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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 799: Why Are There So Many Bandits? (*R) Bahasa Indonesia


During the night, I gave my disciples the Celestial Maiden hairpins that I won in the auction and needless to say, they were more than elated to receive them and they put them on immediately.

There was one for Brendan too and he did his hair up in a short ponytail to put it on, my alchemist looking really bashful when he did so while asking me if it looks weird on him. Of course I assured him that he looked dashing which made him blush up a storm.

I also gave one bottle of the Dragon Killer wine to Hao Chi who burst into tears the moment he received it, promising to devote his life to me or something. It was hard to understand what he was saying through his sobbing.

I simply gave him a noncommittal comment and escaped back into my room to the safety of my disciples.

The next morning, we were prepared to finally start the final leg of our trip towards the capital city.

In the end, we only stayed for one day before moving on since my disciples didn’t have any pressing matters over here. That, and I’d also like to leave this place behind before they find out I went and did some extra things to the Chun boy last night. No doubt there would be an uproar at his house right about now.

I also asked what happened to the three youkai girls we saved yesterday and Manami assured me that they were healed up nicely and were left in a safe place.

I was very tempted to use omniscience to find out what happened, but ultimately decided not to since I trust my girls.

She also told me that the three girls were forever indebted to me for saving them and would do anything for me and I only need to ask.

Pretty sure they were thinking of lewd things when they said that but I had no intention of making use of them for that.

Especially when Lian Li and Elaria were currently kneeling in between my legs in the carriage now.

“Mmm… Slurp… Master’s taste…” Lian Li moaned while sucking on the tip of my pole like a lollipop.

Elaria crawled up and kissed me, “Mnnn… Chuu… It’s not fair Onii-sama didn’t make love to us yesterday…”

I said nothing and continued to kiss my little sister while my golden haired disciple enjoyed slurping on my manhood.

Oh, don’t worry, Cai Hong was taking her usual afternoon nap, otherwise I wouldn’t be letting them do this either.

The other girls were also watching us with their hands rubbing away at their own love buttons, filling the carriage with their moans of pleasure.

Unrelated… Brendan’s currently burying his face in his books, paying no attention to whatever was going on in front of him.

“Mmmm… Slurp… Is Master cumming?” Lian Li asked sweetly, her hands reaching up to start pumping my rod.

I gave her a soft grunt to indicate I was close since Elaria was focused on tasting the inside of my mouth.

Right as Lian Li went back to her enthusiastic sucking, the carriage suddenly came to a halt.

“This is a robbery! If you value your life, step out of the carriage with your valuables prepared!”

Seriously? This is the road towards the capital you know? Is the security around here really that bad to have bandits on such an important road too? Or is it precisely because it’s the road to the capital city that these bandits are that brazen?

Lian Li took one look at me and started sucking even harder, hoping I would at least cum first.

Unfortunately, my arousal was rapidly dimming because of the situation so my originally impending climax was also fading away.

I tapped Elaria on the shoulder and shook my head at Lian Li, both of them backing off reluctantly.

I had intended to go out and see what was going on myself but Lian Li and Elaria had dressed themselves and insisted on following me to check things out. I didn’t need omniscience to tell me that they were beyond pissed at having our love making session interrupted.

Stepping out of the carriage with the two girls, I was quite surprised to see a small army of bandits waiting for us outside.

No wonder Alpha and the rest didn’t immediately deal with them since it was impossible for them to take on such a large group by themselves.

Actually, they could, since they were also protected by my protection inscriptions but they wouldn’t know that.

Still, there’s no way such a large group of bandits could have been hiding out here without anyone dealing with them or even knowing about them right? Hao Chi would have warned me about them if that was really the case, which meant something else was going on here.

I should just capture one of them and find out what exactly they were doing here then.

The one whom I assumed to be the leader from the obviously better equipment he was wearing stepped forward from his small army.

“Alright, drop all of your valuables right–“

A bolt of golden lightning struck him in the chest and he was blown back to smash against the tree. The impact was hard enough that it snapped the tree in two and it crashed down on top of his leg, most likely crushing them.

Almost immediately, I heard the tell tale whine of a minigun revving up before the people around the carriage started dropping on the ground like flies.

“Nyahahaha! That will teach you to ruin my lovey dovey time with Onii-sama!! Eat lead mother fuckers!”

Unperturbed by what Elaria was doing, Lian Li was also flinging her lightning bolts left and right, blasting groups of bandits away with every wave of her hand.

The archers at the back tried to shoot their arrows at us, but of course there was no way those arrows were going to meet their marks with me protecting everyone here.

But still…

“Lian Li?! Elaria?! What are you doing?!” I cried out in a panic. Was our love making session being interrupted really enough to make them resort to genocide so easily?

Lian Li tilted her head at me, “Eh? I’m just knocking them out, Master. I made sure to hold back.”

Elaria also stopped firing her minigun for a moment to grin at me, “Rubber bullets, Onii-sama. Hurts like a bitch but definitely not lethal!”

I turned back to see the bandits who were hit by the two girls’ attacks were writhing on the ground and groaning in pain but still very much alive.

“Oh… Er… In that case… Continue.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Yes, Onii-sama!!”

The two immediately went back to what they were doing before.

Well… Good to see that even now my teachings are still holding up so I didn’t need to worry about them at all.

Yep, definitely worth a pat on my back for that. Good work me!

All I need to do is go find the leader after the dust settles and give him a little bit of convincing to figure out what’s actually going on around here.


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