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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 812: The Witch’s ‘Torment’ (*RR) Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

I smiled victoriously at that insufferable bitch’s shocked face.

Yep, that’s right, my beloved Master and the one you worship as your country’s ‘Founding God’ is currently making sweet, sweet, oh so mind-blowing, toe-curling love with me right now and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!

Ohhhh~ I felt Master’s cock twitch inside me! Was he also a little turned on by our little audience? Maybe I should try and convince Master to have a little bit of exhibitionistic sex if we get the chance?

Master and I would be strolling outside on the streets with His hand around my waist… His hand would then lower to my butt and then move under my skirt to find me without any panties… Master’s oh so delectable fingers would then push inside my pussy and I would beg for Master to take me right there. Then Master would lift up my skirt and start pounding me with His divine cock right in the middle of the street with all those people watching us and I’ll just cum and cum and cum and cum and…

Oh dear, I’m getting really wet just thinking about it! Hmm? What were we doing again?

Ah! That’s right, hello insufferable bitch~ I have your God’s cock inside my pussy right now~

“What… What are you doing to our Founding God you bitch?!” She shrieked.

I gave her the most mischievous smirk I could while I was enjoying the feeling of massaging Master’s cock with my pussy, “Can’t you tell? I’m sexually satisfying my beloved Master~”

I could see Master rolling His eyes at me.

Ok, that was a lie on my part, it’s more of Master sexually satisfying me but come on Master! You’re enjoying this too aren’t you? Admit it, Master! My pussy feels good, doesn’t it?

As if hearing my protest, Master’s hips began to make small back and forth motions, His wonderful cock planting kisses repeatedly on the entrance of my womb.

I shuddered and wondered if it would be better to let this bitch see my smug face or just simply give in to the pleasure and let her see the fucked silly face I really want to make right now.

Hnnng!! Master… You fill me up so good…

That insufferable bitch squared her shoulders and stepped towards us, “Get off of God Lin right now you damned slut! How dare you sully His Divinity with your mortal desires!”

I arched an eyebrow at Master who shrugged, showing me that He was letting me handle this and that He knew exactly why we were doing this. Fufufu~ Of course Master would know~

Mnnhhh! But Master still fucks me so good though! Even with this slow rhythm… The gentle way your cock keeps pushing in and out of me and hitting all the right spots… Ahhhn!! It’s really hard to concentrate when it feels like my head is up in the clouds, Master!

Ohhhh! That’s the spot… Ehehehe… Master’s cooooock…

Ah, that’s right…

I smiled at the bitch and gestured to myself, “Are you blind? Do you not see that I am not forcing myself on Master but instead, letting Master indulge His pleasures on this body of mine?”

“It’s obvious you seduced Him with your sinful body! Why else would God Lin even fornicate with you?!”

“Oh my? Thank you for the compliment~”

“That was not a compliment! Stop shaking your hips and get off of our Founding God!”

Master was obviously enjoying this exchange with that smile on His face. That, and the fact that Master was the one moving His hips to thrust in and out of me.

I clucked my tongue at her, “This is the problem with you idiots. Who are you to decide what is or isn’t Master’s wants and needs? Who are you to decide how Master should or shouldn’t act? Why are you lot acting like you know Master better than Master Himself?”

Master paused in His thrusting which gave me a fright, I even felt a cold chill crawl up my spine thinking my words had displeased Him. The next second however, my concerns were completely washed away when Master grasped my hips and began thrusting His hips with even more vigour than before, abandoning all traces of subtlety in our love making.

Because of that, I couldn’t hold myself back and let out a moan as an earth shattering orgasm shook my core.

And by moan, I meant I screamed, “Master!! I’m cumming!! I’m CUMMING!!”

Master held me close to kiss me and I clung on to Him for dear life while my mind was a cacophony of various lewd sounds, mostly about how much I adored Master while I came.

I barely registered the sounds of distress coming from that bitch while I came down from my high, all of my senses focused on taking in Master’s figure in front of me.

Master slowly lowered me back down on the bed before turning His gaze on the bitch.

“Valeria,” Master’s oh so sexy voice echoed around the room. How I wish that I could just listen to that voice forever…

“Eh? Ah! Yes, my God?”

“My disciples are right, you know? Why are all of you assuming that you know me better than I know myself. I’m having sex with my dear Diao Chan right now because I want to, not because I was coerced into it.”

She looked conflicted, “But… But your purity…”

Master shrugged, “Who said that sex is a sin? Did I say that?”

Ehehe~ The look on her face is utterly priceless now!

My only complaint is that Master doesn’t do it with us enough! I want more! More! Fill me with more of your seed, Master! I want to taste every inch of your skin, feel your touch on me, your essence, your taste, your smell, your everything!

Punish me more! More! Whip me! Choke me! Hurt me! Use me! Make me your personal little bitch and own me! Fuck me silly like your personal toy!

Anyone who even thinks of coming between us… I will make sure they suffer! Their limbs… Their eyes… Their fingers, their hair, their legs, their arms, their heart, their teeth… I’ll pull them out one by one and make them… Ahhhhnnn!!

I looked down and Master had pulled Himself out of me, the sight of His cock slick with my juices almost made me instinctively dive towards it to clean Master with my mouth.

But knowing what was going on, I held myself back to look at the insufferable bitch.

Oh? Hehehe~ Just look at her eyeing Master’s cock like a starving woman presented with a buffet.

By my estimation, she’s going to be on her knees and sucking on Master’s cock in the next five minutes.

Actually, please don’t do that. I want to be on my knees and sucking Master’s glorious cock instead.

Mmmm~ Tonight’s definitely going to be a long night~


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