked at her a few times.

“Smite the city?”

“Yes! To have incurred God’s wrath, my God will be raining down judgement on the city, right?”

I blinked at her again before sighing, “No, no… The reason why I’m here is to solve this without committing genocide right?”

She tilted her head at me, “Eh? But this isn’t genocide?”

Ah, she must have ordered an evacuation of the city already so it’s fine to destroy it huh? But I wonder how she managed to do that without alerting the Dark Sect? Surely they must know that something is going on if a large percentage of the population were to disa–

“Having God destroy a city is nothing more than Divine Judgement! That’s not genocide!” She said so proudly.

These people are not right in the head. I’m sure my disciples will agree with me that this is definitely not the solution for such a problem.

I sucked in a deep breath before breathing out, “No… I’m not going to do that. Can’t we just go and round them up or something?”

Tatiana looked unsure of herself, “We… We could do that… But wouldn’t it be easier and much more satisfying for my God to smite them down?”

“I can say it’s definitely not ‘satisfying’ but isn’t it bad to sacrifice an entire town of innocents just to deal with some bad guys?”

“Eh? If Founding God does not wish to kill the innocents, then Founding God can make it such that they won’t die, right?”

Err… She does have a point… I could simply use omniscience to find them and kill them with a thought… Wait, didn’t we come here to ask the ruler of Sun to release the Dark Sect to Guiying? I’m not supposed to be killing them aren’t I? Guiying wanted to do a public humiliation on them or something so killing them was a no no.

I actually almost forgot about that after being dragged into her ‘heavenly judgement’ talk…

I cleared my throat, “Umm… I believe the plan was not to kill them but to capture the Dark Sect and bring them back to Beiyang? So I’m supposed to be here to take them back if that’s ok?”


“Eh? Wait, just like that?”

Tatiana blinked at me a few times, “Why would we not agree to this? If our God has decreed so, then there’s no reason for us to say anything else.”

I would like to point out that you were just trying your best to get me to stay in your country despite me saying no, but let’s not say anything lest it gives her another reason to beg for other things.

“Ok then… I guess I’ll go pick them up tomorrow morning? Umm… I guess I’ll go back now.”

“Eh? Umm… Could I trouble my God to do the Ritual of Cleansing with me?”

I narrowed my eyes at her, I remember Valeria also saying something like that though I never got round to finding out what it was.

“Ritual of Cleansing? What the hell is that?”

“Ah! For the ritual, a devotee will first use a stone axe to chop a wooden log before bathing and cleansing themselves in your presence, taking care to go through the twelve steps of purification and then offering our thanks to Founding God. Normally this would be done in front of a statue of God, but since God is here now, I was hoping I can do one with you?”

“… Who came up with this?”

“I did, Founding God!” She proclaimed proudly. “That was how I met Founding God in the first place after all! Thus it must have been these actions that brought God to us!”

Err… No, I most definitely did not appear in front of you simply because you were chopping a tree with a stone axe… You just happened to be there…

She poked her fingers together, “Also… Also… It’s lonely being in here by myself…”


She can’t get out of this room without withering away into a lifeless husk so she’s most likely been stuck inside this room ever since she anchored her life force here.

This place is as much as a prison as it is a home for her, the woman spending all her life waiting for her god to appear before her again.

I sighed, “Fine… We can do it. But after that I’ll have to go and check on my disciples.”

Actually, since she helped me torture that person who most definitely does not exist, I can make it such that she isn’t confined to this room later.

Her face brightened up, “Thank Founding God for your benevolence! Please! Right this way!”

She led me to a corner of the room where a large wooden log was placed on top of a chopping block with a stone axe resting against it.

Beside the chopping block was a small pool of water with water flowing out from a hole in the wall, which I assume must be functioning as her bathing area. And right beside that pool of water was a statue of me… Like actually a perfect replica of me…

She must have made use of the Origin energy somehow to make this and the other art pieces inside the country were made based on this with some details changed over the centuries.

Running her fingers across the log’s surface, she smiled at me, “This is the exact tree I was cutting when God came to me… I had seen that if I were to keep this ritual up… God would appear before me again.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Seen?”

“Ah! I mean my power of precognition that God has granted me! I’m not really perfect with it even now, but I can still sometimes see the future! One such event was that God will be standing right here with me in front of this very log!”

I’m thinking this has something to do with the fact that she’s ‘Origin touched’.

Err… Well… The truth is that I’ll appear here no matter if you were cutting this log anyway so this ‘ritual’ of yours really didn’t matter… I guess it’s too late for me to say that anyway so I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

I watched her hit her stone axe against the wood a few times, hard enough to break off a few pieces of the wood but not enough to actually make a cut on it.

Once she was done, she stripped herself without shame and stepped into the water, beginning a complicated process of washing herself while chanting something under her breath.

Without her outfit covering her, I could see her toned body on full display. If I were to describe her with one word it would be ‘amazonian’.

Like seriously, she’s actually ripped. I know my girls have the strength to do it too without looking like it, but with Tatiana’s muscles, she looks like she could crush a man’s head in between those thighs of hers.

I suppose her body makes sense considering the time she came from, strength was necessary to survive then.

When her cleaning ritual was completed, she stepped out of the pool of water and instead of dressing herself after she was dry, she walked towards me in her naked glory.

I raised a questioning eyebrow at her and she looked at me with adoration clear in her eyes.

“Now… Now, my God… Allow me to worship you with my body…”

Before I could raise any sounds of complaint, there was a flash of lightning accompanied by the roar of thunder to my right.

Both of us turned in the direction of the noise and…

“MASTER!!! I’M HERE!” The figure inside the lightning shouted before leaping at me.

I barely managed to reach out to catch the figure who leapt at me, looking down to realise it was Guiying hugging my waist.

Right after that, there was the sound of glass shattering and I turned to see Luna stepping through a portal.

“HUSBAND! I did it!!” She cried, leaping to hug my waist as well.

What the hell? Where did you two come from?!


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