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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 698: It Seems I Missed Out On Quite A Few Things Bahasa Indonesia


The starting part of the court meeting proceeded as I thought it would, it was basically just the ministers reporting matters to Guiying and having her deal with it.

They weren’t really big matters anyway. It was mostly things like so and so town had a harvest of so and so, so and so village had encountered some bandits and suffered so and so losses, so and so church had erected so and so statue of me…

Wait what?

Oh no… They’re seriously building statues of me… I don’t even…

Hold on… Omniscience… Have my disciples done something similar?

Oh what… What are those?! ‘Life sized love love Master erotic edition’ hug pillows? These are even worse than the normal hug pillows! How did they even get these made and with me in those poses?!

That’s… That’s…

That’s actually a pretty good idea. I gotta get me one of these! I’ll make a few with my disciples on them and store them later to use whenever I’m sleeping alone. Perfect!

Then again, the chances of me sleeping alone seems to be exceptionally low considering there’s this omnipotent being constantly hanging around me now.

My attention was drawn back when one of Guiying’s generals stepped forward with a scroll in his hands, “Your Majesty. I have a report on the ‘issue’ that we are currently facing.”

Guiying leaned forward on her throne and gestured to one of the servants who went forward with a bow, the servant went in front of the general to pick up the scroll before climbing up the steps and presenting it to the empress with another bow.

Guiying unfurled it and read through its contents quickly, her face darkening slightly when she saw the contents.

I could see from behind it had something to do with the country of Sun, prompting me to think about the ambassador again.

If I had to guess, the Dark Sect that made contact with Feng boy might be trying to stir things up with the country of Sun as well. That country is the wealthiest out of our three neighbours after all and I’m fairly certain the country of Mei is still behaving like a whipped dog for now.

Guiying furled up the scroll before standing up on her feet, exuding an aura of unmistakable majesty.

“All members of the court, heed my decree!”

The assembled members immediately lowered their heads.

“Effective immediately, our borders are closed to the country of Sun! All trades are to cease and no one is permitted to travel to and from their territories! Anyone who attempts to do so are to be arrested immediately!”

“Yes, your Majesty!” The entire court bellowed.

Huh… What did they do to warrant such a decree?

The empress then turned and bowed her head to me, “Master, may I dismiss the court?”

Great, so this responsibility is pushed on to me as well? In the first place, you got me to come here because you said I would learn about what problems there were plaguing this country and yet I learnt nothing.

This is just you showing me off to the rest of the court that I’ve returned isn’t it?

Can’t say I’m happy about being played like that but I suppose it’s to be expected of the calculating Guiying.

That still doesn’t mean I won’t give her a good spanking later though. I’m also half sure that it would be something she was looking forward to as well, this deviant of an empress.

I nodded my head and gave her my assent.

Guiying turned back to face the court, “With the blessing of Master, this court is dismissed!”

Alpha immediately came to my side, hinting that I should be the one to exit first.

Of course I left the court with her immediately, my two companions following closely behind me.

I immediately went to the doorway that Guiying used to enter the court, waiting for that sly empress to appear.

That shameless empress finally emerged after a while, the monarch leaping into my embrace shamelessly the moment she saw me.

“Master! Ahhh! This is the best! After a stressful court session, getting pampered by Master right afterwards is definitely the best!!”

“Yay! Papa, Papa!”

Most likely unsure of what was even going on, Cai Hong also hugged my waist after seeing Guiying embrace me.

Of course I let Cai Hong hug me as much as she wanted while I knocked Guiying on the head with my fist.

“Owwiee!! Master bully!”

I sighed, “Seriously… I suppose geniuses do have their quirks… Tell me honestly, did you bring me to your court just to show me off?”

“Umm… Maybe? Teehee pero~” Guiying made a cutesy face at me.

I gave her another knock on the head, causing her to scream out in pain.

“Seriously… What am I even to do with you? What’s the country of Sun doing now?”

“Owwiee… Umm… Nothing that Master needs to concern yourself with. They’re just making some stupid demands and ammassing their army at their borders so I just showed them we’re not joking around.”

“Amassing their army? Isn’t that a declaration of war?”

“Eh? Not really. They’re just basically waving their dick around. So we just need to put a chastity cage on them.”

What kind of analogy even is that…

“And what about that ambassador guy? What’s his deal? Is he here to cause trouble?” I asked.

Guiying massaged her head, “Ummm.. That stupid fatty? He’s harmless. Back when that Elder Feng took over Master’s Sect, we were still trying to come up with something to deal with him. The country of Sun sent him over after a while to offer us ‘aid’ in exchange for favours. We didn’t need their help of course and it was obvious their aim was to make us owe them something which they would use against us later on.”

I tilted my head, “Oh? Are they not in cahoots with the Dark Sect then?”

“Oh? As expected of Master! We do have our suspicions about it but we don’t have any proof of their cooperation so far. Naturally, I’m quite suspicious of that skinny guy that hangs around the stupid fatty but my spies weren’t able to find anything about him. Since they were guests, I couldn’t really mistreat them either.”

“Why not? I’m pretty sure with Elaria’s army, the country of Sun wouldn’t stand a chance if it came to a war after all.”

Guiying giggled, “That may be true, Master. But without Master around, it would not be good for us to mobilise your personal army, isn’t it?”

Personal army? What are you even talking about?

Sensing my confusion, Guiying gasped, “Oh! Does Master not know yet? About your monster army?”

I sucked in a breath, “What happened to them?”

“Weeeell… Since they revealed their existence, they were inducted into the Lindulf Family’s army and they’ve basically modernised themselves. You should go see them too, even I think they’re quite cool.”

Great… So am I going to see rifle wielding kobolds and orcs now? I mean I already saw a minigun-using centauress in the memory world Iris had made, but that was just one youkai.

Oh no… They probably strapped jetpacks on the dragons didn’t they?

That’s… Ok, that’s actually pretty cool. I should go and see them when I get the chance, maybe after Shiori and Akari come back from there.

What? You tell me a dragon with a jetpack isn’t cool?

Hmm… I wonder if Cai Hong wants one too?


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