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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 699: Remember His Face If You Want To Live Bahasa Indonesia


Since I already knew Guiying didn’t actually need my help, I went back to the Sect to check on how the student selection test was progressing.

It seems like the test was completed while I was away and the number of students left was a little less than half of what it was before.

Still a rather large number but it was within an acceptable range.

Apparently this was good enough since Sect Master Qing was already announcing the end of the test and congratulating all the assembled students on officially being student Practitioners of Heaven Sect.

That doesn’t mean their trials are over of course, since they can still be kicked out of the Sect at this stage if they were deemed not suitable enough. This is like their probation period, basically.

The only people that wouldn’t need to worry about that happening to them were Luna and Rina for obvious reasons. If they were kicked out, then that only means something went wrong somewhere.

Spotting me from across the Grand Courtyard, Sect Master Qing waved me over in the middle of his speech.

I already had a bad feeling about this but since everyone’s eyes had turned to see who the Sect Master was waving to, I couldn’t just walk off and pretend I didn’t see anything.

Well I could, but that would be rude and I didn’t want Sect Master Qing to lose face either.

I told Iris and Cai Hong to wait for me and went to Sect Master Qing’s side, ignoring the stares of the students who were no doubt wondering why the Sect Master personally waved me over.

“Since all of you are new members of Heaven Sect, you can be forgiven for not knowing anyone else around here. But there is one Master you cannot ever forget, if you offend this Master in any way, I can personally guarantee you that Heaven Sect and everyone associated with it will be your enemies for as long as you draw breath. You will never be welcome within any of the lands we control.”

Woah, that’s a threat I never thought I’d hear coming from Sect Master Qing’s mouth.

All the students were now looking at me, clearly wondering who I was to have the Sect Master personally threaten them like that.

Sect Master Qing gestured to me, “This is Master Lin. Engrave His very image into your mind. Understand?”

Their reaction was almost instantaneous.

Those who remembered that I was seated by the Courtyard had their mouths opened comically, those who didn’t simply had their eyes widened in shock.

Then there were those who had actually interacted with me, most of them hiding their faces in shame when they had mistook me for a simple helper instead of a Master while the others were gnashing their teeth in regret about not recognising me.

The three girls who were the first to approach me had their eyes rolled back before passing out on the ground in a heap. They obviously couldn’t believe they revealed their plans to the person himself, effectively locking them out from ever achieving it.

Regrettably, the first boy who tried to hit on Iris did not even pass the first test.

He was one of the guys who got disqualified by my disciples and I don’t even need to ask anyone to know what he did to make them do that.

Shuai Ge had both his eyes and mouth open in shock while Hao Lian had collapsed on his knees, most likely terrified of what was going to happen to him.

I cleared my throat, “Ahem. Yes, I am Master Lin. First of all, let me congratulate all of you on becoming student practitioners of Heaven Sect. Like Sect Master Qing had mentioned, your journey as Practitioners has only just begun so don’t get complacent. Though I doubt we would have many chances to meet, I wish you all the best in your studies.”

It’s all just lip service, of course. I have my own cute disciples to worry about and I most definitely won’t be thinking of adding anymore right now. The other Elders and Masters can take care of this batch of students by themselves.

“Also, for those of you who still don’t know, the courtyard at the top of that mountain is mine. So unless you have a good reason, don’t go there, thanks,” I warned them, pointing to the mountain in question.

This should stop those wannabes from appearing after this. I think I saw a few more of the students faint since they realised whose courtyard they had been intruding upon during the first test.

Now that I’ve done my dues, time to make my exit!

I snapped my fingers and made myself disappear in a flash of light, momentarily blinding the students while I made a mad dash to where Iris and Cai Hong were left behind waiting for me.

I grabbed onto Cai Hong’s hand before warping all three of us back to my courtyard.

Ha! Perfect escape.

“Oh? Welcome back Master!” Eris greeted me, the swordswoman wiping away the sweat around her temple with the towel hanging around her neck.

It seems like she had just finished her training with her sword, judging by her sweating figure and the sword she was still holding in her other hand.

“Umu, I’m back. How are things? Not only did you girls participate in the student selections, you also came back to squeeze in time for training.”

“Master is concerned about this one… Ahem, I mean, we’re fine Master! Something like this isn’t even much to begin with. Yeah! Those peeps dat came at us weren’t even dat tough anyway! We smashed ’em up good!”

“Is that so? Does that mean we don’t have any good talents this year?”

“No… Too good…”

I raised an eyebrow, “Too good?”

Eris cleared her throat, “Ahem… What I meant was that it’s just Master who trained us too well. We’ve reached the level where normal Practitioners would require decades of training to reach.”

“Well, that’s because all of you are geniuses. I only needed to guide you in the right direction.”

Eris smiled, “Master… That’s not true and you know it. Even if you were to pick up anyone else on the street and start teaching them, they would turn up the same or even better than us.”

I was about to deny that but Eris took a step forward and silenced me by kissing my lips.

We entwined our tongues for a moment before my swordswoman pulled away, “Master is too modest… So please… Just let us thank you, Master, for choosing us as your disciples. Please don’t reject our gratitude.”

I nodded, knowing that this is one of those times that I should just keep my mouth shut.

Eris smiled and kissed me again before stepping back.

“Where are the rest?” I asked, changing the topic.

“Unn… Brendan is still in the alchemy room and Elaria is also in her laboratory. The other girls all went for the baths I think.”

“Oh? I take it you’re also going there as well?” I asked.

“Hehe, of course, Master! Would you like to join? I think if we rushed there now, we can still catch the others before they leave~”

Cai Hong pulled at my hand, “Papa! ‘Bathy’ time! Cai Hong wash!”

Faced with the request by these two girls, there was no way I could reject it could I?


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