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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 790: This Is Normal In An Auction (*R) Bahasa Indonesia

Note: Hey everyone, just a short announcement. In case you aren’t aware, I’m basically putting in R18 stuff into this story as well which, I hope, I can manage to integrate them seamlessly into whatever is going on. It won’t happen all the time of course, but if a chapter does include some kind of adult scene, you’ll see “(*R)” in the title.

The number of “R”s will also determine how much the sex scene will occupy the chapter:

R – Small parts

RR – About half

RRR – The entire chapter

I cannot say that it’s ok to skip chapters like this particular one since there are story elements within them, but I hope I’ve implemented them seamlessly enough to not make these scenes feel forced. Happy or unhappy about the change? Feel free to come tell me about it on our discord. Link is at the front page at the bottom of the book’s synopsis.


The auction dragged on for a while more and the girls started to get bored.

In the first place, only Tsuki was interested in the auction while the other two only tagged along for the ride.

That’s why Diao Chan had knelt in between my legs again to pull down my pants, slurping up my manhood erotically and without an ounce of shame.

I suppose she would actually get off on someone else coming in to see her in this position anyway so she wasn’t too worried about getting caught.

Eris and Tsuki remained at where they were though, since Eris was occupied with security while Tsuki was dutifully watching the auction.

I did tell them they could bid on anything they had an interest in but so far, nothing came up that caught their eye.

While I was partially occupied with my Witch enjoying herself in between my legs, another item was brought up on stage which was very different from all the other items so far.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Our next item is a little different but still worth your consideration! I present to you this Book of Secrets! The text written inside this book is ancient and mysterious that no one has been able to decipher so far! It is said that this book holds unimaginable power and would be able to grant unimaginable wealth to the person who deciphers its text! Starting bid is five gold!”

The bid caller pulls away the cover to unveil a normal looking book with binder rings on the side placed on the pedestal.

What the hell is ‘book of secrets’ you bloody scam, isn’t that just a normal… Eh?

Tsuki suddenly gasped aloud at the sight of the book.

“Im… Impossible…” She muttered, her body shivering slightly.

“Slurp… Mmm… Master’s cock… So tasty… Please cum in my mouth, Master… Slurp~”

Diao Chan, keep it down will you?

“What’s wrong, Tsuki?” I asked.

“That… Erm… That book… Could… Could Aniue bid for it, please?”

“Eh? That book definitely won’t grant you unimaginable wealth even if you decipher it, you know?”

She poked her fingers together, “Umm… I… I know… I just… I want it…”

I did say they can bid on anything they wanted after all so I tapped the orb on the armrest wordlessly.

“Five gold from number one! Do I hear any other bidders? Going once! Going twice! Sold!”

Well, it’s normal that no one was bidding for something weird like that so I managed to get it without competition.

Tsuki smiled at me, “Thank you, Aniue. I’ll pay you back later~”

I wanted to tell her it wasn’t something she needed to thank me for but my voice came out as a grunt instead as Diao Chan deepthroated me without warning, her throat constricting around my member while her nose was pressed up against my navel.

She held me there for a few moments before resuming the bobbing of her head again, sucking me off with gusto.

Right then, someone knocked on our door and Eris went to answer it, revealing the same staff from earlier.

Since she had already come by earlier, she simply congratulated me this time and passed the token to Eris before leaving again.

Thankfully the chair’s back was high enough that she couldn’t see Diao Chan kneeling in between my legs, so she shouldn’t have realised that was going on right now.

Once the door was closed again, however, Diao Chan got up from the floor and lifted her leg to step on the armrest. Her hand went down to lift up the flap of her cheongsam, revealing the crotchless panties she was wearing and giving me an unobstructed view of her dripping womanhood.

She gave her love button a few rubs with her finger before moving to straddle me, positioning herself on top of my meat pole.

“Really? Right now?” I asked, a little exasperated.

“Ehehe~ May I? Master?” She giggled.

At least she’s still properly asking for consent, except for the fact that it would be terrible of me to say no to her right now with how she’s rubbing the tip of my meatpole against her entrance so I just nodded.

Diao Chan sat down and impaled herself on my manhood, letting out a loud moan that I only managed to stop by kissing her after the sound reverberated through the auction house.

Damn it… Pretty sure everyone in the auction house heard that moan, they shouldn’t know where it came from right?

I gave her bottom a spank, making her moan into my mouth as she continued riding me with wild abandon.

“Keep it down or I’m throwing you off,” I warned her.

“Ahhhn~ Angry Master is so sexy!! I’m cumming!!”

This girl is really… Oh my… She really is cumming quite hard.

I did a mental check of the auction house but it seems like it was proceeding along as though nothing had happened. That’s odd… Did no one hear anything?

Extending my senses, I checked the other alcoves around us to realise… Some of them had people having sex in them too and they were quite wild about it.

Oh, these alcoves already have in-built silencing inscriptions, I can’t believe I missed that. I guess something like this is quite common here especially with the rich.

So even if the servant girl from before had came in to see Diao Chan riding me, she wouldn’t have batted an eyelid either.

Oh whatever, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I directed my attention back to the auction, making sure I also moved my hips in tandem to Diao Chan’s to properly pleasure her. With her expert skills in love making, it wasn’t long before I came once inside her which made her climax as well.

But being the insatiable Witch she was, her hips didn’t stop and we just continued to round two immediately.

A few other items were brought up on stage after that, including a set of hair pins that I thought would suit my disciples well so I got those.

After the bid was done for a rather obnoxious looking vase, the place suddenly darkened, leaving the stage as the only illuminated area in the entire place.

I thought this place was being robbed until the announcer continued, “Now then dearest guests! We’re moving on to the next section of our auction! Without further ado, let’s see the first item for today! Found in the country of Mei, we have quite a high quality one for your consideration!”

A man came up on stage… No, he was brought up on stage to stand in the only area that was lit, revealing his entire naked body for everyone to see.

“A wolfman captured outside his village! He used to be a warrior and it took five grown men to subdue him! Do not worry for he has been thoroughly broken in so he’s as compliant as a house dog! You can use him without any worries!”

Should have know they would be auctioning slaves too…

I took a peek at Tsuki who was looking back at me in concern.

“Something wrong, Tsuki?” I asked, ignoring Diao Chan who was cumming for the third time while riding me.

“Is Aniue going to save them?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Not really. I was a little worried Aniue’s benevolence might move you to save them.”

I sighed, “I know full well how the society here works, Tsuki. I lived here longer than you have after all.”

Tsuki looked pointedly at me openly having sex with Diao Chan right now, “I can see that, Aniue. Can I have a go after her?”

“That’s not normally something a little sister should say to her brother, you know?”

“Hehehe~ It’s a little too late to say that now, isn’t it, Aniue? After all, you already gave me so much of your love I can’t live without it anymore. So be sure to love me properly, ok?”

“Ehhh… Me too, Master!” Eris cried out, already in the midst of stripping herself.

I have nothing to say to that.. Guess I’ll just spend the rest of this auction pleasuring my three girls.


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