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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 809: Have Fun Not Existing Bahasa Indonesia


The idiot was looking at the new city in shock.

“What… What did you do to my palace?!”

I wagged my finger at him, “I didn’t do anything. The new citizens of Sun did it.”

He let out a roar and tried to punch me, only for his fist to go through me without doing anything.

The idiot was confused and tried to punch me again.

I didn’t even bother to dodge and let his fist go through me again, going so far as to yawn at him as his fist passed through me.

He growled at me, “Are you that scared to take my punches?!”

I chuckled, “Oh that’s hardly the issue. The reason why you can’t hit me is because you don’t exist. At least, not anymore.”

“What are you talking about?!”

I simply gestured to his body.

He looked down and finally realised that his body was translucent like some kind of spirit.

“What did you do to me?!” He demanded.

I sighed, “So many questions… Were you seriously not listening to a word I’ve said so far? We went back in time and I killed your Ancestor in front of you, didn’t I? Since your Ancestor did not leave an heir, it also means there was no way you could have been born in this timeline. Thus, you don’t exist.”

It took him a few seconds to process my words before he gestured to himself in a panic.

“But… But I’m right here!!”

“Yes you are, for now. You’re just an existence that I created the Origin of to allow you to exist as an echo in this universe right now. But make no mistake, Sun Bu Re, the man who would’ve been the king of Sun in this current period, does not exist.”

“My name… How… Wh… Why?”

“How do I know your real name? I told you I am something akin to a god did I not? And why do this? Well, if you didn’t exist, then my little Cai Hong wouldn’t have been slapped, right? That’s why. You said I could not undo what you did, but well… I just did, so there.”

“Then why am I still here?”

“Ha? You think just wiping out your existence was enough to atone for your crimes? No, no. Your punishment is an eternal one. You will exist in this state of nonexistence where you can see and hear everything but you are unable to interact with anything or anyone, nor can anyone or anything interact with you either.”

He was staring at me with wide, unblinking eyes, his mind still trying to comprehend what I’ve just said.

I stepped forward and gestured to the city below us, “This will be your prison. You will be trapped in the borders of this city unable to leave and be forced to witness the home you once knew be changed into something unrecognisable. All that gold you’ve worked so hard to accumulate no longer exists in this timeline. And this new country of Sun obviously does not place gold as their primary concern.”

Seeing such a huge temple built is still a little unsettling for me but I’ll ignore it for now.

“Oh, and if you think you can take advantage of your new form by going around peeping on girls, I made it such that there will be white censor bars around anyone you see unclothed. So too bad if you were having those perverted ideas.”

That seemed to have woke him up from his stupor, “I am a KING! You just destroyed my entire legacy and you think I will be concerned with THIS?!”

I shrugged, “Hey, I’m going to dump you in this place where you have literally nothing to do and no one to talk to for eternity as punishment. I can’t have you finding ways to entertain yourself.”

He gritted his teeth and looked away, “Hmph! Just kill me! I’ll just see this as my vacation and spend my time exploring the new city! I will never give you the satisfaction!”

“Hmm? I never said you would be dumped into the current time though?”

I snapped my fingers and the scenery changed once more to the scene of his ancestor being clubbed to death by a stone axe.

“This is where I’m leaving you. You’re going to have to watch the entire society rise up from here and that’s going to take… Around a few thousand years or so. And just so you know, you are limited to moving around the ‘city’, so right now you can only move around this small camp until they expand. Hope by the time the actual city is built you’ll still have your sanity. Oh what am I saying? I don’t care if you do.”

I was about to return back to the future when he reached out his hands in prayer, “Wait! Wait! Wait! Please don’t leave me here! I know what I did was despicable and beyond redemption! Please give me another chance! I’ll change! I swear I’ll change! I’ll become a respectable king! I swear I will!”

Looks like he’s in the bargaining stage of grief right now after he finished his anger stage.

I gave him my most innocent smile, “I honestly don’t care about you, do you not understand that? There is no second chance for what you’ve done. Oh sorry, in this timeline, that never happened, so I guess I can only say that you’re just an unfortunate existence I decided to punish for no reason, heh.”

“No, no! I… I worked so hard for the country! I made so much money! All that gold! I didn’t get to use them!! It’s not fair!!”

I faced a gasp, “Oh! Of course, I agree with you!”

Hope flashed in his eyes when he heard my words, “Re… Really?”

“Yeah! You worked so hard to collect all that money so here you go!”

I materialised all the wealth that he had accumulated in his entire life and dumped it at the edge of the camp.

“There, all the gold, precious gems, paintings, sculptures and other treasures you had accumulated in your entire life is there.”

He immediately made a dash towards it, as though reaching it would save him or something.

Guess his mind felt that if he were able to touch something familiar he could retain his sanity somewhat.

Right as he was about to reach it though, he smashed belly first into an invisible wall, the gold just out of his reach.

I chuckled, “I told you, you’re stuck inside the ‘city’. And I made it such that that gold is only visible to you and will always, always remain just outside the boundary of the ‘city’ so you will never be able to reach it. Not like there’s any way for you to use it even if you can though.”

He scratched at the invisible wall, trying and failing to get to the gold on the other side before turning back to me with a face full of tears.

“Wh… Why would you do this?” He sobbed.

I smiled, “Because you’re a piece of shit who does not deserve existence.”

With those words, I tapped my foot and returned myself back to the present.. The new timeline where Cai Hong was never slapped.


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