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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 796: Don’t You Know Who I Am? Bahasa Indonesia


The sky was starting to darken so we figured it was time to go back.

Unfortunately… Everything had been going along so well that I’ve forgotten where we were.

That is why on the way back to the carriage…

“Hey, hey. That’s some nice slaves you got there, mister. Why don’t I buy them off your hands?”

All of us turned to see a well dressed young master smirking at us. Behind him were several mean looking men who I surmised to be his bodyguards. Off to the side following them, however, was a trio of youkai girls wearing dirty rags and iron collars strapped to their necks, all of them also sporting various wounds on their bodies.

There was a wolf girl who had her ears clipped and lash marks on every visible part of her skin. Her neck also sported bruises that were no doubt caused by the collar around her neck.

Beside her was a lamia who was in a similarly miserable state to the wolf girl. In addition to the lashes and bruises, the scales on her lower body looked like they had been scraped off by something, leaving especially painful looking scars along the length of her tail.

The last one was a harpy which was in the saddest state amongst the three of them. All her feathers on her wings had been plucked clean and it looks like they kept her wings tied behind her back constantly.

Aside from the lash marks and neck bruises, another thing they shared was the cloth tied around their eyes. No prizes to guessing why that was there.

I kept a neutral face, “Sorry, they are my beloved companions and not slaves for sale.”

Seriously, if I had a copper for every time someone asked if they could buy my disciples away from me… Well… I wouldn’t have a lot of coppers but it’s kind of stupid that it’s happened more than once.

“Oh, don’t say that. I’m the heir to the Chun House, I’m sure you know what it means to be my friend, right?”

I looked at this smug man up and down and shook my head, “Sorry, we’re foreigners. I do not know nor do I care about who you are.”

“Oh? So you’re not from around here then? That’s even better. Just so you know, your stay here is going to be infinitely more problematic if you were to cross me. So how about you hand them over? I’ll even be generous, you can have these three slaves that I’ve grown tired of for free.”

The three girls shuddered at his words but made no sounds of protest. I couldn’t tell if they were relieved or terrified of being thrown away by this guy nor if their silence was that they couldn’t or wouldn’t speak.

Manami and Kiyomi looked calm as always but I’m sure they were upset at seeing the youkai girls in that state too. After all, I did teach them to have a compassionate heart from the beginning didn’t I? Such a sight would be sure to distress them.

I smiled at him, “I have a counter proposal, actually.”

He raised an eyebrow, “A counter proposal you say? Let’s hear it then.”

“How about you turn around, walk away from here and forget that this meeting ever happened?”

The Chun young master blinked a few times before bursting out in laughter, “Ahahaha! You are a funny one! That got me good! Ahahahaha!”

His bodyguards were obviously aware that I wasn’t joking and were thus glaring daggers at me with their hands on their weapons.

“Uuuu…. Master…” Iris muttered, her hand reaching out to grab the hem of my robes. I had to pat her head a few times to calm her down.

Good thing she’s so meek now or I may need to deal with the aftermath of her Ending things again.

He eventually calmed down and wiped away a tear from his eye, “Alright, alright, this young master Chun hasn’t met as humorous of a peasant as you for some time. I’ll be generous too since I can see you’ve taken good care of them! Two thousand gold for your fox slaves! Good enough right?”

I maintained my humourless smile, “Perhaps young master Chun did not hear me the first time… They are my beloved companions. Not slaves.”

“Master…” Both Manami and Kiyomi whispered, their hands slipping into mine affectionately.

Their tails also wrapped around the lower half of my body but I’ll ignore that.

Unexpectedly, he actually grinned at my words, “Is that so? Well that can’t be helped I suppose.”

Oh? He’s actually backing down? I most definitely was not expecting that.

He then waved over one of his guards who presented a small chest in front of me, opening the lid to reveal nothing but gold coins inside.

“Five thousand gold and I’ll handle the slave processing fees too. I’ll also throw in the addition of letting you have my three slaves here as well. I’m sure you’ve never seen such generosity in your life right?”

I was hoping he would take the hint but apparently that flew right over his head.

Guess I have to say it to his face then, “They are not for sale, young man. Not everything can be bought with money. Now run along before I lose my patience.”

“Oh? You drive a hard bargain! Six thousand gold! That’s the best that I’ll do!”

I sighed, “Alright…”

His grin grew wider but my disciples stayed firm, both of them already knowing I had no intention to sell either of them.

Before he could say anything else I pointed to the three youkai girls behind him, “You’re not getting my girls but I’m going to need you to leave those three girls here and walk away before I break your hands.”

His guards immediately stepped in front of him with their weapons drawn, all of them looming over me menacingly.

That young master peeked over his guards’ shoulders to look at me, “You’re… Not serious are you? Are you stupid?”

“I am most certainly serious. I believe you’re at least well read enough to know that a fox youkai’s tails reflect their strength right? Do you not see how many tails my companions have?”

He laughed, “Ahahaha! Is that where your confidence comes from? You think your slave girls can protect you because they know a little cultivation huh? Well I have bad news for you!”

He clapped his hands and an old fellow appeared beside him with his head bowed, “You called, Young Master?”

“Wahahaha! Tell these peasants who dare to go against me who you are!”

The old man turned towards us and gave us a look of disdain, “I am Bao Jiao, a former Master Practitioner. Your fox youkais may be strong but against me, they are nothing.”

I tilted my head at him, “Oh, a Practitioner here in the country of Sun? That’s rare. You sound mighty confident of yourself too.”

He smirked, “Of course. If I were to say that I was the second strongest Practitioner in the world, no one would be able to tell me otherwise!”

“Oh? And why not the strongest?”

“Hmph! It’s obvious a nobody like you wouldn’t know. The only person capable of claiming that position is Master Lin. The fact that you don’t even know that shows your ignorance. Now get on your knees and beg for my young master’s mercy!”

Oh boy, do I have news for you, buddy! You better be wearing some good underwear!


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