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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 810: The Result Of The Changes Bahasa Indonesia


Honestly… I was expecting myself to be teleported back home or something.

Since the king doesn’t exist anymore, there shouldn’t be any need for us to go to the country of Sun anymore right?

So imagine my surprise when I found myself in the same carriage Guiying had lent me to use with my disciples sitting around me.

Because of the sudden transition, my body had jerked a little upon my reentry into the timeline which my disciples took note of.

“What’s wrong Master?” Lian Li asked in concern.

“Did they say something to insult you, Master?” Diao Chan added.

“Is it the food you ate for breakfast, Aniue? I knew they’re up to no good!” Tsuki cried out.

I shook my head, “No, sorry. I was dozing off a little just now.”

“Papa sleepy?” Cai Hong asked, the little dragon sitting on my lap.

I switched my gaze to her, remembering that in this timeline she was never slapped. Just look at her with her cute, sparkly eyes looking up at me. You’re so cute. Head pats for you! Definitely no one slapping you this time! You’re so cute!

“Ma… Master…” Iris whispered while tugging my sleeve, obviously wanting head pats as well.

Oh? Looks like she’s still the same in this timeline for some reason too.

It’s either that or the change in timeline did not affect her which was possible as well…

Before I could think too deeply about that, Manami pulled my face in between her bountiful bosoms, “Ara, ara? Just look at them tiring Master out like that. Just take a rest in my breasts, Master~”

I’m really confused about what they’re saying right now. Who’s ‘they’? What are we even doing here?


Eh? So the Dark Sect are still making trouble in Beiyang and we still ended up being sent here to investigate for some reason? But Guiying should have sent other delegations first right?

They turned away all ambassadors sent from Beiyang and specifically requested for me? But why?!

No way… No, no… Synchronise my memories of the past few days right now. No wait, let’s go further, the past few weeks…

No… No, no, no… I’m pretty sure I made sure to wipe her memories! Why did the woman I influence know exactly what I look like and made me the deity of their country to be worshipped through the generations as the one who freed them?!

Their country now thinks that I am their god who took mortal form and wants me to ‘return to my temple’?

Because of that, they’re also clashing with my disciples’ fanclub because they felt they were some upstart group that was taking advantage of me.

Thus, to convince me to stay here, they have been nothing but accommodating, bordering on fanaticism, when I came as Guiying’s envoy.

When we crossed the border, we were met with an entire battalion worth of armed escorts and support units like they were preparing for war. We stayed in the best inns and everywhere we passed by, the people immediately got down on their knees in prayer.

This is frankly quite embarrassing…

Their actions also irritated my disciples to no end since they kept trying to butt in on our time together.

They even tried to sit inside the carriage to ‘keep an eye on them’ and only backed off when I told them to.

While my disciples’ fanclub treated my word as law, this group unfortunately has the idea that they know their god better than the god themselves.

Why isn’t there a middle ground with either of you?

The only good thing is that most of the events that happened in the previous timeline still happened somehow so there’s not many major changes.

Jianye city looks like it remained the same and were less religious than the rest of the country. Thus, there’s still slave auctions there and my meeting with Tsuki on this timeline remained the same.

My guess is that there were two different factions within the country just like the original timeline managing these cities.

Hmm… Actually, it seems like nothing much changed in this timeline. Beiyang still conquered Dong and the country of Sun only knew about me after my three year disappearance since they never really went to check how ‘Master Lin’ looked like, so they didn’t know I was their ‘god in mortal form’.

In this timeline, the Dark Sect was still hiding in their country but it seems like the ruler of Sun is not hiding them but a separate faction this time. We’re not here to negotiate the release of the Dark Sect to us but to assist them in capturing the Dark Sect instead.

The country’s name is even the same too, since it wasn’t named after the founders in the first place.

Hmmm… Funny how fate works. Almost like there’s someone guiding it… Oh wait, what am I saying, there’s gods so of course there’s someone guiding it.

“Since Master is tired… I think we should take a break,” Brendan suggested, looking at me with concern.

The girls immediately agreed and Lian Li went to pass the word to Delta who called out in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Our Master wishes to take a break from travelling!”

Hmm? Is it just my imagination or did Delta put quite a bit of emphasis on ‘our’?

There was a whole lot of noise after that and I didn’t want to go and see what exactly were making those sounds, so I kept my face buried in Manami’s chest while she gently patted my head.

Several minutes passed after the carriage came to a halt before a small knock resounded on our door.

Alpha’s voice came from the other side, “Master, everything is prepared.”

I reluctantly pulled myself away from Manami’s embrace and led the way out of the carriage. But when I saw what was waiting for me outside, I almost tried to go back into the carriage again.

There, in front of me, were rows upon rows of people dressed in ceremonial armour all on their knees with their heads bowed. They must be our escorts from Sun.

Searching through my memories, I said the one word they needed to hear, “Rise.”

They took a while more to get back on their feet, quite a number of them whispering words of prayer when they did so.

At least my disciples’ fanclub was subtle about it!

The woman with the shiniest and most decorated armour stepped towards me, her figure a good head taller than me.

“God Lin, we have set up your tent for you, please make use of it.”

Oh right, their society was operating in a matriarchal hierarchy, just like Luna’s. But unlike hers, men weren’t relegated to second class citizens, it’s just that most of the positions of power were occupied by women.

I searched through my memories to remember this woman as Valeria, the commander of the current battalion that was escorting us right now.

Also… ‘God Lin’? Just hearing that is sending shivers down my spine.

Before I could answer her, Lian Li appeared beside me with her chest puffed out, “How many times do we need to tell you. We will be the ones who will take care of Master’s needs.”

Valeria scowled at her, “I’ve seen the amount of care you’ve done for our God and they are frankly quite lacking. To think you would even let someone Divine lay down in a sleeping bag of all things. God Lin, please, we have prepared the tent with warm food and bed for you.”

I looked over her shoulder and past the rest of the army of followers to see a tent as big as a small house pitched behind them.

I raised my hands slightly, “Erm… I just wanted to step out and walk around for some air so I don’t really need that…”

Valeria bowed her head, “Understood, please make use of the palanquin, God Lin.”

“Err… No. I said I’m going to walk…”

“That’s right, Master said a walk, typical of you to not hear what Master wants,” Lian Li hissed.

Somehow she reminded me of a cat arching its back to make itself look more threatening considering the difference in height between the two.

Valeria straightened her back, “There is no way I will allow the earth to stain our most venerable God’s feet. If the palanquin is unsuitable, please allow me the honour of carrying you, God Lin.”

“Haaa? Even I have never carried Master before! Get in line!”

Erm… That’s what you’re concerned about, Lian Li?

Valeria showed a face of disgust, “To think you’ve allowed our God to be walking around like some disgusting mortal… Truly despicable…”

Aren’t you also a mortal?

“Hmph! Do you even think you are qualified to carry Master around? Of course you aren’t!”

“I have gone through the Ritual of Cleansing every day to serve our dearest God. Out of everyone here I am the most suitable to handle such a task.”

“What even is this stupid ritual? You’re just making things up!”

“To not even know about this ritual, this is why all of you are so ignorant… How can such people like you be qualified to serve our God for so long?”

“You must have never been slapped before, should I slap you now? Hmm? I think I should slap you.”

I cleared my throat, “You know what girls? I’m done with the air… We can set off now.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Yes, God Lin.”

I’m exhausted…

At least I have the knowledge that Cai Hong is the cutest and was never slapped in this timeline to heal my heart.


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