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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 700: This Is Where Those Two Screwed Up Bahasa Indonesia

(Guiying POV)

“Is Master gone?” I asked Alpha.

“Yes, Master had already teleported back to Heaven Sect,” The wolf girl nodded, addressing me casually since there were no outsiders around.

“Good,” I sighed, leaning back in my chair within my office.

As much as I had told Master everything was fine, everything was most definitely not completely fine.

It was not on the level of needing Master to interfere, but if Master knew that his country was being suppressed by our two neighbours, then I wouldn’t have the face to stand in front of him anymore.

Call it pride if you will, but these lands were granted to me by Master himself. If I couldn’t solve such a simple matter then I don’t deserve Master’s confidence in my role as the Empress.

I took out the scroll that the general had handed me earlier, reading through its contents again.

I frowned, “Those Sun bastards… Just because they found some power they think they can do whatever they want… Alpha, was that stupid fatty watching the court?”

“He was hiding in the same corner of the court so I believe your plan in letting him know Master was back worked. I think by now he should have already sent a message back to his superiors about Master’s return.”

I dropped the scroll on the table and steepled my fingers in front of me, “Perfect. Let’s see how much longer they can stay arrogant for. With us closing our borders, only this stupid fatty is in a position to negotiate with us. He’s going to need to offer something substantial for us to forgive them.”

Alpha picked up the scroll and read through it before shaking her head, “I’m concerned that they might overestimate themselves too much and actually take this opportunity to strike against us.”

“Hmm… So assassination then? I suppose that creepy dude beside the fatty might be here for that purpose. I’d like to see him try though.”

Alpha raised an eyebrow at me, “Should we increase the guards around you?”

“What for? They’ll either end up in my way or as needless casualties, we have no need for either of that. Besides, this might entice them to act which would give me even more things I can use against those greedy bastards.”

“Hmm… If Guiying says so. In that case, I’ll leave things on this side to you. Give any of us a shout if you need anything, I’m sure Master wouldn’t mind giving you permission to make use of His personal guards if you ask.”

I sighed, “I’d rather it not come to another war. It wouldn’t do well if people start thinking that Master’s Empire can only resort to violence in solving problems.”

Alpha snorted, “I believe the contrary, Guiying. If we don’t bite them, they might think Master’s Empire is one that is weak and could be easily exploited upon. Don’t you remember what happened to the country of Mei? Master fought His way to their throne room and even gave them the threat of annihilation. What did they do after that? They tried to take advantage of Master again. If it wasn’t for Reverend Mother’s interference, they might have tried to bully Master even more.”

“Unn… I suppose you’re right. Should we just obliterate their entire country from existence?”

“That might be a little excessive. Perhaps we can just wipe out a castle or two. I’m sure High Priestess Elaria wouldn’t mind using one of her weapons in the name of Master. Or if asking one of the High Priestesses too much, simply sending Delta with her pet would be good enough.”

Hmm… That’s an interesting thought. I never really got to see that demon pet of that elf’s.

I waved my hand, “I suppose I would rely on them if it comes down to that. In the meantime, could you make the necessary preparations in case that fatty tries something?”

“Of course. All for Master.”

“All for Master.”

Alpha left my office with a curt nod.

I leaned back in my chair and sighed again.

After Master returned, a lot of the problems we had been facing were instantly cleared up. The Sects who had been quite full of themselves instantly sought us out to apologise and even voluntarily paid reparations by themselves.

As expected of Master to be able to solve all these problems with His presence alone, truly the Divine being that He is!

That’s why I must do everything I can to preserve His name!

I finished the last of my duties before finally leaving my office, intending to turn in for the night.

I moved through the lonely corridors of the palace where not a single servant or guard could be seen, my footsteps echoing down the empty hallways.

Opening the door to my room, I enjoyed the sight of Master’s portraits greeting me before I approached the dresser to get a change of clothes for bed.

But the moment my hand reached for the drawer, I quickly ducked my head to avoid the knife that was thrown at me, the blade sticking halfway into the wood.

“Ambassador Gu, this is beyond rude,” I chastised calmly, turning to face the darkness in the corner of my room. “I told you this part of the palace is out of bounds but to think you would even sneak into the Empress’s room at night? You better have an explanation for this.”

The stupid fatty and his skinny sidekick stepped out of the darkness, not looking amused at all.

The fatty snorted, “Hmph… I’m surprised that you’re still so casual at this stage, or are you simply just pretending? Just so we’re clear, we’re going to kill you now.”

I raised an eyebrow, “I think that was quite clear with this knife here. I thought you’d only make a move after your superiors contacted you but this stupidity was within my expectations. Still, to try and kill me in my own palace? Are you sure you have thought this through?”

The skinny man stepped forward, “We know you have no guards and servants around here, Empress Guiying. Even if you were to scream, no one would come to help you. After we kill you, we will be long gone before anyone even knows you’re dead.”

Well… There’s a reason why no one will come if I screamed but it’s definitely very different to what they had in mind.

I can’t help it, I’m a screamer… And Master is just too good in bed.

I wagged my finger at them, “That’s where you’re wrong. My Lord and Master would come and save me if I were to scream. Not that I would trouble Master like that though.”

The skinny man pulled out another knife from within his cloak and started walking towards me, “Still being brazen, Empress Guiying? No matter, you will soon die by my hands anyway.”

“You really want to spark a war between us and your country?”

The fatty snorted, “We would be planting evidence that the people of Mei were the ones who did it. Everyone will think we were Mei assassins masquerading as Sun ambassadors.”

How uselessly complicated. If I were to die, I know for a fact that Master would not sit still and such stupid tricks would not work on him. Not that I would tell these two of course.

I grinned, “Have you ever wondered why someone like me has no guards?”

He stopped, lifting a single eyebrow to show that he does not know.

“Because I don’t need any guards.”

A single bolt of lightning was shot out from my finger to pierce through his thigh.

The man let out a scream of pain before dropping onto the floor and clutching at his wound.

The fatty paled at the sight, “You… You’re a Practitioner?”

“Oh? Looks like your information sources should do a better job next time. Did you still have the outdated information that none of the Royal Family were Practitioners? I was personally trained by High Priestess Lian Li herself who is a disciple of our Lord and Master. If you wanted to kill me, you should have brought an army.”

I snapped my fingers and golden lightning bolts pierced through the hands and feet of the skinny man, skewering him to the ground.

The fatty raised his hands, clearly panicking now, “Wait! Wait! Wait! Empress Guiying, I will tell you everything! Just please don’t hurt me!”

Oh now you beg for mercy? I’m quite impressed how fast you changed your attitude though, weren’t you just acting all high and mighty literally a few moments ago? Must be his natural preservation instincts.

“Oh? You assume that I can’t get what I want out of you by hurting you. Unfortunately for you, High Priestess Diao Chan had also taught me the art of torture, and I quite like hearing the screams of a pig begging for mercy. Seeing that there’s no pig here, I guess I’ll have to settle on you for now~”

“No! No! Forgive meeeee!!”

He was right about one thing though, no matter how loud he screamed, no one came.

I did quite enjoy the night torturing them to my heart’s content before Alpha came by to pick them up to throw them in the reeducation chambers.


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