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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 811: The Witch Wants To Show Off (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


The sky darkened and we were looking for a place to stop for the night.

By some coincidence, we ended up camping on the same hill as the previous timeline that overlooked the capital city. It seems like we spent an extra day on our travels this time compared to the original timeline.

Once again, Valeria made that obnoxiously big tent for me to sleep in and since I’ve already blown off all her suggestions in the day, I decided to at least show her a little bit of face by accepting it tonight.

The catch was that my disciples were allowed to stay with me as well which they begrudgingly agreed after I pointed out that I should be able to choose my companions.

Originally I was planning for everyone to stay together but the girls had other plans and proceeded to draw lots upon hearing about the decision.

Diao Chan ended up drawing the winning lot and I quickly realised it was to determine who would sleep with me tonight.

And by sleeping, I meant having sex.

And since it’s Diao Chan…

Well… Can’t say I didn’t expect this, so that’s why I wasn’t exactly surprised when Diao Chan stripped herself down to only her stockings the moment we stepped inside the tent.

“Master~ Could you bless your little witch with your Divine essence please?” She begged while on her knees. “Oh! And by essence, I mean your very delicious and wonderful cum!”

This horny girl…

I crossed my arms, “You girls were planning for this aren’t you? You’re hoping Valeria comes in and sees one of you riding me?”

Diao Chan fluttered her eyelashes at me, “Oh~ Actually, I was hoping to be bent over this table screaming out my orgasms while Master rails me with your wonderful cock from behind when she walks in~”


“Really, really~”

“So what are you waiting for? Do you expect me to strip myself?”

She gave a yelp of glee and immediately reached for me to strip me off my clothes.

The first article she chose to take off was my bottoms. Her fingers slipped into the waistbands of both my underwear and pants to pull them both down in one fluid motion.

Without hesitation, she wrapped her fingers around my flaccid member and gave it a few gentle tugs, giggling when she felt me twitch at her ministrations.

My witch gave my balls a few more rubs before standing up on her feet, her hands undid the sash around my waist with deft, practised motions so that she could strip the rest of my robes off.

When she was reaching up to pull the cloth over my shoulders, my own hands moved forward to wrap around her waist, pulling her forward to me.

“Master?” Diao Chan gasped, surprised.

I smiled and moved forward to claim her lips with mine, kissing her gently and passionately.

Though she was surprised by my sudden actions, she quickly recovered and I felt her hands reach around my back, embracing me to kiss her deeper to which I complied.

Her lips parted and her tongue brushed against my lips, coaxing my own tongue out to seek hers in a sensual dance and entwining around each other.

I felt Diao Chan press herself against me as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth, tasting every single corner of it.

My hands slowly moved to stroke her back, moving downwards to cup her the bountiful globes that were her bottoms. My fingers dug into her flesh, sliding towards the inside of her thighs from behind to realise her juices were flowing down her legs like a river stream.

Diao Chan slowly took a small step back to create space between us, allowing her to reach down to feel my rod that had risen to full erection from our kiss.

She gave it a few pumps to ensure it was fully erected before showing me her incredible dexterity by lifting one leg up to balance herself on the other.

Her hand then guided my cock to her dripping pussy, lowering her hips while still maintaining her balance and our kiss until her nether lips kissed the tip of my manhood.

She moaned into my mouth before dropping her hips down, her pussy swallowing up the entire length of my cock in a single thrust. I could just feel myself hitting the entrance of her womb right before her walls clamped down hard around me.

Diao Chan broke our kiss, throwing her head back to scream out her pleasures as she came from the feeling of being penetrated.

“Ahhhhnnn!! Master!!! Cummiiiiiing!!”

I held her close and let her ride out her orgasm, my witch finally calming down after a minute or so.

“Huff… Huff… Hnnngg… It feels so good to be filled with you, Master~” She moaned, intentionally flexing her abdominal muscles to squeeze on my cock.

“And I’m happy to fill my horny little witch up too.”

“Hnnnng!! Call me your bitch, Master! Throw me on the bed and fuck me, please!”

I lifted her up and carried her onto the bed, dropping the both of us on top of the sheets.

“Does my bitch want to be fucked?”

“Haaaggghhh!!! Hnnngg!! Yes!! Your bitch wants to be fucked Master! Fuck me! Fill me!! Claim me!!!”

I moved my hips back to pull myself almost all the way out of her before dropping it back in, sheathing myself back into her waiting folds.

Diao Chan’s stocking clad legs immediately rose to clamp around my waist as she came a second time.

Instead of stopping like before, I began pistoning my hips and thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Cho… Choke me!! Master Choke me!!”

I moved one of my hands forward to her throat, my thumb pressing against the side of her neck where I knew her blood vessel was before strengthening my grip on her.

She gasped and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her entire body convulsing even as her pussy clamped harder on my cock with each thrust.

“Hnnnggg! Gurk! Master! Cum!! Cum inside me! Cum inside me!!”

With how her pussy was massaging my cock, it didn’t take long for me to feel my own climax build up to the precipice as well.

A grunt was all I could let out before I emptied my load inside her waiting womb, splattering her insides white with my seed.

Diao Chan’s back arched as she came for the third time, this time squirting out her juices to drench the sheets underneath us.

Even as I was cumming, my hips didn’t stop and I continued to piston myself in and out of her, timing my spurts with my thrusts inside her.

Only when I was done did I stop my hips, leaving my cock inside her still quivering pussy.

I released my grip on her throat as we both winded down from our high, both of us panting as we stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

I was just about to lean in for a kiss when I heard a rap on the tent pole followed by Valeria’s voice, “God Lin? May this servant intrude on your abode?”

Diao Chan looked at me and smirked, “My Master bids you enter, miss Valeria.”

“Pardon the intrusion.”

The woman lifted the tent flap to walk in, only to stand stock still in shock as her mind processed the sight of me balls deep in my disciple with our love juices slowly dripping out from between her legs.

Well, aside from the fact that Diao Chan wasn’t bent over, it kind of matched what she had in mind.

Now what is she going to do?


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