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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 815: You May Not Understand What You Did But Good Job! Bahasa Indonesia


“My saviour! My God! My Divine! My prayers have been answered! You have come for me!” The woman gasped, falling to her knees in front of me.

I raised my eyebrow at her, “You are… Tatiana?”

“Yes! Yes! For my revered God to remember my name! This one is deeply honoured!!”

Well… It’s more because your subordinate told me your name but I guess she doesn’t need to know that. I admit I didn’t even know your name when I was setting you up on the path of conquest since I figured we would never meet again.

Putting all that aside…

“How are you still alive? It’s been at least a few thousand years hasn’t it?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yes! It’s all thanks to Founding God’s divine grace that I am still here! I will never forget the day that you’ve freed us from our wretched fate!”

First of all, what does that have to do with me? And also… I specifically remember that I did not present myself as some sort of god to her, so what gave her the idea of such a thing?


Unexpectedly, instead of giving me a worded answer, a memory scene was shown to me instead.

Tatiana was standing at the exact same posture with her stone axe in her hands with her head tilted up and in front of her was… What?

In that memory, I had descended from the sky with a ray of blinding white light shining down upon where I landed. The memory me then reached out and touched her head, whispering the words I had told her back then before ascending back to the sky with a blindingly bright smile on my face.

Ok, hold it, hold it… My entrance was definitely not that dramatic back then. I’m pretty sure her imagination just exaggerated the events of that day after thousands of years passed so that could be explained somewhat.

But the next issue is… She shouldn’t even remember this event because I erased her memories didn’t I?!

Wait… Did I?

Oh… I… I didn’t… Oh fuck.

Ok, that was my bad… Umm… Should I just go back and redo all this again?

Hmm… Screw it, Cai Hong isn’t slapped in this timeline and that’s what matters. Whatever that comes from this I’ll just deal with it.

I cleared my throat, “I see… Umm… No wait… Actually that doesn’t explain anything. I don’t remember granting you immortality or anything like that? All I did was give you a command to start a country of your own, did I not?”

Tatiana raised her head and beamed at me, “Yes, God Lin! At first I thought I had done enough just by freeing my brethren and building up the village! But I realised this was a test devised by our God for me to overcome! A village was not a country and there was no way I could do it in one lifetime! So I became immortal!”

I blinked at her a few times.

“Hold on… I think we’re skipping a couple of steps here… How did you even become immortal? You’re not a Practitioner, are you?”

She smiled proudly at my question, “I am not, God Lin. But after your revelations, my eyes had opened and I could see your essence lingering within our village. After a few decades of trying, I managed to tap into that source and anchor my own lifeforce to it to make me immortal! The only problem was that I had to stay here or else I would rapidly age and die when I stepped out of the room. But that was a small price to pay to meet with our God again!”

I frowned at her words and looked around the room.

Now that I’m actually searching around… This room is saturated with Origin energy! That meant she managed to tap into an Origin source? How and why is there even such a thing around here?!

I turned back to her, “Where is this… Source?”

Her face brightened up even more and gestured towards the hut, “Is Founding God here to claim it back? Ahhh! To know that I’ve fulfilled my God’s wish is the greatest gift I can ever receive! I am ready to join the hallowed halls of my God!”

Err… I’m not even going to comment on that but let’s just see what it is first.

Tatiana lifted the flap of the tent and ushered me in with a bow filled with reverence.

Entering the small space, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what was inside.

A ghostly figure was impaled on almost every part of its body on what looked like ethereal spikes jutting out from the ground. White streams of energy were flowing down said spikes and into the ground, no doubt it was the Origin energy I sensed inside the room.

That wasn’t the surprising thing though, it was the fact that the figure was the idiot king that no longer exists in this world.

Ok this is ridiculous… I definitely remember making it such that no one and nothing could touch him, so why is he in such a state?


Yes, I know I can touch him if I wanted to but what does that have to do with anything?

When I gave Tatiana those commandments she became ‘Origin touched’? What the hell does that even mean?

Eh? She became charged with Origin energy and learnt how to sense more in the air around her. And because I cursed that piece of shit to be eternal, she managed to anchor her own lifeforce to him and made herself immortal too.

Does she even know who he is?

Oh, to her the king isn’t a ghostly figure but just some kind of blob of Origin energy so she doesn’t even know that blob is sentient…


This anchoring she did on him was also especially painful for him since it’s literally sucking the Origin out of him, meaning this bastard would constantly feel like his blood, bones, muscles, hair and soul were being pulled out of him every second? And he’s been like this for the last few thousand years?

You know what? I wholeheartedly approve of this. Great job Tatiana!

I reached out and pat her head for doing such a good job at torturing him, even if it was accidental.

“Ha… Haaaaa?! Founding God is… Patting my head?! AHHHHHH!!! This bliss!!! AHHHH!!!!”

The High Maiden of the country of Sun promptly fainted and dropped onto the ground.

Well, I guess some things just never change…


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