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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 697: No Need To Hide The Cult Anymore Bahasa Indonesia


I should have expected such a thing.

During Guiying’s coronation, they had a gaudy throne made for me to coronate her… So why didn’t I expect that they had left the seat above the throne especially for me in the event I chose to attend court again?

Also… What the hell are you doing here, Alpha? Weren’t you inside that cathedral building back at Heaven Sect not too long ago? Was Manami teleporting you guys around? She is, isn’t she? Or did more of you learn the teleportation Technique without me knowing?

And as though she’s saying that there was no point in hiding it anymore, instead of the maid outfit she usually wore, Alpha was dressed in what looked like a priestess’s outfit with its long flowing sleeves and robes.

I decided not to question it as the wolf girl led me through a different door than the one Guiying used, it was the one I had gone through to attend Guiying’s coronation so I already knew where it led to.

“Can’t I just stand at the back of the court? You know, with the other ministers?” I tried to suggest.

Alpha smiled at me, “That would be the greatest disrespect we could show you, Master. But if it is what Master wishes to do, there would be no way for us to reject it.”

Oh, that’s great, then I can just hide there right?

I was about to agree to that arrangement when she bowed her head, “In that case, please wait here Master. I will convey your wish and have the entire court turned around to face the back instead.”

Eh? No, no, no. If you turned it around that wouldn’t be the back anymore would it? Are you saying that I have to be at the front no matter what?

“Err… No need to bother with that. I’ll just go in normally.”

“Of course, Master. This way please.”

I also would like to ask when she started to call me ‘Master’ instead of ‘Master Lin’ like normal. Is this also a new religion thing of theirs? Of course it is and I didn’t even need omniscience to tell me that either.

I gestured to my companions, “It’s fine if they join me, right?”

Alpha nodded, “Of course, Master. No one here can gainsay Master after all.”

That was what I was afraid of.

Oh well, let’s just go, Guiying already went ahead of me and, knowing how things were like before, they were probably waiting for my entry to begin.

Alpha went into the hall first to announce my arrival and I waited patiently with Cai Hong and Iris.

“Papa! Papa!” Cai Hong called out suddenly, reaching up to grab my hand.

“Hmm? What is it Cai Hong?”

The little dragon pointed to the end of the corridor where the ambassador Guiying was talking to before was standing with a displeased expression on his face.

Huh, I thought he would be attending court as well but it seems like he isn’t for some reason.

Sulking beside him was another man I didn’t recognise. While the ambassador was obese and short, the other one was tall and skinny, a direct contrast to each other.

Seeing that I had noticed their presence, the two of them turned around and left quickly with their guards trailing after them quietly.

Hmm… If that wasn’t suspicious, I don’t know what else is. I have a feeling they’re related to the Dark Sect that gave Feng boy the formation to take over Heaven Sect. Maybe they aren’t a part of the Sect but maybe they were influenced by them in some way too.

Perhaps they were also here to try and mess up Guiying’s court as well?

Before I could consider what to do with them, Alpha’s voice came from beyond the door, “Please kneel for the arrival of our Master.”

Woah, woah back up a second. Why are you even making everyone kneel?! I should really do something about this fanclub, shouldn’t I?

“Master does not seem satisfied by their treatment. Should I End their existence for you?”

Stop it, Iris. You are another problem of your own.

Taking a deep breath, I entered through the doorway as casually as I could.

Still, walking into an entire hall full of people bowing their heads to you in reverence isn’t something I can get used to so easily though. I applaud Guiying for being able to face all of them on a daily basis and adapting to it so quickly.

The walk to my seat above Guiying’s throne felt longer than I remembered but I managed to make it there without anything happening. If I had tripped on my way there… I think I might have taken up Iris’s offer on Ending some things right there.

Cai Hong and Iris occupied the two seats slightly below mine but still above Guiying’s, I can only assume they had prepared this knowing that I might bring people with me one day.

I got a little worried when I saw that everyone remained kneeling even after I sat down, is Alpha not going to call them to rise?

Eh, wait, she’s kneeling with her head bowed down too. Doesn’t this mean I’m the one who should be calling them to rise then?

This seriously feels like some sort of shameplay…

I guess it’s unavoidable considering my position so I better get used to it or not even show my face at all.

“You may all rise.”

The assembled people slowly got up from their knees and… Quickly knelt back down again, their heads bowed even lower than before.

Hey, what gives? Why didn’t they rise after I told them to? Did I do it correctly? Hey, omniscience, answer me!

Ha?!! They were too taken aback by my ‘divinity’ and felt themselves unworthy to gaze upon my ‘divine form’?!

Whatever drugs they’re taking, I want some of that too!

Don’t I look the same as always? What’s with the sudden change in their perception of me?

Oh… I suppose continuously lifting my name and so called divinity for the past three years would create some kind of unrealistic expectation of me. So when they finally met me in person, they realised how off their expectations of me were.

Usually you’d think the real thing would be below what you expected, but apparently for this group of people, I was way beyond what they expected to be, thus their reaction.

Out of all of them, only Guiying and Alpha managed to rise up because they have met me in person before so neither of them have that big of a reaction as compared to the rest.

Guiying frowned at the people who were still kneeling, “Master has given a Divine Order and all of you dare to disobey?!”

Upon hearing her words, the rest of the court stood up hurriedly and shouted, “We do not dare!”

Guiying turned to me, “Master. For this transgression, how would you like to punish them?”

“Eh? Something like that… It’s fine, there’s no need for any. Just continue with your court… Please…”

“We thank Master for your benevolence!” All of them shouted in unison.

You know what… I don’t even know what to say anymore, just do whatever you want. I’m already starting to think that perhaps coming here was a bad idea…

How did Guiying even talk me into this? Was this what you wanted to show me?!

I want to go home already….


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