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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 797: Even MC Does The Finger Breaking Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

Weak… So weak…

Just looking at all these weaklings trying to threaten Master with their laughable strength pisses me off to no bounds.

Do they even know who Master is? No, of course they don’t. If they did they would be worshipping the very ground he walks.

Just look at those three slaves, utterly powerless. If you were strong, these pathetic pieces of trash wouldn’t be able to do this to you.

But all of you must be especially lucky since you get to meet Master here, there’s no doubt that Master will definitely save you from this sad position you got yourselves into.

Eh? Huhuhuhu~ Master called us His beloved companions~ I want to just spin Master around and kiss Him right now.

I’m definitely giving Master a kiss after these impudent pieces of trash are dealt with, maybe we can even go one more round of love making? I certainly wouldn’t mind being filled up more with Master’s seed.

Needless to say, when Master looked like He was agreeing to the little trash’s proposal of selling us, we were not the least bit worried.

Just look at how dearly Master was treating a deranged stalker like sister Iris, only a Divine like Master would still be so kind and benevolent with someone like her hanging off of Him all the time. Thus, there was no way Master would just accept a proposal like that.

Not to mention the fact that Master has already assured us we would be stuck with Him for eternity so there was nothing for us to worry about.

Oh? This little trash has a Practitioner bodyguard as well? How interesting…

Hmm… He has a little strength, I’ll give him that, but to claim that he was the second strongest Practitioner in the world? He definitely does not have the qualifications to make that bold of a claim. If he really was worthy of that title, then he would have at least recognised Master’s Divine figure.

“Hmph! It’s obvious a nobody like you wouldn’t know. The only person capable of claiming that position is Master Lin. The fact that you don’t even know that shows your ignorance.”

Kukuku… This absolute fool has no idea.

At least he knows Master is definitely above him in rank, if he even dared to say that he’s above Master, I would have decapitated him right then and there.

Master turned to glance at us with clear mirth in His eyes before turning back to the trash.

“So I take it that you know this Master Lin very well?” Master asked with a mischievous grin.

“To even think of asking this question, you really are ignorant aren’t you? Do you even know who Master Lin is?”

“Of course I do, he’s me.” Master told the piece of trash casually.

The third rate Practitioner stared at Master for a few silent moments before breaking out in laughter.

“Ahahaha! Hahahaha! Master Lin! Hahahaha! You are Master Lin?! Ahahahaha!”

Everyone else simply stared at the Practitioner laughing uncontrollably in silence. The other trash from Sun definitely did not know who Master was but since this particular trash was a Practitioner, it made sense he at least knew about Master.

The third rate calmed down after a while to snicker at Master, “You have no idea who you are claiming to be, boy. Are you even a Practitioner? You look like you’re still feeding on your mother’s milk!”

Oh? I wouldn’t mind Master sucking on mine. In fact, I had a really great time letting Master suck on my bosoms inside the dessert store just a few moments ago. I wonder if I could get Master to do it again later?

Master showed him His usual benevolent smile, the type of smile that only a Divine Being like Master could show even after receiving such an insult from a piece of trash like this guy.

“I am being absolutely serious right now. I am Master Lin.”

The third rate swiped his hand in front of him, “Enough, boy. The first time was amusing enough, but if you are a Practitioner, you wouldn’t even try to pretend that you are Master Lin.”

Master maintained His smile and lifted His palm, materialising a white ball of flame in the middle of it.

“I am a Practitioner… And I’m telling you again that I am Master Lin.”

Kuku… That’s right you piece of trash, third rate weak little insect. If you aren’t on your knees and begging Master for forgiveness in the next few moments, I am going to make you kneel myself.

The third rate slowly lifted his finger to point at Master, “Ma… Master Lin?”

Master nodded.

The third rate sucked in a breath, “Ah… I see, your surname is also Lin and you’re also coincidentally a Master… You’re not the Master Lin from Beiyang’s Heaven Sect, right?”

Oh? Now he’s being delusional.

“I am Master Lin from Beiyang’s Heaven Sect.”

He looked at Master up and down once more, then he sucked in a deep breath before breathing out… And then he leapt up into the sky and flew away.

This useless sack of shit thinks he can run?!

“Ara? How rude… To turn his back to Master, that’s just beyond acceptable…” My dear sister muttered before waving her hand in front of her.

The trash was immediately teleported back to where he had been, right before the lower half of his body flash froze into a giant icicle that anchored him to the ground, courtesy of me.

I had considered breaking off his frozen legs but that would just be rude to Master so I held back.

“Wait! Forgive me, Master Lin! I didn’t know it was really you! Please forgive me!”

Master opened His mouth to say something but the other piece of trash that I totally forgot the existence of interrupted first.

“What?! How dare you?! Did you forget who you’re working for?! You’re just a guard of the Chun family! That means you’re my property! How dare you run away without an order from me?! Guards! Get these peasants for me!”

The guards only managed to take a step forward before crashing face first into the ground, an invisible force pushing them down into the ground.

Master lowered his hand and turned to regard the trash, “I believe I offered you the option of leaving the girls here and getting out of my sight before I broke your hands?”

The young trash looked around him, only just realising that everyone that was guarding him was now incapacitated.

Master didn’t wait for his answer and strode forward, grabbing the trash by his wrist before he could escape.

“Wait! Unhand me, you peasant! Do you think you can touch the heir of Chun so AAAARRGGHHH!!!”

Oh my. Master actually broke the trash’s little finger.


Oh my! Master broke his ring finger next!

Ignoring his screams for the moment, I peeked at my sister to see her staring at Master with wide eyes. There was even a trickle of drool slipping down the side of her mouth.

I knew from my dear sister that this was something she had used to do with sister Lian Li. It was a very cathartic way for them to punish trash like this, so the fact that Master was doing it too sort of validated their methods. It was truly an enviable sight.

Hmm… While Master is busy with that little trash, we shall go and have a little talk with those three youkai girls.

If any one of them were to reject Master’s Divine Grace, I will also kill them later.


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