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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 808: A Place Where You Don’t Exist Bahasa Indonesia


The piece of trash furrowed his brows at me, “What… What are you trying to do?”

“Hmm? Do you not remember? I already repeated what my goal was multiple times already, didn’t I? Is your memory that bad?”

“I… I don’t see how that has anything to do with whatever you’re doing right now.”

I chuckled like I just heard a joke, “Do you know about the grandfather paradox?”

“Wha… What the hell is that?”

“I suppose expecting someone like you to know was a tall order. You know about time travel at least since you’re experiencing it for yourself right now, right? But what would happen if you were to go back in time and killed your own grandfather before he could sire you?”

“What kind of question is that?!”

“Tut, tut. It’s a paradoxical question, you see? If you were to kill your grandfather, you wouldn’t have been sired and therefore wouldn’t have existed in the first place. And if you didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be able to go back in time to kill your grandfather so he shouldn’t die. So what would actually happen? Which event would take precedence over the other? What do you think?”

“What kind of absurd question is this?! Are you mad?!”

“Ah, yes. Pretty absurd isn’t it? I don’t expect someone with a pea sized brain like you to come up with the answer so I’ll make this more simpler for you. What if someone else went back in time and killed your grandfather before they sired you?”

His eyes widened as he understood what was happening, turning to the woman I had just talked to before turning back to look at the direction of where his ancestor was.

“You… You can’t…”

I smiled at him, “Oh I can and I already did. Just killing your parents or even your grandparents wouldn’t have been enough. Someone with the same principles would have just taken your place and the same thing might happen again. So that’s why we’re here to take care of the root of the problem.”

I snapped my fingers to fast forward time, now we were standing in the same forest except some of the trees had been cut down to form a small clearing, giving space for crude houses to be built.

This was pretty impressive, considering I only skipped ahead about a week or so.

Although that’s not what we were focused on right now.

The woman that I had influenced before was now standing in front of the leader with her arms crossed and a stone axe strapped to her waist. Behind her were the rest of her comrades, although they looked less sure of themselves.

The stupid ancestor was scowling at her, “Me? Give up leader? Why?!”

She pointed an accusatory finger at him, “You! Bad leader! Cruel! Useless! We no need you! You do nothing!”

“No need me?! I am leader! You slaves! Useless with no leader! I build this village!”

“No! You Useless with no slaves! Village, we built, not you! Today! We no slaves! We free!”

The leader was now visibly irate, “You all useless! Go and kill yourselves! This my order!”

The woman lifted her stone axe, “No, you.”

She swung the axe in an arc, smashing the stone against the side of her former master’s face, the blow sending the man crashing onto the ground.

Unsatisfied, the woman stomped on his chest and brought up the axe again, swinging it down onto his face before he could let out any other sound and splattering brain matter all over the ground.

She turned around to face the liberated slaves and roared, “We are free!”

I stopped time again, prompting the idiot to turn around to face me.

“What…. Have have you done?”

I shrugged, “Wiped your entire bloodline from existence, I suppose.”

“Who are you?!”

“Oh, now you’re interested in me? Hmm… I guess you could say I’m a god of sorts but that’s also a little inaccurate.”

He barked out in laughter, “Ahahaha! You’re a God? Gods don’t exist!”

I wagged my finger at him, “Careful now. Don’t let the other gods hear that. Some of them don’t like others denying their existence.”

He scowled at me, “You’re not a God.”

I grinned, “And you have no idea how right you are about that. Anyway, this isn’t about me, shall we see how the future changed because of this?”

Not waiting for an answer, I tapped my foot again and the same light flashed once more, returning us back to our current time in the throne room.

The only difference was that there were two of these moving sacks of flesh and myself, both of us at the original location where this bastard had slapped Cai Hong.

With a thought, time began moving in reverse and everyone started moving backwards.

It was slow at first but it began to go faster and faster with each passing second.

We saw my group walking out of the throne room in reverse, we saw the idiot waiting on the throne and attending court. We saw more events pass within the throne room, including the people who were obviously Dark Sect approaching him with gifts of gold. We saw his coronation as the new king. We saw his childhood in reverse. We saw the event of his birth where it looked like he was shoved back into his mother’s womb.

The scenes sped up even more after that as decades worth of time passed by every second.

The view zoomed out and we were now floating in the sky and looking down at the city that sat on top of the hill.

We watched as the city slowly shrunk over time and the buildings looked like it was torn down to be replaced with the trees that were originally cut down in their place. Nature reclaimed the land that was taken away and even the palace was slowly torn down until it ceased to exist.

Without warning, we were suddenly brought back to the scene of where this trash’s ancestor was killed with the former slaves celebrating their triumph.

Time resumed back to normal again and we only managed to hear the people shouting out for the woman to be their new leader before everything blurred once more.

Time sped up to a few decades per second and the small encampment flourished into a village and then a town.

It looks like they kept to the original timeline of learning about trade but it doesn’t seem like they’re worshipping money like they used to.

One of the key differences was in the place where the palace would have been built, they seemed to have built a shrine of sorts.

The town then became a city and it slowly became bigger and bigger with walls and houses built around the shrine, encompassing almost the same area that the previous city had.

Eh? The shrine is getting bigger and bigger? It’s now a temple… A really big temple… Holy… They made it as big and grand as the palace from before? They turned into a really religious country it seems.

I’m guessing their ancestors must have felt it was thanks to the gods that they managed to break free from their shackles. Still better than the previous state of the country at least.

Ahem… Can’t lose my cool here, I still have an idiot to punish.

Returning my face back to normal, I turned back and smiled at him, “May I present to you… The new country of Sun where you do not exist.”


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