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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 795: Just Eating Some Desserts (*R) Bahasa Indonesia


Manami moaned as I pulled myself out from her twitching pussy, my manhood slick with both of our juices.

“Ahhnn~ Thank you very much, Master~” Manami moaned with a face of pure bliss, her body radiating an aura of satisfaction.

Beside her was Kiyomi with a similar expression, her half lidded eyes looking at me in adoration.

“Master… So full… Of your love… Fufufu~”

I gave my two fox youkais a kiss on the lips before quickly cleaning myself up with a snap and telling them to dress themselves too. Of course we were going to have to purchase those underwear they were wearing after all the sex we had with them wearing it.

Stepping out into the shop again, I found Iris standing outside with her face flushed and hugging the lingerie she was trying on previously tightly in her arms.

“Oh, did you like that one, Iris?” I asked.

“E-e-e-eh?! Umm… If… If Master likes it… I… I don’t mind…”

“Don’t mind what?”

Iris blushed and hugged the lingerie tighter, “Auuu… Don’t make me say it, Master…”

Damn it, it’s got to be a crime for her to be this beautiful and cute at the same time. Especially right after my lovemaking session with Manami and Kiyomi, there was no way I would hold myself back now.

I reached forward and pinched her chin to tilt her head towards me.

Her lips parted slightly and that was my cue to move in to claim her lips with mine.


I quickly separated from her and resumed time for the universe again.

Even without her divinity, she was still perfect enough that a kiss between us could still stop the entire universe from moving it seems.

Iris fidgeted while poking her fingers together, “Uuuu… Ma… Master… O… On… One more?”

I reached for her and pulled her into my embrace.

Woah! Ok, resume time for the universe again… There, that should fix everything.

Iris is blushing up to her ears but she was definitely satisfied from the kisses I gave her.

On the bright side, I should be slowly building up a resistance to this so that we could kiss normally in the future.

Iris was now cuddled against my chest, her entire face as red as a tomato and making “auuuuu” noises.

I patted her head and now she’s making “kyuu~ kyuu~” sounds.

Ugh… I managed to hold myself back from spending the rest of eternity head patting her.

A moment later, Manami and Kiyomi stepped out from the changing cubicle.

“Ara, ara? Isn’t that a cute sight~ Are you enjoying yourself, sister Iris?” Manami asked,

“Yeshhhh~” Iris mumbled, burrowing her face against my chest.

“Ufufufu~ Shall we go make our purchases, or does sister Iris have more items you wish to purchase?”

Iris shook her head but kept her face pressed against my chest. It seems like she was too embarrassed to move at the moment.

We gave her a while to calm down before she finally separated from me, though her face was still flushed even as we were making payment for the clothes.

I also took the opportunity to pick out a few more variations of the lingerie for the rest of my girls since I foresee them getting a little jealous over it if they found out about this.

Once the underwear was safely stowed away in our storage rings, we continued on our little date in the market district.

I wasn’t sure if the staff knew of our tryst in the changing rooms but I have a sneaking suspicion that this was a common occurrence in these parts too.

Our walk was brought to a halt abruptly when my girls spotted a particular shop by the side of the road.

“Oh? The cake looks especially nice,” Kiyomi remarked, looking at the display cases at the front of the mentioned store.

“Ara, ara? Is it fine for us to make a stop here, Master?” Manami requested, moving close to me to push her bosoms up against my arm. She even did a wiggle to make it look more enticing too.

I would have agreed even without you trying to seduce me you know? I was thinking of having something sweet anyway.

I took a moment to inspect the outside of the dessert shop and it definitely looks like a place the rich would visit and that’s not considering the richly dressed people moving in and out of the store.

Stepping into the shop, I was immediately greeted by a female server who was extremely polite and showed me to the second floor of the store.

Once again, we were given a private room that I didn’t expect a dessert store to possess. They even handed us menus that were decorated with gold inlaid around its edges. Are you sure this is a dessert shop?

Honestly, I was a little worried they might raise a fuss about Manami and Kiyomi joining us and demand them to be left outside. But like the clothes shop from earlier, it seems some youkai slave owners would bring their slaves here as well for treats.

Although… The slaves would not be the ones eating, they would normally sit at the table and feed their masters the dessert and not get anything for themselves.

I quickly glanced through the menu and grimaced when I saw what was on it. Looking up, I saw similar expressions on my girls as well.

That’s to be expected since this menu was truly ridiculous. Who would want to eat one small scoop of ice cream with pure gold flakes scattered on top of it?

If you wanted the ice cream, just eat the ice cream. If you wanted your crap to be all glittery, then just swallow a gold bar or something.

Is this some kind of rich mentality that I don’t know about?

The serving girl saw our expressions and immediately brought out another set of menus, these ones with much more normal desserts on them.

They must be used to this huh…

I’ll make a mental note to bring the other girls here if I get the chance, I’m sure Cai Hong would love this place too.

We placed our orders for normal desserts and it was served really quickly too.

One thing I overlooked, however, was that all my girls ordered variations of couples desserts.

So there, in front of my girls, were three really large servings of cake, ice cream, fruits, whipped cream, chocolate and sweets all served in varying designs that were meant to be shared between a couple.

I was just beginning to wonder how they were going to eat all of this when a spoon slowly made its way towards the edge of my vision.

Turning around, I saw a furiously blushing Iris holding a spoonful of ice cream up towards me.

“A… A… Ahn…?” She stuttered, her face getting redder by the second.

I sucked in a breath before opening my mouth wide for her.

Iris pushed the spoon past my lips and waited for my mouth to close around the spoon before pulling it out again, the cosmic being barely able to suppress the giggling noises she was making.

Before I could even taste it properly though, two more spoons were shoved in front of me by Manami and Kiyomi with their own serving of ice cream on them.

“Ufufufu~ Say ‘ah’, Master~”

“Please taste mine too, Master.”

Of course I obediently ate the ice cream my disciples offered.

“Is… Ummm… Is it good, Master?” Iris asked bashfully.

I smiled, “Yes, it’s very sweet, like all of you.”

I couldn’t help myself, ok? They were just so cute.

Manami’s eyes gleamed, “Ufufufu~ Is Master going to feed us too?”

Can’t be helped, now all three of you say ‘ah’.

While Manami and Kiyomi could eat it normally, Iris was clearly trying her best to hold herself together and kept making ‘kyuu kyuu~’ noises when I tried to feed her. At least she managed to eat it before the ice cream on my spoon melted completely.

Just when I placed my spoon back into my bowl though, Kiyomi had gotten up from her seat to saunter over to my side.

I raised an eyebrow at her but she simply smiled and grabbed my cheeks before kissing me full on the lips.

I felt her tongue push past my lips and a sweet taste flooded my mouth.

Ah, she’s feeding me her dessert through her mouth huh.

And judging by the look on Manami’s face, she’s preparing to do it too.

Oh wait, she’s stripping herself and smearing cream on her nipple before offering it to me.

I believe there was a saying that said if a teat was offered, we should suck on it. Thus I obediently clamped my mouth and sucked dutifully on Manami’s proffered nipple.

Very soon, they were pushing me onto the ground again and stripping me out of my clothes with IRis looking on bashfully.

Oh well, I’ll just use a Technique to stop the desserts from melting while I started another round of love making with my disciples.


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