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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 788: Teaching The ‘Little’ Sister Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

“Over here we have the rejects, the slaves, the unfortunates and the trash of society whose existence is absolutely pointless,” My dear sister gestured in the direction of the slum dwellers. “But by introducing Master’s greatness to them, their existence would at least have a little bit of meaning.”

Iris nodded, “I… I see… It would be good if these moving sacks of flesh were to know of Master’s greatness. But… But without my powers… How do we do that?”

My dear sister smiled at her. It was a smile I recognised that she would have whenever she was thinking about something devious.

“Ufufufu~ There are many ways my dear. It all depends on how ruthless you want to be~ All you need to do is watch and learn~”

Iris turned to the side, “Unn… What do you think, Master? Is this ok?”

Oh, Master isn’t here by the way. She’s simply talking to the body pillow of Master that she’s currently hugging in her arms.

When Master left for the auction house, Iris literally just broke down and cried because she could not sense Master near her anymore. I admit, I would be quite broken too if I knew Master was gone so none of us made fun of her for that.

She eventually calmed down when we lent her one of our “love love Master” body pillows that had His scent on it. Without that, she would just start wailing again so she had to walk around while hugging that pillow like her life depended on it.

Some people did give her some curious looks on our way to the slums but no one bothered to comment anything. Even if someone did, I’m pretty sure their existence would be wiped as soon as Iris returned back to her normal self.

In the meantime… We’re basically just treating her like a younger sister right now.

Iris buried her face into the body pillow of Master, “Ufufufu~ Of course Master would agree~ Master is so cute~ So, so cute~ I loooove you~”

“Ufufufu~ Shall we get to work then?” My dear sister suggested, leading the way into the slums.

Almost immediately, a group of men stepped out from the shadows to surround us, all of them wearing especially punchable expressions on their faces.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A couple of missies wandering into the wrong place?” One of them snickered.

I thought Iris might start panicking but the former cosmic being simply shoved her face deeper into the body pillow, ignoring the men surrounding us.

I suppose that part of her was still the same.

My dear sister smiled at them, “Good day troubled lambs, are all of you content with your lives?”

The trash in front of sister sneered, “Ha? What are you talking about? You some kind of preacher or something, bitch?”

“Ara? That is correct, little lamb. I can see that your sorry excuse of an existence is frankly trash right now so rejoice! For we are here to deliver you from such a sad fate and bring meaning to your otherwise meaningless existence!”

That was my cue to pull out our book of Master to show them. It was a really well written one even if I do say so myself, since I chronicled most of it. Every single detail about Master’s greatness was recorded here and new entries are written every day to be updated into the new editions.

The current one I’m holding was our thirtieth edition which records Master’s exploits up until our return to the Earthen Plane. We were still gathering information on what happened in the branch Sect to be recorded before we publish the next edition.

I gestured to the book, “Take one of these and obey the words within as your gospel. Accept Master as your Divine and your existence will finally hold meaning.”

One of the trash spat at his feet, “You girls are crazy to come here to preach. Who even is this God of yours? If your God is so mighty, he’ll protect you all from being raped right here right?”

“Of course.”


“That goes without saying.”

The three of us answered easily.

“Oh really? Let’s see what will happen if I do this!” He roared, his hand reaching forward towards my chest.

I swung my tail in an arc and his hand was cut off at the wrist. I did not want any of his blood to spill on me so I even did him a favour by freezing that stump of his.

The trash toppled backwards while clutching his arm, screaming out in pain.

“My body belongs to Master, so please refrain from touching me,” I told him casually.

The first trash that had tried to stop us pulled out a knife, “You bitch! What did you do to him?!”

I tilted my head, “He asked what would happen if he tried to touch me and I simply showed him. Is that not normal?”

“You bitch! Don’t think you can leave here in one piece! This is our turf!”

Sister giggled, “Ara, ara? Does this mean you are rejecting our offer of accepting Master as your Divine saviour?”

“Who the fuck cares about your stupid master?! I’m going to… Eh?”

He stopped talking when he realised there was a tail embedded at where his stomach should be.

Sister retracted her tail from the trash, “Ufufufu~ To not know about Master’s greatness is one thing, to badmouth Master is another. We have no need for trash that do the latter~”

The dead trash fell onto the ground with a solid thud, causing the other trash around us to take a step away from us.

I turned to look at them, making sure my tails were splayed outwards so that they could see each one waving in the air clearly.

“Now… Anyone want to be the first to accept Master’s Divine grace?”

Of course, some tried to run away while others started begging for mercy. Those who stayed would be given a copy of Master’s book and instructed to gather later for a preaching session. Those that ran off… Well, we’ll be hunting them down later and they’ll join or die, so it makes no difference.

Iris was looking at us with eyes of awe, “So this is how we get these sacks of flesh to worship Master!”

“Ufufufu~ Would you like to try as well, sister Iris?” My dear sister asked.

“Oh? What do you think Master? Should I get these trash to know of your Divinity? Of course I should~ Ufufufu~ You’re so cute, Master~ These mortals are so interesting~”

Hmm… I think Master might prefer this version of Iris more.

Although watching her try to convert a bunch of people while hugging a body pillow of Master would definitely be a sight to see.


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