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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 789: Gods Are Practical Beings Bahasa Indonesia


We were given a private alcove above the stage for the auction and it seems like we came about half an hour early.

After escorting us, Hao Chi excused himself to go about his daily work, he still has his duties as the city’s governor after all. He assured me that the event from this morning will not happen again, leaving me alone with my disciples.

And at this point, I think we all know what happens when I’m in a private room with my disciples and there’s nothing else to do…

“Welcome dear honoured guests for coming to our auction today!” The announcer suddenly called out from the stage.

Diao Chan immediately climbed out from between my legs while Eris helped me dress myself, ignoring Tsuki who still had her lips latched on mine.

I gave my little sister a tap on her shoulder before she finally pulled away from our kiss, my little sister giggling uncontrollably.

Eris finished dressing me and leaned in for a kiss of her own, going through four different intensities of kisses before finally pulling away from me.

Then it was Diao Chan’s turn who practically jumped into my lap to devour my lips, making sure her tongue tasted every part of my mouth before pulling away.

I already expected something like this happening which was part of the reason why I didn’t want everyone following me here. I’m sure if everyone was here, we would have just ignored the auction and just had our own orgy up here.

Although… I did note they left the front of my robes open to reveal my chest that they unashamedly ogle from time to time. Oh well, at least no one can see us here so I’ll allow it.

The emcee gave the standard introductory address that everyone ignored, before finally getting everyone’s attention when the first item was brought on stage.

The first item to be shown was some kind of vase that served no purpose other than looking nice. The bidding was also quite tame, which was expected since it was still the start of the auction.

The next few items after that were also pretty much just expensive jewellery, sculptures or ceramics that were pretty much useless to us.

It was then that I realised that of course they wouldn’t be showcasing Practitioner items since Practitioners aren’t prominent here. I’m actually quite sure that out of everyone inside this auction house, my group is the only one that has Practitioners in it.

Well, it’s not like they would be able to offer me anything I would need since I could literally create things with a thought. The only thing I might possibly want are the jewellery that I might bid for my disciples.

One thing people might not understand is that gods aren’t exactly the most creative of existences.

Because we have access to omnipotence, many things that we create are more practical in nature and less aesthetic looking.

Why do we need to make things look nice if we can simply make it work, right? If things can be solved with a simple snap of our fingers, there’s no need for aesthetics, right? Such is the bane of not needing effort to create anything we might need or want.

For some worlds, the cultures might be influenced by the World gods at the start, but the gods’ sense of aesthetics tend to stay stagnant even after a long time. Those cultures would then slowly evolve and change as time goes on and the gods might then adapt to the changes.

Of course, there’s always a few outliers but most of the gods are like that.

How did I know this? Let’s just say I got curious about gods in general while staying at Archlis’s place and spent some time using omniscience to learn about them.

It also kind of explained why I was wandering around as a mortal too… I was looking for inspiration for future creations of mine from the mortals themselves.

Well, I can’t really say how well it’s working since I just want to live my life easily right now and I have no intention of making anything new soon.

That’s why I agreed to attend this auction simply to see if there’s any nice jewellery or art pieces to buy for my cute disciples.

I could simply copy it of course, but I’m not that big of an asshole to disrespect the creators of said art by copying it.

Since Manami and Kiyomi received the necklaces from me when I went to Jianye, I’d like to at least get something for the others as well.

Good thing that the procedure for bidding is the same here as Jianye, I simply needed to tap the orb by the arm rest to bid for an item. Apparently different number of taps also serve a different meaning like doubling the bid or putting in a custom bid number. Quite an interesting system they have here.

The auction went on for a while without anything interesting being shown.

Just when I started to doubt if coming here was a good idea, the next item was brought up on stage.

“For the wine connoisseurs of today! We are very proud to present to you this season’s batch of Dragon Killer wine! We are especially fortunate to have three bottles up for bid today and they will be sold together as a single item! The starting bid is a hundred gold!”

Oh? I’m surprised they’re selling three such bottles together and at such a low price too. I remember Hao Chi saying that one bottle could reach a few hundred gold by itself, is this their way of making us pay more than what it’s worth since people would be willing to fork over more to buy three bottles at once?

Well, I can see that it’s working since in those few seconds, the bid has been raised to eight hundred gold with a ten gold increment with each bid.

I could make use of the wine so I joined in the bid at nine hundred and twenty gold.


I felt that nine hundred gold was still quite low so it’s surprising that the bidding war actually stopped after I showed interest in it.

Hmmm… Could this actually be worth less than I thought or was there another reason why they didn’t compete with me for it? The people here shouldn’t know who I am since they only know the guest number and not the name.

Unless… It’s this alcove that is special? Interesting…

The bid caller announces the item to be sold to me and the wine was brought off stage quickly.

I was intending to give one to Hao Chi as thanks for his hospitality, one for Guiying as a souvenir and the last one for myself and my disciples since I’m sure they wouldn’t mind another drunk orgy back at home.

A short moment later, there was a knock on our door which Eris answered, revealing a servant girl standing there.

“Congratulations on your successful bid, Master Lin. Please accept this token as your proof of purchase. You can bring this to the VIP room to collect your items once the auction is over or when you are ready to leave.”

Eris accepted the token after a nod from me and the girl bowed once more before leaving.

So the staff here knows me too, it must be Hao Chi’s work.

Maybe this was what he was busy with this morning?

Oh well, I hope his work is going well for him at least.

Now, what are the odds of a dragon egg showing up?


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