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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 798: This Would Teach Her Compassion Bahasa Indonesia


There we go, he should have time to reflect on this after I broke all his fingers and then his wrists.

Hmm? That wasn’t too harsh, was it? Nah, he should be happy I didn’t cripple and toss him into the Spiritual Plane. Now that would have been cruel.

Oh look, Manami and Kiyomi are already taking care of those three youkai girls, how dependable.

Hmm… What’s Iris doing?

“Master… Is so cool…” The cosmic being muttered while gushing at me.

Her eyes were even sparkling too… Oh wait, her eyes were always like that.

“Master, may we take care of them for you?” Kiyomi asked, gesturing to the three youkai girls.

“Of course,” I agreed easily, since that was my plan from the start. “You can use my healing pills on them too.”

“Ara, ara? Master is generous as always~” Manami chuckled. “Shall we bring them back to the mansion?”

I scratched my cheek, “Hmm… I’m not sure if Hao Chi would be fine with us bringing three more guests there without invitation though…”

“Ufufufu~ No need to worry, Master. There is no way he would reject Master’s request~”

Hmmm… I suppose that’s true.

I agreed to the idea and we brought those three youkai girls back to the carriage, leaving the groaning young master and his unconscious and frozen guards behind.

I thought the three former slaves might show some resistance at being taken away by a bunch of strangers, but they were strangely compliant and even eager to follow us. I’m guessing my girls must have told them about my healing pill which would restore them back to their normal selves.

I even asked them to make sure they were ok with us taking them away and they nodded their heads quickly.

When I wondered why they were staying silent, they merely opened their mouths to show me their tongues, or rather their lack of one.

Hmm… I think breaking that guy’s fingers wasn’t enough of a punishment anymore… I’ll go visit him later tonight or something.

Oh, if you’re wondering why I wasn’t healing them now, I felt it was better for them to regain their sight in a safer environment since I know this would be a big deal for them. Wouldn’t want them to make a scene and gather a crowd right now in the middle of the street.

Thus, a short ride in the carriage later, we were once again standing in front of Hao Chi’s manor.

Manami and Kiyomi assured me that they would take care of them alongside Alpha. Thinking that it would be better that the first people they see when they regain their sights would be fellow youkais, I left them to it.

That leaves me alone with Iris again, who has not stopped looking at me with a weird expression since we took those three youkais back.

“Is something wrong, Iris?” I asked, a little concerned.

“Eh? Ah! Umm… I was just wondering… Why did Master bother to save those three insignificant sacks of flesh?”

Sacks of flesh? Ugh… I forgot that this was what she thought of everyone else that was mortal even though she was one right now too. Despite how cute she is now, I need to remember that her real identity is still the End of everything.

Well, this is a good chance for me to influence her to think differently anyway so I would definitely not waste this chance.

I smiled at her, “It goes without saying that we are in a fortunate position ourselves. Sometimes we would come across others who aren’t as fortunate as us but we are in a position to help them. Then if we could just make their lives a little easier by extending a helping hand, why shouldn’t we?”

Iris tilted her head, “Eh? But Master doesn’t get anything in return, right?”

I shook my head, “You don’t help people for the sake of expecting something in return. If you do, that’s not helping, that’s business.”

Iris tilted her head even further, “Then why would anyone help someone else without getting anything in return, Master?”

I reached out and patted her head, causing her to yelp out in surprise before starting to purr.

She’s so cute.

“Everyone is struggling in some way or another, Iris. Be it if you’re the poor, homeless person living by the side of the road who struggles to live day to day worrying about food and shelter; or the rich noble living the high life who struggles to keep their business intact or finding real friends who aren’t attracted to their money. If you’re in a position to help someone and have the means to do so, then why not just do so since there’s nothing to lose?”

“Purr… Ah! But won’t they use Master’s kindness against you?”

“Then at that time, I would have something to lose and thus, no reason to help them.”

“Unn… But helping others and getting nothing in return feels like a loss isn’t it? It’s not like those sacks of flesh could do anything in return for Master.”

I moved my hand down to stroke Iris’s cheek, “I created the universe and asked for nothing in return, didn’t I? And yet now, I’m experiencing so much joy living in it that I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I had cared more about what I would get in return, I would not have created you either, Iris.”

“E… E… Eh? Umm… Tha… Thank you… Master… I… I’m sorry… I still don’t understand why one would go out of their way to help someone that wouldn’t give you any benefits.”

Hmm… Perhaps this is a little difficult for a cosmic being like her to comprehend, so I’ll need to come up with a reason that she could understand and accept.

Oh, I got one.

I booped her on the nose, “You could say that I think everyone in the universe is a child of mine in some way. As a parent, I would, of course, not want the children I cherish suffer more than they need to if I can help it, wouldn’t I?”

Her entire face turned red and she buried herself into my chest, hiding her face from view.

“Does… Does Master… Like me?” She squeaked, her voice barely audible.

“Of course I do, you’re important to me after all. How could I ever not like you?”

“Master… Nev… Never said that to me before…”

I chuckled, “Well… Past me doesn’t know how to express himself I’m guessing. Fortunately for us, the current me has no such reservations.”

“Master is… Too kind…”

I shrugged, “I’m just living the way I want to. And that includes spending time with all of my cute disciples like you.”

“Uuu… Master… Tha… Thank you…”

She really is cute.

Iris looked up at me, her eyes slowly closing and her lips parting.

Knowing what she wanted, I moved forward and our lips met.

I had to remember to resume time again after a while, hopefully we’ll get used to this soon.

In the end, I suggested that Iris go check out how Manami and Kiyomi were helping them, since seeing my disciples’ compassion for herself would be better than just me saying it.

Yep, if she saw how my disciples were treating the slaves, she would also understand. Great plan


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