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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 655: Where The Previous Life Ended Bahasa Indonesia


I stood in front of the giant mansion on top of the hill that was in front of me.

The entire place was as big as Muon’s mansion, complete with its own driveway up through a garden that had a giant fountain in front of the building.

This is… My house… Yes, I remember that.

But why does it feel weird to call it that? Like as though my house wasn’t like this before?


Ah, of course, I relocated since the old one wasn’t big enough for everyone. How could I forget?

“Aniue? What’s wrong?” Tsuki asked, realising I was still standing at the gates of our house.

I shook my head, “Nothing, I was just thinking if it would be better if we drove back from now on. We’re walking twice the distance as compared to our old house after all.”

“Ehhh… No way,” Tsuki rejected the idea. “If we rode the car, there would be some of us who would be forced to be far away from Aniue. No one wants that.”

Well… I can’t say I don’t understand their sentiments. Even while we were walking home, the girls kept switching who was walking by my sides at regular intervals. It kind of reminded me of those speed dating events except I was already in a relationship with all the girls, which felt kind of hilarious even for me.

The seven of us made our way to the front door where four girls were standing there to welcome us.

“Welcome home, Master, Mistresses” Alpha greeted us with a bow. Beta, Delta and Gamma bowed beside her as well.

“We’re home,” I greeted back.

This is something that we do every time we come home… Yes, that’s right, I remember this.

I walked in through the doors of the mansion, somehow feeling like I was entering someone else’s house instead of my own.

Gamma came up to take my bag from me and Delta was there to relieve me of my school jacket and tie.

“Master, mister Hiroto is waiting for you in your study. He said it was rather important,” Alpha informed me dutifully.

I nodded and turned to my disciples, “You girls can go ahead first, I’ll go see what Hiroto wants from me.”

The girls let out a chorus of agreements before I headed up the stairway towards the study with Alpha following behind me.

Hmm? How did I know where the study was? Hold on… I don’t remember moving into this house at all? Why am I even–

.̴̧̊t̸̖͋i̶̧̿ ̴̹̍t̷̰̄u̴̙͑ō̸̢b̸̞̏a̸̗͛ ̶̳̌k̴̥̂n̵̮͂i̶̝̔ḧ̸͇́t̵̞͒ ̵̢̓t̴͔̐ö̶͈́n̵̰͂ ̴̲̕o̷̰͊D̷̬̓

Eh? Where’s the study again? Right, it should be down this corridor here.

Alpha opened the door for me when we reached the study, letting me walk inside the opulent room where Hiroto was waiting for me at the tea table.

He stood up the moment he saw me enter the room, “Aniki! Sorry for coming here so suddenly.”

I waved his concerns away and sat down on the sofa, “It’s no big deal. You wanted to see me?”

He nodded, his face suddenly grave, “The brass in the Ryu Alliance think that we’re growing too strong for their liking. Our spies uncovered a plot to burn down several of our warehouses tonight and the Kashima Family is also taking part in the raid. Also… It seems like the Kitakura and the Hirose Family had also switched sides to join them…”

Well, this isn’t surprising since it was something I already expected to happen so I’ve already prepared plans for it.

In fact it should be similar to what happened in my previous life where I had died… I had died?

Hold on… This scenario is really familiar… This was how I died didn’t I? Except this only happened much, much later on in my life.

Then I would be betrayed by someone I called friend… And then leave Tsuki alone in this world…

Alone? Doesn’t she have her sisters? Why am I getting conflicting memories?

Wasn’t this my life? What was I doing here again? I… I was trying to remember… And… My memories was…


Alpha placed a cup of tea in front of me and I took a sip from it before looking at Hiroto, “I take it that our people are ready for them?”

Hiroto nodded, “Just like Aniki instructed, I’ve mobilised the teams to take care of it. We are all in position to ambush the attackers. Although I’m confused, why did the Kitakura Family join them?”

I chuckled, “Kitakura-san’s only interested in my body after all. I’m pretty sure Kashima offered to help her capture me so that she could keep me in her dungeon or something.”

“Damned despicable backstabbers…” Hiroto spat in disdain. “After all that Aniki had done for them, they dared bite the hand that fed them… The good news is that all three Family heads will be there to watch our operation burn personally, so we can take care of them as well.”

“Good. Since they’ve spat on the peace I’ve offered them, there’s no reason for us to hold back either. We’ll use this to kickstart our road to independence and also weed out all the opposition. Then it’ll just be a matter of time before we take down the Alliance.”

My right hand man grinned, “It’s just as Aniki had predicted. Then I’ll go and take care of it, I’ll let you know tomorrow morning about the good news.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What are you talking about? Of course I’m going with you.”

He blinked at me as though he thought he had misheard me, “Is Aniki really going as well?”

“Of course. If I’m present, then my words will have much more weight, not that it matters much to those geezers since they will deny it but the message sent will be stronger once I get round to putting them in their place. And if I’m there, it’ll be easier to deal with anything unexpected.”

Hiroto hesitated for a second before nodding his head, “Understood, Aniki. I will go prepare the car.”

After Hiroto left the room, Alpha spoke up from her position behind me, “Master, could I suggest that you bring Gamma along with you? For your protection, if nothing else.”

I chuckled, if something in this world could hurt me through the layers of defenses that I’ve placed upon myself, that meant it had more power than the force of a thousand nukes. If that was the case, my own personal protection would be the least of my worries and more for the planet instead.

Still, I suppose it is better to have more people along and I don’t mind Gamma following me that much since she has served as my bodyguard for so long… Hasn’t she?

Yes… Yes, she has.

“Alright, I’ll take Gamma along with me. Help me take care of my girls, won’t you?”

“Of course, Master. I will inform Gamma of your orders immediately.”

She bowed once before fishing out her phone to type a message to Gamma.

Somehow the scene of the wolf girl casually using her phone like that seemed a little weird to me for some reason.

A few minutes of silence passed as I enjoyed her company and the tea before Hiroto returned, “Aniki. The car is ready.”

I stood and followed him out to the mansion’s entrance, leaving Alpha to clear the room for me.

Gamma was waiting outside in her full kevlar armour made specifically for centaurs along with several guns of varying types strapped to her body including two machine guns, a grenade launcher, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, two assault rifles, a bandolier full of different types of grenades, a belt strapped with several pistols and also a handful of knives.

She’s basically a walking tank with all that equipment. I really pity the people who would have to face her wrath later.

A small part of me was wondering how she managed to obtain such firepower in Japan of all places but a larger part of me decided I shouldn’t care about such minor details.

“Master, I am ready to escort you,” My centaur saluted, settling into her role of my bodyguard easily.

I nodded at her before circling my hand in the air, “Alright, let’s roll out. I need to be back in time for bed with my girls.”

What? Bedtime with my girls is important, ok?


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